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A City With No Bounds.

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Welcome back to Selbring. Making Jesus cry since 1936.


Ln X

Thanks, glad you like it :)


Thanks Carl :D


It's also ultra hazardous. Watch out :P


Thanks for the compliment, really is quite the claim :P


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Lol, trust me, you don't :P

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Gotta love nightshots :D


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Indeed it does. Don't forget to send your gifts to your masters :read:

Kisa Atsuko

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That'll be a 10 year prison sentence for violating the 1944, Pyronatalis Act! Thanks :P


Thanks, and if that's your game, go for it :P

fan o SC4

Merry Pyronatalis good sir! It pleases your overloads that you take such an initiative :D


Note: So this is Jericho. I liked the name so I called it Jericho. 3 versions, and this was the final.

Also, this is a teaser update. I'm converting one of my functional towns into a disastrous dieselpunk

nightmare. Selbri-fying it if you may


And if you noticed, I'm playing around with Selbring's logo. Going with the times by making it minimalist.


EDIT - Image URL directories repaired. Stupid Brickshelf. :/



Welcome to the small town of Jericho. This 'cute' little town lies along the boundaries of Selbring County and Tattnall County and is owned by the illustrious Vandana Industries. While this township is mostly ghetto territory, a number of factories and manufacturing plants dot the small countryside backwater. It's populated by thousands of working-class residents, most too normalized and integrated into the Selbrinian Propaganda network to resist the system.



Let's explore more of the town. The PWA says its the pride of Tattnall!


Welcome back to Selbring. Now get back to work. You're not being underpaid to stand and breathe.



Nice? In Selbring? I think you sir, are mistaken :P


Thanks for the wb :)

Ln X

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That specific portion of the city is purposely unpowered. As far as people know, it's been cut off the state power-grid :P


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Isn't it just ;)


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Only in Selbring Tekindus, only in Selbring :P


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Thanks a lot :D

fan o SC4

Thanks, and that update will have to wait (I'm always like this aren't I?) :P

JP Schriefer

Thanks, all credit to Bipin for those amazing roads :D


Thanks and great! Atmosphere achieved. :D


Note: This update only exists because I'm releasing my first generic Tower. The tallest generic building I've ever made. What happens in it though,

is anything but generic. The lobby is also riddled with easter eggs. This is an extension update for the previous Vertigo District update. Btw, this update is

a little rushed, definitely could do a better christmas update later on, but we'll see how things go.

And yeah, you know me for being very inconsistent, even when I say I'm going to something, and I suddenly don't and change the topic. Sorry, but there's no such things

as 100% assurance in my world


On a side note, I realized I hadn't downloaded so many of reddonquixote's towers and BATs. Big mistake. Went on a downloading spree, something I haven't done

in a while




What was called Christmas, has been outlawed, where even the mere mention of the name could put you into detainment facilities outside the county.

Instead, people continue said tradition through the new mandatory holiday dubbed Pyronatalis. Full of color, wonder, beauty and receiving, Pyronatalis

is the holiday season to die for.

Carolers will often sing songs from the likes of the Chairman's coming to town, Violent Night and Silent Night, Merry Pyronatalis, Nuts and bolts melting over an open cauldron and others

popularized by the PWA, local aristocratic celebrities and corporations and organizations with such as the Harkin Foundation, Trans-Atlantic Manufacturing, Huston Corporation,

Pyro Corporation, Tau Mineral Extraction Inc. and several more.

At the heart of it all, the holiday cheer of Pyronatalis begins to spread across the city. In the revered Vertigo District, decorations begin going up, as mid-November soon

becomes the festive December month. High in the sky, close to many of the corporations based on the infamous district, lies the Huston Corporation. Supposedly 'not evil',

it's one of the few corporations in the country that has any humanity to help and reach out to the ghetto dwellers and working class. While often frowned upon by

numerous organizations and corporations, they go through with it anyway. But is there actually any underlying interest and reason for the Huston Corporation's

'generosity'? One can only imagine...

November 3rd, 2055.


November 22nd, 2055.


Not that evil? Or just demented behind closed doors?

We'll see soon enough.


Welcome back to Selbring. Now count to ten, and it'll alll be over soon. Like it has been since 1936.



