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  1. Middle Eastern Farms

  2. Random Scene (From Pondok Daun)

    Zoom out Dryan, zooom out :S
  3. Industrial area, done in an awesome way

    Nice smog effect bro, it feels like Mr. Ferguson's house last week after some kids burn it down to ashes. Good guy Ferguson. Sad he had to die so soon afterwards, but hey, the food at his funerals was good.
  4. Sekko: 下月 | Shintatsuki

    Sexy stuff Dryan m8
  5. Chapter 2:

    [Tyron]: Episode two, Monicas. Just got out of jail, this feels like some trap, but whatever. I had to go to the airport again, a friend of mine was coming from NYC. Replies @Forthwall: k @fan o SC4: Dankeschon @Kisa Atsuko: Dryan pls @Benedict: Thank you good sir @KonstantinII: Your opinion is irrelevant. @RepublicMaster: You'll like this one too mango @Tonraq: Carl that kills people :S @Richie99: Here you go mang I met my friend Sidney at the arrivals section. White security guards and cops were everywhere. Had to keep low profile since that witch Meg arrested me for no good reason. [sidney]: Ah, so you came, Tyron. Willem's plane is about to land. [Tyron]: Yeah, Skywest, right? [sidney]: No, fool. JetBlue, he's coming from JFK. [Tyron]: Right... We heard on the speakers: JetBlue flight 9525 from New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport has arrived at Gate 8 We waited around thirty minutes, and we finally saw him coming our way with a huge bag on his right shoulder. He put his bag down and we shook hands. [Willem]: Hey Monicas! What's up? [sidney]: What the hell's on your head, Monica? [Willem]: Quit "Monica" me, hommie. This is to protect my hair. Got a new haircut, don't want it messed up. [Tyron]: Looks like a condom. Still as cautious as always, huh? [Willem]: Yo Tyron, what's going on? [Tyron]: Got out of jail this morning. [Willem]: Ha! What did they got you for this time? [Tyron]: Fake charges, the usual. [Willem]: Damn that sucks... Simtropolis International Airport is not far from Downtown, located partly on an artificial island built by Mexican workers in the early 20th century. [sidney]: Seems like the STPD got something against you Tyron. Anything you wanna tell us? [Tyron]: What's this, yo? Quit with the questions, I have nothing to blame myself for. I'm clean, these guys are just harassing me for no reason. [Willem]: There's always a reason, even if it's silly, trust me. [Tyron]: What are you even on about, Willem? Jeez. How was NYC? [Willem]: Ah you know... [Tyron]: I don't, hence why I'm asking... [Willem]: Well uh, got in some trouble, that's why I'm back. [sidney]: What kind of fuss? [Willem]: Beat up some lowlife prick in the Bronx the other night. Think he was linked with the mafia. He said something about Thamus, wasn't too sure. [Tyron]: Don Thamus? The Thamus crime family? [Willem]: You know them? [Tyron]: You fool, of course. They're the mafia 'round here in ST. You should remember them... [Willem]: Nope, they any dangerous? [sidney]: Relative. Anyways, keep moving, these security guards are looking at us suspiciously, three black guys talking around a bag and stuff. [Tyron]: You're not black, paki. [sidney]: I ain't no paki, fool. We left the airport and went to Sid's car in the parking lot. We took the airport's tunnel and went towards the projects, our hood. More to follow, nuckas.
  6. Chapter 1:

