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  1. NAM General Support Topic

    If this was a pre-existing city, click using the road tool on sections that are the wrong texture. One click is usually enough to turn 6-8 tiles to the right texture. If it's a new city started after you installed the euro textures, then I don't know.
  2. Current Game Loading time

    Time to region screen: waaaaaaaaay long. 10 minutes? 12? 15? I usually start it and walk away. Time to load largest city (800k pop large tile nearly covered in medium and high density growth): 6-8 minutes. Vista 64, 4gb ram, intel core 2 duo @ 2.4 ghz. 8.7gb managed plugins. I don't unload a couple apps (firefox, etc.) when I play so on first load the disk swap file gets hit hard. I have tried dat packing a couple times, but that has always resulted in a CTD so I need to experiment with smaller subsets to find a working set.
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    It comes with the NAM I think. That is the Pont Alexandre III, and it comes with the NAM now. It does not seem to be available for separate download anymore.
  4. Strange Lot Size Bug

    I tried it and can confirm that it appears to be a bug with iLives reader 1.4. I changed the zone type to medium with reader 0.9.3 and with SC4Tools and the lot size stayed 5x10.
  5. track checker

    There are two track checker replacements I am aware of, one by a Japanese BATter named "uki" and another by Swamper77. Search their mods on the STEX and the LEX and you should find them. I don't think either of them are pickup trucks though.
  6. I have found that the BATs which grow like weeds tend to have a couple things in common: they are lotted on more than 1 size lot (ex: Bernaeur Strasse grows on 1x3 and 1x4) and/or they are batted to grow in every style (Chicago, New York, Houston, and Euro). Both of these things are easily changed to reduce frequency -- just delete the extra lots and/or edit (with a tool like the PIM-X) the OccupantGroups to eliminate some of the tile sets.
  7. Building a canal advice

    By the way, in that other thread I think this part is key to getting the CAN-AM to work: Hi there greg0418, welcome to SC4D ! First of all the Can-Am actually is a bus based transit system and intended for use on (flat) land. Hence you'll not get any ferry traffic. To make the system work, first lay down roads with the road tool. Then select the Can-Am piece from the miscellaneous traffic menu and plop it on top of the road - this ensures UDI functionality. Use stations so sims can use the canals to travel to work or ship freight and finally plop some ordinary canal pieces alongside to finish up your canals! Hope this helpes! i.e. build the CAN-AM part of the canal FIRST (by placing roads and dropping the override on top of them) and then fill in the surrounding eye-candy pieces.
  8. Building a canal advice

    As you can see from that thread, lots of people report problems getting automata to appear using the CAN-AM. The canals I've made have just been eye candy, I haven't messed with the CAN-AM yet. I run with automata set to "low" anyway, and I would not expect canal traffic to appear unless set on "high".
  9. Low Density Residential

    If you don't zone low density residential, than anything that grows *only* on low density residential should not appear. However, many of the lots which grow on low density residential are also flagged to grow on medium, and some percentage are flagged to grow on all three. I know of no way to block those lots from appearing on medium and high density short of using a tool (such as a SC4 plugin manager or the ilive reader) to modify each file individually. Generally speaking, the lot selection engine will gradually replace smaller / less dense properties with larger / more dense properties on the higher density zones over time. This process can be greatly accelerated with a bit of bulldozing and strategic park / plaza placement. Dropping a park or plaza in an area tends to kick the lot selection engine into gear, even if you immediately bulldoze the park. Try it. You will find that some medium and large buildings inappropriately grow on low density lots; those are usually worth modifying because they look ridiculous in suburban neighborhoods.
  10. Building a canal advice

    Well I typed a long reply earlier, then firefox crashed, which is normally very rare for me.... 1. Yes, the NAM contains the CAN-AM, the Canal Add On mod. It adds pathing lots for Simgoober's canals. 2. Yes, there are static boats you can plop, and there are boats which move along special paths in some canal sets. 3. There are stand-alone lots which can put a fence + grass (etc.) alongside anything, but I think you will find that whatever canal set(s) you choose have the eye-candy along the borders taken care of. There are a quite a few canal / waterway / stream / etc. sets. 1. Simgoober's BSC Brick Canal sets -- probably the largest and most diverse, with a bunch of add-ons. Look for "SG canals" or "BSC Brick Canals" in the mod title. Mostly available on the STEX. 2. callagrafx redesign of the SG canals (AKA "CAL SG" or just "CAL Canals") -- a visual reworking of Simgoober's orginals, also lots of add-ons. Mostly available on the LEX. 3. PEG Productions Channel Stream Kits - CSK and CSK2. Available on the STEX and at simpeg.com 4. oh yes, there's more -- the ARS, Artificial River System by RLM Productions. Interestingly there are raised lots for this that allow canals to cross other canals... 5. no no, not done yet -- the Japan Suburban Canals and Urban Canals sets. Not sure where those are now. 6. and then there's jeronij's urban canal set, and then there's the LA River Project (a dry variant of RLM's ARS), and then there's zero7's Sunken Canals........ My advice would be to start with one set, say the BSC Brick Canals (Simgoober's) and download everything for it you can find, and play around with it.
  11. NYBT Midtown Theater

    I believe that IS the theater in Seinfeld, just as a diner a dozen blocks up is used as the exterior shot for the diner they frequently eat in.  I used to live close to that theater, went all the time.
  12. Problem with GLR station on aveneu

    I believe you need to drag one-way roads through those stations. Actually from that picture it looks like something is missing, there should be tracks and roads with that station not just the props for the little shelters.
  13. It's become clear to me that EA isn't building a new sandbox simulation game for fans of SimCity 4, instead they are building a new game platform designed from the ground up to keep the DLC money rolling in. I'm not buying into that.