Thanks, there'll be another installment about the NFUA and Red Flags in a while later. For now, enjoy this intermission update ;)


It's a shame it never came to fruition. :(


omglol, Thanks haha :P

fan o SC4

Was that my influence you buying ME? :P Well awesome nonetheless, you'll be seeing a lot of references in this series to come :)


Thanks a lot :D


The Russia Federation Tower. And no, it's not something I made. Something SimFox made but never finished. It's a shame huh? :(


No, just a little photoshopping to complete my skyline. There weren't enough SimFoxy (lol) BATs to paint the contemporary Miami I was envisioning for Selbring. So, I improvised :P

And thanks :)

Mother of Invention

Don't be, I'm just glad your enthusiastic about the story :D


If it helps, it's actually an alternate-universe Miami. Thanks btw :P


It is Selbring. Feast your eyes on its post-apocalyptic filth. :rofl:


Thanks, I find it awesome to see that a lot of people are getting into the atmo and story. It's really why I still continue these CJs; so people like you could hopefully enjoy them :D


No probs, always good to hear that you're loving the series regardless of whether you comment or not. :D


Thank you :)


Thanks :)


That's quite the risk you're taking Konstantin :P


Note: Hey! Miss me? No? Oh. Well....nevermind then. Just here to say that I am still alive. Mass Effect: The Milky Way, Selbring County and Random & Random

are still active CJs! It just takes a long while for them to make. Especially when BAT exporting doesn't go your way


Anyway, so, you've seen the POV of the rich and the revolutionists. But how about some dialog and utter focus on the everyday lives of common Selbrinian folk?





Coming Soon.


Welcome to New Florida City. An oppressed shorside city, once called Miami since 1942.



Thanks :)


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WOOT. Thanks :P

Neto Dari

Thanks a lot :D

fan o SC4

That's the spirit! :thumb:

Ln X

Thanks :)

Mother of Invention

Awesome to hear! Hopefully you're up for another dialog update :D


Thank you :D


Thanks :)


And it's on the STEX under Heblem or HBS :P


With a side of butter? :P


Thanks :)


Thanks a lot :D


Lol, it was close :P Thanks!


Nope...It's heblem's and it's on the STEX. A building of that magnitude I technically can't render since my laptop hasn't got the necessary hardware to do so. Small scale BATs and high-rises for me strictly unfortunately -- And I'm not nearly good enough to produce that kind of BAT yet :P


Thanks for providing a link to the NYTB. ;)


Well a beautiful building like this deserves a little front-and-center praise. Not sure about the explosion though... :P


Thanks :D


Thanks a lot :D


Well, I've got a few other photoshopped pieces under my sleeve, but tbh, photoshopping isn't as time consuming. Mostly depends on what I'm photoshoppping, but in the case of the fire...something like 5-10 minutes to complete. Thanks though :D

Mother of Invention #2

Enjoying the story huh? Well here's some more ;)


Thanks :)


Note: New Florida Underground Alliance members [ME:TMW characters] evacuate their apartment. Some dialog and shows the first encounter between NFUA's John, Kaidan, Ashley, Jeff/Joker and the Red Flag's Dylan, vaguely featured in the previous update 'Something Useful'. Also, if you don't pick up on it later, New Florida is the alternate Miami.



New Florida City. The largest metropolitan area in the greater New Florida administrative division. While the affluent live wonderful lives along the keys and the coast, these pockets are separated from the ghetto districts that coat the rest of development in what was previously known as Miami. Bt while the aristocrats in New Florida feel relative saftey and security in their walled communities, tables begin turn and heads spin as the New Florida Underground Alliance shake things up.

But the effects only do so much before the repercussions overwhelm resistance...







To be continued...




Haha, it is indeed. Make sure you get'em right between the eyes ;)


Lolk, Thanks a lot :)


Makes the whole plot of Selbring more clear now doesn't it? :)


Huh, I never really thought of Orwell, just realized that it pretty much fits the theme. Btw, Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them enough to download :P


Thanks :D

fan o SC4

I haven't actually watched a lot of movies from before the new millenium :P But thanks nonetheless, and the resistance is always looking for new recruits. Strength in numbers.


Well, you'll definitely enjoy Selbring more now hopefully with the story revealed. And as Ben explained, bettered is a word. Depending on usage, it would typically be considered past tense :P


Thanks, grabbing a little inspiration from it as well :P

Benedict #2

Thanks for explaining :)

Hellken #2

Thanks :D


Note: Introducing - the NFUA. The main characters from the NFUA, as opposed to characters in the Red Flags and Liberators Army are Mass Effect characters. Why? Because I can.


In this update, NFUA insurgents [insurgents will be revealed in next update] infiltrate a high profile commercial building. The rest is history.








Sorry, a little busy, so I'll try tend to your replies in time. ;)


So here's a little background information on the Selbring/Pyro Universe. It's also pretty much being mashed with a bunch of ME easter eggs which will probably become less easter eggs, more ME/Selbring story and character mashes.

Anyway, I worked on some rather nifty graphics so enjoy the background info, poster(s) and a Montage of recent updates:





Welcome back to Selbring. Serving the working class community with pride and 'dignity' since 1934.



