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  1. Old Lime Kilns

    Excellent addition to my rural communities
  2. Vu Drive It Low Wealth

    "Are you tired of taking seventeen lefts to get to work next door? Does the cumbersome 65 minute, 2 block commute have you ready to pull your hair out?" LOL! Sad thing is, that is how the SIMs drive in the game!
  3. Barron Block

    WARNING: This BAt caused SimCity 4 with Rush Hour to crash on my PC. You have been warned.
  4. Vera Block

    This BAT caused SimCity 4 with Rush Hour to crash on my machine. You have been warned.
  5. Electron INC

    Nice! Looks good in my industrial sector. :) Readme file is actually useful as well!
  6. ULMcDonalds

    Excellent work. HAving a low/medium wealth version and a high wealth version of this building is an excellent idea. Oh, by the way, I'm giving you a 10 because it's NOT a ploppable-only building. I personally like mods that give me the option of being ploppable or not.
  7. SimCity 2000 style Microwave Power Plant

    I love it. Keep up the good work.
  8. Industrial Thingamajig

    I like buildings that grow on their own. Buildings that are ploppable makes the city feel generic.
  9. Semiintelligent Components

    SiC.. very cleaver. :)
  10. NDEX RailtoSubway Transition

    Awesome mod. I was surprised that Maxis did not include a rail-to-sub tranistion block in Simcity 4 like they did in Simcity 3000.
  11. ED209

    Cool add-on. I'm downloading it now.
  12. Elevated rail subway and bus station

    Awesome idea! Real space saver! (Not to mention realistic!)