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  1. Alien Nuclear

  2. Money Office

  3. Gizmo's Day/Night Mod - Help!

    This Is The New Page Of Gizmo's Just For Records In Case Memers Need It Register And Download http://gizmo.aplaceforwebsite.com/index.php
  4. Can't get a German-Style City

    Its not working i was waiing for days now. EA Reports german building will cause the server to crash and lost of data. i thing tare fixing the problem.
  5. Scale Accurate Complete Earth - April Fools 2013

    SSD Drive Alienware Leptop 2Minutes And The MAp Was Installed :P HeHe 16Gig Memory HuHu
  6. I Uninstalled Origin,from my pc its kind stupid to be online 24h because of simcity 2013, and other problems i had its around 2am the servers shut down for maintnance and if you'r building the city gut luck i alredy lost my city 6 times. so i uninstalled origion and back to simcity4 and if yo go to registry in pc / or regedit. I found out tat origin is pulling information from my pc like name, last name, computer spects, ip,location,and other serials from EA games and if you go online you see pop ups and recive non sense emails. and after loging off from origin i had so many problems IP conflict and so on ZZZzz
  7. AS Retrostyle Geothermal Plant

  8. Mars Water Tower 15

  9. Map Squad Saint Petersburg