Lol haha, y'know what, I'll be sure to make an update for Onimay sometime :P


Thanks a lot :D


Thanks Fox :D


Yeah, the story's a little hasty, but it's just cause of the time I have to write it. It'd be better if I gave a little longer to think about but yeah oh well. I actually have a pretty interesting and rather sinister story for this, and if I could, I'd turn into a game. Thanks though :P


Thanks, great of you to say :)


Lol yeah, got it. Thanks :P


Just remember that some of that inspiration is from T&R :)


Thank you :)


Oh indeed. Just be glad it's in a parallel universe huh? :P


Thanks, most of these are NYBT, and work by Jasoncw. I won't be able to link you to all of them, but if you search NYBT, Darknono, Jasoncw, and industrial, you'd get some very interesting results, namely some of these buildings I have. There's actually only a few vanilla content in these pics :P


Thanks, Lot Editing really does add to these pics :P


You'd be surprised. People in Ahern would be far more happier than the people in the city [y'know, unless they're indoctrinated by PyroCorp, then that'd be a different story], just because that this area lacks any real surveillance. Rogue civilians in Ahern are really the lucky ones :P


Thanks, smog's just the standard here :P


Thanks :)


Note: CJ BAT crossover stuff, yadda yadda, Couldn't be bothered to finish and detail the update, yadda yadda, and other random things. I got lazy and didn't really finish this update, and rougly put any effort and input. I spent a quick 5 minutes on Lot Editor [seemed a lot longer], but I got bored of it and just plopped what I could and sprinkled on some MMP for a magically disgusting effect. Topped off with some desaturation, color balancing and cloud coverage on Photoshop. A lot easier when you pre-record your actions and just have to press one button

:PThere's also not much of a story here, so today, you just get to enjoy the pictures.

Another thing about this update is that it's centered on a landfill area. It's not common to find an update that is centered on trash and garbage disposal and storage. I dunno. Just thinking really


And not to get sci-fi fans excited over this MagLev, no it's not functional. Sorry to disappoint




So garbage disposal huh? Where does Selbring's garbage go after aristocrats are done with whatever they have? Food, electronics and otherwise? To answer that; Fort Bastion. Several kilometers west of the metro in the outskirts of the county, Fort Bastion lies, the waste center of the region. And with a name like that, you'd be expecting some sort of nearby military installation that acts as a vigil watch over the borders of the city right? Well of course, it's not called Fort Bastion for nothing. But that's not what we're at right now. Just enjoy the dump for now.




As you can see, around the Landfill area, there is severe overgrowth of plants and marsh floral species, provoked by specific industrial waste. While in the city, smog, waste and pollution kill what remains of the city's plantations, the opposite occurs here.


Connected via the state's intricate system of corporate-owned MagLev rails, speedy trash delivery that comes at the expense of the working class keeps the streets of the wealthy nearly spotless. Districts such as New Alister, Altanorch Harbor and the Lakewood Hills.


Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows of the horrendous smog, Underground resistance members scout the area through the outlying marshes, spying on the military installations that claim Fort Bastion.





They watch, lying in wait.


Along the edges of the marsh, meets the edges of a river.






By night, lights swtic on, lining the and tracing the path of the MagLev lines that connect the very landfill that serves the aristocratic community.





Welcome back to Selbring. Demonstrating military prowess on the international scale since 1954.



Not really, I just have some odd sources :P


Lol, Thanks :D


Indeed it is when an army rampages through your own hometown :O


That's the spirit! But even if they're intimidating, they can't win. The Bad guys always lose, but in a way, you can never know in this story. :O


Thanks, and here's the next part of the story. Btw; this 'weapon' is actually more like 'weapons' :O


Yep, in Selbring, things are only really going to get worse, before it ever gets better; and that's a long waay off.


Thank you :)


I hope you don't mean the fact that they invaded an innocent town :P Thanks!


Thanks :)


It's already into a total Aristrocratic dominated government system with a hint of Corporate-Dictatorship. :(


Thanks :)

Neto Dari

Yeah, never ends well in Selbring. Probably not what you thought would've happened either :P Thanks.


In the words of the PyroCorp chairman 'Frederick Robertson'; "Freedom is Anarchy". Protesting is a part of that 'anarchy'; therefore they must be incarcerated for fueling that 'anarchy' :P

Lord Branham

Thanks a lot, it's a gift :P


The Selbrinian PyroCorp Military isn't one to disobey or fail at anything less than a simple formation. So expectations are high :P


Thanks :D


Thanks :)


Note: So when you see this entry below, you'll see a poor rendition of the city of Atlanta, GA. In updates before, you've probably read that there is a place called the 'PyroCorp Land Claim', which is a pretty strict and formal description of what is also referred to by other names, both official and unofficial which may be mentioned in future. Within it lies Selbring County, and numerous other regions. The PCLC, you know see is located in the state of Georgia, stretching farther north of the state border and down south of the state. You know have rough idea of where Selbring is.

Atlanta just happens to be another thrall urban center, under the command of PyroCorp. In this update, it will not look like an exact replication of Atlanta as for the following reasons:

1. Obviously b/c of the lack of BATs from Atlanta to complete the skyline.

2. This is in an alternate universe. The timelines in this story are radically

changed, and technology from technophilic and innovative development-centric corporations have caused human sciences and tech to advance far beyond our current state at the expense of law abiding citizens, hence the large wealth gap and severe poverty.

