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  1. Eaton

  2. Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Addon Set1

    Thank you. This is an outstanding addition to an outstanding MOD
  3. Flushed down the drain..

    Originally posted by: DocRorlach And before I forget: Since a while now, the opening logo now features the subtitle: "You have no rights. All your rights are ours." quote> I don't have the problem with the sound. But within the last month so I have noticed The new subtitle in the opening logo.
  4. SC4 Tools: New Toys..

    Thank you for the help. It worked great. The DIC loaded and seem to be working properly. Thanks again
  5. SC4 Tools: New Toys..

    DocRorlach I am haveing the same problem as Bap. I am using Windows XP 32bit in English and no i have never used REGEDIT before. Thank you for the wonderful tools that you have provided. I am looking forward to using them.
  6. Pacific Northwest MMPs