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    City games, gaming in general and a massive car enthusiast.
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  1. thats awesome I like taking photos and videos of my cars, also a big fan of timelapsing stuff, hard to find time for all of it since I work so much haha. I love music everyone does editing and producing is a different beast, thats awesome I wouldn't know where to start which is pretty halarious since my old mans a music teacher and professional pianist
  2. Alternative waterfront lots to PEG

    it actually did occur on my large suburb tile got 75 percent developed and boom entire apartments on housing lots vanished cars trees everything. im at the crucial point in my new region where i can delete corrupting plugins as i havent zoned yet. wouldnt know how to go about finding the culprits. still have the infected region on hand for research purposes.
  3. Alternative waterfront lots to PEG

    Yeah I realised after this post that what I should do instead is keep them because they look damn good really set off my last region, and just backup saves regularly.
  4. Chemeketa Red Line, Part 4

    After a few years of inactivity its awesome to see CJ's I used to follow still active to this day. Still awesome as ever love your thoroughly logic approach and explanation, always inspires me in my own builds.
  5. Don't know what a figg side is but this song goes pretty hard lol
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before but thought why not I'll post it up. Anyway tell us your hobbies besides city builders and the forums. Really curious to see what everyone on here is into since id regard this community quite highly as a intelligent creative group. I'll get the ball rolling... My main hobby besides gaming and city builders which in the grand scheme of my life takes the backseat is Cars. I own 2 Subaru Legacies and I love modifying and trying all sorts of different setups, my first car is also the first car I've properly built I would list all the specs and stats about it but since this is a city building forum not a subaru forum ill just keep it short and sweet. This is my 1998 Legacy RS (Jap spec) bought it as my first car in 2014 is ej20R twin turbo factory have since single turbo converted it, blew up the engine, fitted STi heads, forged it rebuilt it and redone nearly everything in the engine bay. Currently saving for a tune to extract more power out of the current setup. few pictures of the car engine bay next to my mates audi A4 This is my second car a 1991 legacy Brighton awd when im not in the workvan im running about in this. its a gutless single cam auto but ive given it a good polish and lowered it and I think it really looks the part. Ive got plenty of other photos on my imgur if anyones interested https://westy177.imgur.com/all/ Thats my long spiel over cant wait to see what hobbies people have out there. Cheers
  7. As it says in the title recently lost a region to PROP-POX and im looking to delete all of my pegasus stuff. Looking for a alternative waterfront development mod to pegasus, I know it easy to just tap away and search up in the STEX but I thought it would be easier to ask here. Pretty guttered as the peg lots are really good but id rather live a stress free life building knowing there gone. Cheers team
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Yeah for sure usually upgrade them to 1 tile 4 lane nwm when it goes super busy. This is my first time playing in years is there a new bus station on road set for nwn one i have is very clunky and outdated? Taking your wisdom onto my next region ill post some progress up tonight after work
  9. Harrington SC4 Entry 6: Hard to Port!

    Looks really good, looks extremely authentic with the dirt streets and perfectly plopped architecture. Taken in some inspiration for my own rural scenes if I manage to get that far out from the downtown on my region haha. Followed
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Was working on this inner metro area business hub till my region got propplox so now currently on the hunt for a nice map on the STEX to start my new region.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    Really awesome to see your still jamming SimCity 4 I remember watching your youtube videos years ago when I first started playing this game haha. Btw love the integration to maxis highway looks super clean.
  12. Sainte Ange Progress

    The Prop issue was small initially when i was taking the screenshots. But anyway will be starting the new region after work hopefully get some good progress down.
  13. Post your picture here II

    A picture of the heavily modified thing that has stopped me from playing games for the past 2 years (project life)
  14. Sainte Ange Progress

    So I made this region originally in 2013 when I was still in high school, finished all that and began real life and got thoroughly into my Cars so SimCity and gaming and general was hard on the backburner. However I was rather bored last weekend and decided to boot up SimCity 4 again and just resume building this region, I was honestly amazed at what my 15 year old self had built back in the day I used to give myself a hard time about not making cities good enough and I still do that to this day with my project cars. Anyway I just kept building and building almost had the second metropolitan tile t'd up ready to build the downtown zone when I noticed a blank lot that was zoned and built. After a bit of research I found out that in such a early stage of this regions life I had already struck Prop-plox I dont know why or how my computers more than strong enough for SimCity 4 and I dont even have the PEG file that supposedly causes the issue. So ill start a new region by all means reccomend some region maps for me below. But before I bin this region I thought id share some of my work. PS: sorry about the 4;3 screenshots haha Firstly this is the Queenschurch metro area. Where the PROP PLOX struck first Overview of the suburbs Night time The central park close up Stadium and small business district RHW interchange excuse the grid haha Parklands Now to twin coasts region the first city i built on this region back in 2013 Interchange onto the island Overview of the city The burbs and uni CBD Beach Nice little parkland Thats all for now I will continue this journal on the new region. Wish me luck to stay motivated