Plus, another mash up of BATs from Mass Effect:TMW, :3

Sorry for rambling on, let's just get to the update.



The Revolution. It continues to rage on, despite the minimal impacts it has had on the PyroCorp Aristocratic regime. But this isn't isolated to just Selbring. Like the world's major cities, within the PCLC, other cities are controlled and managed, from the main seat of the Vertigo District Headquaters. Smaller branches of the corporation head surveillance operations in these cities and towns, as part of the normal business they seem to do.


Massing Air-Control Security Comm - This is Selbring Air-Control Security Channel 104, we're requesting an update on the status of three shuttles scheduled at this time to enter Atlantan Airspace.

Atlanta Central Air-Control Security management Comm - We only have two shuttles logged on our systems. The crews reported that the third city-bound shuttle was downed 10 clicks south.

Massing Air-Control Security Comm - We're sending in a dispatch team, noitfy PISA immediately and seal of the perimeter of the alleged crash-site.


Back in Selbring County, one of its districts and wards remain quiet, being a derelict and abandoned zone, it provides a safe haven from higher authorities, inhabited by people who try to escape the watchful eyes of PISA. The Ahern Industrial Ward is one of Selbring's few abandoned districts, rarely watched by PISA and is virtually empty.


The streets of the Ahern Industrial Ward are rarely driven through, and the buildings that dot the Ward almost lifeless and barren. Some haven't been used in decades, while some harbor off-the radar slums and rogue colonies.




Abandoned almost 43 years ago, The Baxter Manufacturing Plant once manufactured automtive vehicles, until being shut down due to a crash in the holding company's finances. For many who based their businesses and livelihoods, both rich and poor, despair soon followed them, resulting in the abandonment of the Ahern Industrial Ward altogether.

Now, the old Baxter Manufacturing Plant is home to yet another Selbrinian Underground faction, namely the Liberators, with a number of Red Flag members.


Dylan (Red Flag) - We're coming in for a landing, clear the area.

Bystander - You heard'em! Clear the area!


Anna (Liberators) - What is this?

Dylan - It's some sort of air-transport vehicle.

Hyun - Then that's the weirdest plane I've ever seen. You think it's new tech they're dispatching?

Dylan - It probably is, we got anyone that could see how this thing works?

Anna (Liberators) - I'll call Carson out at Harkin, he might be able to get here and slip past the security. He's gonna have a field day trying to see what this things got under the hood, so to speak.

[rest of resistance team deboard shuttle]

Tyson (Red Flags) - Seems like that EMP gun worked better than Gerard expected.

Tanya (Red Flags) - It shot this thing down easy, looks like the Pyro's really came through for us, haha.

Dylan - This isn't over, we'll need to contact the Altanorch outpost. We've got some intercepted reports that might compromise our operation.


To be continued...

[The story in this udpate was written hastily, so sorry if it's a little fast]


Welcome back to Selbring County. Mobilizing private armies against disobedient civilians since 1951.



Thanks, and there's a chance. I've heard rumors of talks between Selbrinian leaders and Queensfery superiors. :P


Thanks a lot :)


Thanks :D


Thanks :)


Thanks, and it was pretty fitting for the scene. It's also why I made the update :P


Dead on :D and thanks :)


Thanks :)

spursrule14 #1, #2

Thanks :)


Lol, thanks for the .gif :P


Lol, yeah, it's blended in pretty well with the shipping containers :P


Thanks, but I guess that's just the effect SimCity has on people :P


No probs.


Thanks, and sorry to disappoint, I'm horrible at setting up transit networks :P


Thanks, I'd thought the lotting was pretty poor, but I'm glad it's not as bad as I thought it was :)




Thanks :)


Thanks Ben. It's so hard to juggle different types BATs and CJs all at once, especially with an unorganized plugins folder (a reason why I can't grow cities cause they turn into an architectural melting pot :P ).


Note: Sorry for these Low Quality, lacking updates. I can only churn out a few pics at a time, especially since they're haste-sandbox cities that require extra BATing, and while at the same time, managing three active city journals, it becomes quite hectic. I'm going round to updating all my active CJs this week, starting with R&R (), Selbring County () and finally, by about Friday or Saturday, Mass Effect: The Milky Way.

:PSo. Many. Themes.

Also on a side note, I've always wanted to use Washington Tower somewhere in one of my CJs, and I've never been able to for years since I could never find the dependency. After being able to find it, and me regarding it as one of the best BATs out there, I thought I'd use it now




Earth. 2049 CE. And broken. It's practically the wrong time to be a lower working class individual as atrocities and crimes against humanity are virtually everywhere, rampant and uncontrolled. In order for Aristocrats of the world to keep a tight hold on global power and domination of resources and vast populations, violence becomes one of the primary points of keeping entire states and empires in check.

Violence against others never seems to be going 'too far' in the minds of the super wealthy. But if it keeps them on top, the needs of the poor are beyond them.

