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  1. RCI-Mod

    It works perfectly after following the instructions. However the taxes are too much and city income is easily 30K and more. Not so realistic or challenging...so I'm going back.
  2. Thoughts about the instant spawn of regional trade trucks...why they're not cheating, and instead a better simulation...   With today's level of logistics and supply chain systems it's possible to anticipate and fulfil stock requirements ahead of time, ie, before stocks run out. When there's demand at location A, and there's stock at location B, logistics can move stock from B to A ahead of time so that stocks don't run out.
  3. You can't rotate at the moment. Hopefully in the future.
  4. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    I'm never going to use the RCI icons in between the roads and zoning. Any way to disable that?
  5. Nice : D I'm testing version 1.1.0 and I can't bulldoze it. I could bulldoze the little pieces of avenues at the 3 ends, but not the interchange itself.
  6. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    Enabling Akarroadset 1.0.4, and clicking once on the Road icon, I can't see anymore the visual traffic congestion/routes on the map. You know the ones that show green,orange and red for road congestion. It's okay when I have ProjectAkar 1.0.6 enabled, but Akarroadset 1.0.4 disabled.
  7. CapTon's Police Mods Pack