    [Tyron]: After five years in hiding, it was time to stay still. The name's Tyron. I'm the narrator yo. Give it credits, I'ma also be the main character of this entreprise. Saw this piece of art in a museum, CJ's Last Supper. Poor CJ. At least he got some good food yo. [Jakobo]: Who are you talking to, Tyron? Keep on working, you lazy tsotsi! Jakobo's from South Africa. He moved to Simtropolis when he was 16, all alone. He's 46 now and a professional landscaper when he's not working at ST's International Airport's Cargo facility with me and my goons. The lad's impressively tall, in his 7'2'' height. I'm just the average black guy, only 6'3''. I work out, try to get in shape, getting ready to get busted by the STPD anytime soon. They've been following me lately, guess they got a crush on me or something. [sidney]: You still thinkin' you bein' chased by cops, mang? That's Sid. He looks black, but he's actually Indian. Speaking of scam, he blackmailed my boss to get this job with me. Apparently he caught her doing some lewd things in her office. Anyways, the lad is funny, quite famous around town, got an engineering background, despite his looks. That makes him some kind of genius, I don't know. Well at least compared to me, I'm a useless slacker. Simtropolis International Airport Cargo Facilities It's not that big of an airport, but it gets its amount of freight. My job's to manage container transports and such from aircrafts to the ground level for inspection, if it's an international flight. We were getting this one freight from a Boeing 767. Some men in black with a funny accent came on the grounds and started oversee the unloading. What the... [Tyron]: Hey, who are you lads? [Carl]: Hey Tyron, what's up, comrade? [Tyron]: Oh damn, it's you Carl, should've called, bro? How's it going? [Carl]: Ah, you know the drill, the STPD's looking for any cargo that's for Don Thamus. [Tyron]: Oh wow, that Italian mafiosi is still alive? [Carl]: Well of course, but rumor has it there might be a coup d'état in the Thamus crime family... Zacharias, the number 2, is already foreshadowing it... [Tyron]: And who's gonna become the new Godfather? [Carl]: Nothing sure yet, but could be Emir Ates. He got some serious stuff planned, arms, stuff like that. The PD has been looking for him for weeks. [Tyron]: Ah, I see, well, what are they transporting? [Carl]: Can't tell, but- We were near that white van, and the SUVs. Lovely day though, before I saw this uh, woman, I think, coming right towards us. [Meg]: Quit the little chat, Officer Sourmilk. Who's that with you- Oh good Lord Jesus! Blasphemy! How dare you!?? [Tyron]: Say what now? [Meg]: Your T-Shirt! It's unnaceptable! I'm highly offended. What do you think you're doing? Using the Lord's name as if it was yours! [Tyron]: Well I could've been some brownie, y'know, I met one in jail with Jesus as first name... That funny Mexican lad. [Meg]: Not one more word or I'll arrest you right now! [Tyron]: Wha-? [Meg]: Ok, I'm taking you in. [Carl]: Meg, relax, it's just Tyron... He's like that. [Meg]: I don't care, Carl! Stop waving your pistol, by the way! That kills people, Carl... [Tyron]: Ha! Fail Carl. [Meg]: You're the failure, uh, Tyron! You're just a degenerate human being! [Tyron]: Oh, shut up Meg! Aaaaaand that's how I got arrested. More will follow, nuckas.
  7. VI • The Floating World

    River of tears? Make it of blood m8, don't get too wimpy because it's ST, these nuckas don't know shnizzle and what's up with the Troix thing mang...
  8. Wardrecht Flying Tour

    Inb4 flood, then all the poor sims drown in horrible pain of lack of hair, while water forcibly enters your lungs!
  9. Greater County Claim | Merry Pyronatalis!

    Just because the nucka's been doing better than you doesn't mean you can act all rapper-ish and call it some idea steal and create virtual beef, there's no copyright shit on this. Oh yeah and, it's a fucking advent calendar, it's not your idea, you ripped it off real life shit and call it yours as if you were some kind of genius. Ha.
  10. Eerikki City - The $24million make over!

    The only thing I missed from ST, your CJ. Amazing as usual Fox!
  11. Why should the person above you be banned?

    Nucka, it's my realz namez. I speak the truth. I ban you for libel. I'll sue you too 'cause we're in 'Murica. ^ To Jack I ban you alerules 'cause you have some undetermined white substance on your face in your profile pic.
  12. Why should the person above you be banned?

    Banned for having a sexually offensive location description. Have some decency for Pete's fragile sake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fNHhrvc0mc
  13. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    Spurs fan woooooo. But on a serious note with all the seriousness I can't seriously give, but seriously, hmm, well your farms are too close to the runway. Need some greeeeen space.
  14. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hey Kyle, how are thou doing, beautiful?