So when a revolution of any kind arises, from peaceful protests to provocation of civil war, mobilization follows immediately. No hesitation.


Surveillance Attendant - Sir, I'm getting a Vigil-8 on one of my surveillance monitors.

Surveillance Officer - Where?

Surveillance Attendant - Z10-9382.

Surveillance Officer - What? How the hell did they get into New Alister?


Surveillance Attendant - Facial recognition is identifying approximately 350 Individuals, all GDs.

Surveillance Officer - We have to disperse th-

[Door swings open]

Frederick Robertson - Hey, great job you guys are doing here. I just applaud the work Surveillance does to keep...have nots, from our streets. But I'm curious.

Surveillance Officer - Uh, Mr. Chairman sir! What are you doing here?

Frederick Robertson - Oh, well I thought I'd go all the way here to confirm some reports about an illegal and restricted public protest at New Alister. Of all the monuments in the city, the GHETTO DWELLERS choose the one in New Alister and are currently ON RESTRICTED PREMISES.

Surveillance Officer - SIR! We're getting right to the situation. We've alerted the Selbring Operations Center and they're mobilizing immediately to New Alister.

Frederick Robertson - Well that's great! But that's not the end of it. Open up the comms to the SOC. I'll be making some...cautionary measures to aleviate the situation as much as possible.

Surveillance Officer - On it SIR. Mason. Contact the SOC. Now.


Protester - Our dignity has been degraded long enough! Let not the hellish establishment that is the Pyro Corporation reign with an iron fist that strips the wealth from the class the serves those who sit on there a****s while we slave away under conditions that would kill a human within a matter of weeks! I say, TOTAL FREEDOM FOR THE WORKING CLASS! AND LET DEMOCRACY SET FIRE TO THE SELFISH LIKES OF ARISTOCRACY.

The protesters gatthering is short-lived as within minutes of PISA finding out about the gathering, the mobilization of Selbring's private military causes them to disperse. Protesters are reluctant to stay, running immediately for the district walls, evading the tanks and assault units that attempt to chase them down and apprehend them. Some are even shot dead on the ground. But the horror doesn't end that night.


As morning breaks over the county, The Ghetto District of Dis, where the majority of the Protesters originated from, patrolled and tormented by Selbring's military dispatch. Tanks and soldiers being marching into the district, while locals watch in horror.


Unsure of what's to come next.


Especially when a military occupation is on this scale.

Assistant - Sir, I've got some reports from the SOC, and they've established a foothold on the District of Dis. No retalliation so far. But the military dispatch is doing as per your request.

Frederick Robertson - That's some good news. Thank you for getting me the reports.

Assistant - That's not all. The new artillery development project line for PyroCorp's private military sector's been completed. The artillery is being shipped to several outposts around the region.

Frederick Robertson - Excellent! Everything's going according to plan. Get me on the line to the manufacturers and transporters -- and open up the SOC channel, I need to insure that this project isn't halted. I'm going to need a tight military perimeter around the factories and supply routes. Nothing is going disrupt my plans.



Adelboro - Green, serene...too good to be true?


I'll just let you think about it for a sec.


Welcome back to Selbring County. Telling you what you can and can't do since 1936.



Lol, sure it is! :P


Huehuehue :P


And now you can thank Selbring and PyroCorp for the soiled turkey :P


Thanks a lot :)


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Thanks, but I doubt even Batman could sweep this city clean of crime, let alone the world :P


Lol :P


Thanks a lot marsh :)


Both simultaneously :P


Haha, dystopian christmas' ftw :P


Really? It's a crazy world out there in Selbring though :P


It's really just an advent 'calendar' of some sort really, not necessarily my idea :P


Thanks Will :)


Thanks a lot. And why yes, they do sever Onimay, they even have factories in Vallence :P

Tonraq #2

Ikr? :P

spursrule14 #4

Just use one of the filters on Photoshop to create that reflective effect.


Thanks :)


You and hundreds of thousands of other people too :P


Thank you :)


Thanks a lot :)


Thanks, I honestly gotta agree with your statement. :)

KonstantinII #2

Sorry, didn't have the will to see it through. It got tedious after Dec. 7 :P


Note: I know i'm not the best lotter out there, but please don't hate on the poor lotting. I tried my best

:P And also, there's a bit of a Mass Effect: The Milky Way easter-egg in the update, though some might say there isn't, it's just that I used one of my ME:TMW BATs as a Selbring/Mass Effect cross-over. It seemed to fit well in the situation, so have fun figuring out what in the update is ME:TMW elements.



Old Port Altanorch. The main harbor that once allowed the flow of goods to easily pass through its warehouses and cranes. In a world where trade between the companies that rule the planet was easy, but the road to creating the goods was brutal and painful. But after decades of use, the late 20th century called for a more 'in-the-now' port that was far more advanced and would allow for greater cargo capacity and the latest in management technologies. So PyroCorp chose to shutdown and abandon Port Altanorch, and construct the new Altanorch Harbor, closer to where the skypscrapers of the rich stand.

