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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    Okey nice! Liseberg is a very fun themepark. They got some fun coasters there nowdays. But i have not decide yet wich name this park will have
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hello guys! Currently i'm working on an amusement parkt in the city of Gustavsborg. Gustavsborg are inspired by the beautiful city of Gothenburg (yes i'm from Sweden) and i'm hoping to build as much I can and show you a lot of photos in the future. Please tell me what you think of my work so far!
  3. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    Beautiful work man, it's really awesome! I have a question; are you using tree controller or do you just plop every tree? I'm searching for a good tree controller to combine with Sudden Valley terrain mod.
  4. Zenebach

    Nice city, love the style! But were did you find those beautiful water embankments? I mean those you can see at the same picture as the Germanic Bridge.
  5. Parts 17-21

    Good job with the city Haljackey, I really like the job you've done! One question: wich slope mod are you using in the game?
  6. Terraforming a region

    Hello! I need some tips for starting to use SC4Terraformer beacuse I don't want to go in to every city terraform. So my question is what I need and how to use SC4Terraformer. What should I think about when I use this tool, etc, etc? I hope you understand what I mean and maybe you can link some good threads for beginners like me =) PS: sorry for my bad english =P /Callesson
  7. The United Cities*4th Birthday and Retirement!*

    Looking good! Have one question: where can I download those highway wall lots?
  8. Eichenburg

    Awesome job man! where did you got your small houses? I really need them for my upcoming CJ btw, 5/5!
  9. Westfield - Update 5 - Staten Island

    where can i find those highway walls in picture 2? have looking for those a lot but can't find them... overall, gorgeous landskape! 5/5
  10. New City - A Towering Inferno (15 Slides)

    Amazing job! one question: where can I find the rock'n'roll stage?
  11. Snow mods

    Hello! I've tried to get some snow effects in my game but I dont really know how to do could you please tell me what I have to do and what mods I need and all that stuffs. also tried terraformer but dont understand anything in that program, maybe u can show me a guide. please help me!
  12. Hard Rock Cafe

    Awesome work!
  13. Crash when im start the game

    Thank you very much! it was a driver problem but now it works!
  14. Hello! This is very strange. when i start the game it crash at the EA Games logo. Please help me with this problem My setup: Athlon x2 Nvidia 9500 gt 2 gb ram windows xp 32-bit etc.. like i said, please help me!
  15. Sweden Garden

    Tackar! Go Sweden