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  1. SimCity 4 Realism Mod 3.0 Part 1

    A small step for a more nice-looking town!
  2. BSC Irrigation Canal Set

    It looks much more realistic for those who saw how it's agriculture in central and eastern europe !
  3. BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1

    Interesting! It eliminates from the boredome.
  4. LBT Mega Prop Pack vol.01

    Thank you very much Heblem!Simtropolis is confronting serious problems with the server.
  5. CXL - Ploppable boats - Update

    Nice job,keep up the good work!
  6. n74704 Palm Family

    Looks more exotic and more natural!10/10
  7. Reforma Roundabouts pack 3

    Very good work indeed !It looks great for my rural areas 10/10
  8. IPS Roundabout Fillers Updated

    This are an awesome job and a big step for a nice looklng town.Congratulations and 10/10 mark.
  9. NDEX ITS Holland and Judd Administative Building

    Great building!I give you 10 for the modern architecture and your work!
  10. Ground instead of water

    I finnaly found the problem!Watch out for WML Map PAck;It has a series of import plugins including Height MOD of many lakes,Imporiing no erosion,etc.I should be more attentive on the future
  11. Ground instead of water

    Still the lines are at their place and the values are correct
  12. Hello everybody.I've got a problem with the land!On any region used on the map it appears water,lake or sea but when I enter the cell (future town) it appears a lower terrain (in case of sea) or a valley(instead of river) It's really annoying ,I would appreciate help.
  13. I have a little problem with some texture(farming crop);In the middle is a water tank which also doesn't look well and I've forgotten their appartaining to some domain and it's hard for me to guess where is problem.I thought at the beginning to isolate the plugins folder and delete the containing files but it's too much work to do.Maybe some help?Here we have a picture before and the changes made.
  14. TSC_Gare de marchandise

    where can I get orange mega prop?