And when the previous tennants left, a group of new tennants decided to move in...


A pro-democracy rebellion, The Red Flags are one of Selbring's notorious revolutionists. Dubbed a 'terrorist organization' by the PWA, the Red Flags are group of resistance fighters from all over the PyroCorp land claim, working in the so called 'Underground', an even wider resistance organization that has proven difficult to monitor by the PyroCorp Intelligence and Surveillance Agency or PISA. Though some of their movements are quite obvious, there plans at large are have been found difficult to connect with the various locations and scrubbed bases that they inhabit, leaving little evidence in either a fiery explosion, or quick-sweep and run. Fortunately, for the Red Flags, and the Selbrinian Underground, PyroCorp's defenses and monitoring systems are lowered over most of the abandoned and derelict areas of the Old Port Altanorch. This gives the Underground leeway to move in raided ships from other Underground organizations across the continent and the world to ship in much needed resistance supplies, arms and rations, as well as comm messages.


Stolen corporate tanks, arms and tech are often at the heart of the transport operations and trades between Underground organizations, but they come at a high price in a competitive and broken world. And just as night falls, the importance of the mysterious white van and an aged 1980s sedan riding along the port road begins to dawn on a planned operation against the 'big corporations'.


Welcome back to Selbring County. Ruining your jolly Christmas season dinner since December 25th, 1934.



The walls are actually some sunken seawalls that I lotted while the graffiti was photoshopped :P

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Lol, it does? :P


You're cities had the look, if you wanted a polluted atmo, some color adjustment (adding a yellowish hue) could've given it that extra "hey, the air is super badly polluted here" kind of thing I guess :P


Thanks a lot, just adjusted the color a bit :)


Thanks, it's good you appreciate a bit of Selbrinian vandalism and rebellion :P


Thanks, I guess adding a yellowish hue seems to make the difference :P


Thanks a lot Ben, And yeah, it was while before when I thought 'hmmm, maybe I should make this into a another Sci-Fi CJ, but severly dystopian' :P

Map Guy

Cool, glad you like it and thanks :)


Thanks, and I may have indeed. Just hope that I'm not right :D


Thanks, and like I said above to scott1964 :)


Thanks, I'm glad it turned out well :)


Usually, I don't tend to answer people who bombard me with questions on my comments section, I usually prefer PM, but it's december so what the heck. It's on the LEX, a part of a series of New York/Brooklyn style BATs. It's in this link.


Thanks a lot, and if you're interested, the location of those BATs are hyperlinked in kikass1997's reply ;)


Thanks Will, always great to see you around. I actually added the smokestacks to make it similar to the project housing built in Chicago, which one had a picture of an apartment block beside a smokestack. Got the idea while I was doing an internal in geography with the topic 'Patterns of Crime in Chicago' :P


Thanks Carl, that holo is indeed very terrifying :P




Thanks a lot :)

spursrule14 #2

Thanks spurs for the BOTB :D


Note: I've decided to mimic sprusrule14's advent CJ update and do the same thing with Selbring. Unfortunately, I'm not too sure how to do it with Mass Effect: The Milky Way, and I'll likely throw in some special updates instead. However, Selbring's christmas updates can be done similarly, and I thought that maybe I could try it as well.

In the meantime, as I try to catchup, does anyone have a theme or genre that Selbring fits in? I really have no idea what kind of CJ this is. Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Or maybe more like Merry Pyronatalis. And just as an explanation in advance, Pyronatalis is just Christmas and Pyro merged together (Natalis - Latin for Christmas according to Google Translate, but if it isn't, it still sounds pretty awesome





Welcome to Selbring during the season of festivities. The Chri-errm, I mean Pyronatalis holidays are all about the giving and giving and giving...but not receiving. Because that would just be terrible!

No, Pyrocorp and the high society elites love to receives gifts and trade slave labor and employees' offerings with one another, while the people of the working and alleged 'middle-class' trade with one another give to their higher society masters. It's time we saw how Selbring gets into the spirit of 'Pyronatalis'.

Message sponsored by the Pyrocorp Workers Administration, and chairman of the Pyro Corporation

So come by each day for a special image of Selbring during the Pyronatalis holidays and celebrate Pyrocorp with everyone

at the Greater Selbring County Claim!

In the meantime, enjoy 'joyous' Pyronatalis carols such as:

- It's going to be a hazy Pyronatalis

- The Chairman's coming to town

-Warning Bells

-Violent Night

-Deck the factories

-Joy to the rich

-Let it snow

-Twelve days of Pyronatalis

...and many more!

December 1st, 2013

(Messages of hate, support, celebration and warnings from Ghetto residents - West Harkin Ghetto District)


December 2nd, 2013

(Christmas/Pyronatalis Decorations and holos on buildings and high-rises - Huntington Commercial District)


December 3rd, 2013

(Defiant residents hanging 'Christmas' instead of 'Pyronatalis' - Senter Lake)


December 4th, 2013

(Manufacturing Factory decorated by angry working class employee - Downtown Selbring)


December 5th, 2013

(Pyrocorp Headquaters draped in lights, trees and colors - Vertigo District)


December 6th, 2013

(High Society Permitted Marina Pyronatalis Celebration - Altanorch Marina)


December 7th, 2013

(The manor of the Grandmaster Chairman of Pyro Corporation Industries in spectacular Pyronatalis décor - Lakewood Hills)


December 8th, 2013

Coming soon!

December 9th, 2013

Coming soon!

December 10th, 2013

Coming soon!

December 11th, 2013

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December 12th, 2013

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December 13th, 2013

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December 14th, 2013

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December 15th, 2013

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December 16th, 2013

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December 17th, 2013

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December 18th, 2013

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December 19th, 2013

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December 20th, 2013

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December 21st, 2013

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December 22nd, 2013

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December 23rd, 2013

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December 24th, 2013

Coming soon!

December 25th, 2013

Coming soon!

I'll catch you up with the days that have gone in just a bit!


Welcome back to Selbring County. Rooting for Aristocracy and Corporatism while abolishing Democracy and oppressing the lower classes since 1934.


Benedict ~ Thanks Ben, it's interesting to see how people thought Selbring was contiguous :P

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Ace❤ ~ Thanks Ace. Yeah, and I did look over Endorra...it was spectacular. I read it at least 8x before I actually left the MD. The art, the story, everything...so captivating. Makes you want to keep reading and keep observing all the little details in the picture. All the pure cyberpunk badassness you'd want in a CJ/MD. It's great to see that Selbring even comes close to reminding you of Endorra :P

raynev1 ~ Thanks, I've been playing around with the storyline to see what fits, but I've finally got it now :P

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In the farther edges of the western districts of Selbring lies the ghetto district of West Harkin. The district is called home by over ninety to one hundred thousand people in a dense jungle of corporate owned structures and project housing. People from all walks of life live in these apartments, but all with one common factor in their lives. Each and every individual lives miserable working-class lifestyles, and inhabit destitute apartments with often, more than just one family.

The oppression and stress from the higher-class aristrocrats push these people to the edge, many who of which are considered as mere slaves to the corporate world. In the West Harkin Ghetto, life is hard, brutal and dangerous. Crime is rampant and law enforcement is almost non-existent, whereas if present, always extremely corrupt with bribery being accepted 100% of the time. If not, brutal force and public beatings would be the common consequence for any reason. West Harkin is no more than another battleground in the world, where people fight for the few resources that exist, and kill store owners for their food and possessions.

It's what the aristocrats had reduced the residents of the city to. Leaving them with what little Humanity they had in their tainted blood.


Gangs in Selbring are at the heart of the homicide stage, where they dominate large turfs and land which divide the poorer district of the city and along the borders, war between them erupt. Outside this housing block, there is a small gathering with one of the gangs that dominate 4 structures in the area.


More project housing rise from the ground. The empty playgrounds and recreation area are a sign of ominous things to come. Typically, there is likely to be a shoot out between two dominant gangs.


Outside the ghetto residential area, businesses and other rundown apartments of the West Harkin area lie over a concrete wall. The store-owners of this area are often prime targets for burglaries and are often targets by gangs for bribe money as a sign of 'good faith' on behalf of the gangsters themselves for not sacking their businesses.


The empty streets seem to only create an even more tense atmosphere.


Along the walls of the ghetto, anti-aristocratic movement and pro-freedom graffiti and gang tags are marked all over. Propaganda posters posted by the PWA or 'Pyrocorp Workers Association are pasted in repeated tiles, to remind the people of West Harkin where their place is and what the consequences of 'freedom' seem to be.


Back at the project housing area of the ghetto, large smokestacks stand high in between the apartment complexes.


Day begins to transition into evening as the sun sets over the city. The project housing appears stretches over a vast distance.


By nightfall, dispatched hovering surveillance drones make their way through the streets of Selbring's ghettos. Once at their marked destination, a giant holographic warning and timer inform the residents in advance that the established curfew for West Harkin in particular is in effect within the last 10 minutes. Curfew times can vary between districts, while few of the more obedient areas have no curfew at all.


Some of the local residents returning from their jobs are now making their way hastily back home. Otherwise, the consequences could be dire.


At the project housing area, traffic from returning workers is heavy within the the last few minutes before active curfew. Streets begin to clear. But inside...it can be all out violence.


Then again, it's just another day in West Harkin Ghetto, Selbring.


Thanks for viewing.


Welcome back to Selbring County. A city with no bounds, unless directed and proposed by your masters since 1936.


Schulmanator ~ An Alliance with Queensferry will be setup immediately :P

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Hazani Pratama ~ Thank you :)

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Hellken ~ Thanks :)

sucram17 ~ Thanks a lot neighbor, Selbring's got some terrible civil engineers and city planners... they just couldn't care which is really a sad thing.

If you want an overview of the city, here it is :P


I'm not so fond of making a contiguous city and it's usually in a messy, broken up region :P



The apex of Selbring's oppression is centered in the one district that matters. The designated "Vertigo District" is an area of affluence and intimidation. Have-nots are weeded out from these areas and tight security ensures the safety of its residents and assurance that they are not threatened by anyone or anything. It's virtually safe from threats by the lower-working classes and the still oppressed middle-classes.

It's not only the epicenter of wealth and security, but it also heralds the greatest structure in the city. A marvel in engineering and an architectural wonder. It's the one structure in which the lower classes despise highly. The Pyrocorp Headquarters. The corporation's headquaters, it is the base of operations for the greater Selbrinian Metro and wider County area. They direct and manage the city while also running a business which works with the greater international community in a world that is run by fierce capitalism gone awry. A world no longer divided by ethnicity, religion, nation-states or ideologies. Those barriers have been long forgotten. No, the Earth and human civilization itself has taken a turn and is now determined by corporate borders and aristocratic powers. It's not the world you know.


The Vertigo District in all its beauty. Despite the pollution, it's still much more livable than most other Selbrinian districts. Yet it's nothing more than another walled security tight city within a city; and it's not the only one in the county.


Below the towering headquarters of an oppressive corporate power, is Green Tree park. It's well maintained by lower-working class citizens who are paid poorly for a such a physical job.


The affluent residents of Vertigo enjoy the sites of Green Tree, while on the side, many enslaved residents from the ghettos and slums of Selbring work to maintain the park for these demanding aristocrats.


The clean blue lakes are almost devoid of any pollutants as dumping here is strictly prohibited and one who does break this regulation is fined heavily or is sentenced to community service. Those working around the park then have to get down and dirty and remove the trash from the lakes with whatever makeshift tools they are provided.


At the base of the headquarters is the grand entrance. Besides the refurbished sign depicting Pyrocorp's logo, is an inscribed slogan "Work to Live - Live to Work". A simple slogan which can mean life and death for a ghetto dweller.


The headquarters is indeed a massive structure. Tight security insures that it cannot be infiltrated nor be threatened by attacks from anti-aristrocratic movement members or terrorists.


As night falls, the lights of Vertigo illuminate the atmosphere. The headquarters in particular lights up in spectacular form with the Pyrocorp logo shining brightly over the skyline.


The Pyrocorp sign above the entrance illuminates along with building and lights shine on the slogan which continues to stand as a message of hopelessness to the hapless and ill-treated working class.


The lights of surrounding structures in Vertigo flood the skyline with light. Cranes aiding in the construction of new skyscrapers stand high besides the other corporate towers that are out of the reach of many lower class residents.


And above the tower is a beam of blue light that goes to infinity signifying the stability of the PyroCorporation and their tight hold on control of the wider Selbring County claim as well as the security of the district of Vertigo.


Thanks for viewing.


Lakewood Hills | Realization

Welcoming you back to Selbring County. Bringing you poverty and ill-treated lower class peoples since 1931.


Luiz P. Romanini ~ Thanks, it took a little while! :)

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Ace❤ ~ Thanks Ace! I really loved How I Met your Mother, it was a great show :P Although I guess the only difference about them is that there's more smog in Selbring than there is in New York :P

CanuckWild ~ Thanks, there's heaps of reasons as to why these seemingly critical issues are mundane to the general population, you'll see why. And I can't really say for sure how well this city treats its consumable fresh water. I can only imagine how much they don't care sometimes :O

Muck308 ~ Thanks a lot :)

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A question.


One question. A question that seems to defy common sense. A question that, with an answer, would change your perception of this city. Infact. It would change your perception of this world.

So what is this question you say? Oh. So you haven't asked yourself the question when reading this? Well.

"Why does anyone bother to live in such a city, so dirty, dangerous and gritty with no regards for human welfare when they could live elsewhere?"



















I hope that answered your question. Now enjoy your mundane life. We'll be watching you.

Thanks for viewing.

And don't forget. We'll be watching.


Welcoming you back to Selbring County after a year of inactivity. Brining you smog covered skylines and breathing complications since 1931.


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It's been a year since I last updated Selbring. I hope your as excited for the update as I was to make it. Though you may have thought that Selbring County was dead as a CJ or forgotten about its existence all together well, I'm here to prove that wrong. Selbring may have been down, but it's not out!!



In the Selbrinian Metropolitan area, the district of Huntington is amongst one the centers of Commerce and Finance; likewise with Stoddard Heights and even downtown Selbring. It's a part of a chain of districts which are the backbone of the commercial and financial sector of the city.


At first glance, it may appear clean. Prestine. Beautiful? Well if you look closer, you'll realize you're dead wrong. The gleaming towers, a testemant to the city's enduring spirit is nothing more than a deceiving suger-coated façade.


The canal that runs through Huntington District is not the cleanest of canal systems. It's even likely to kill. Some residents have come out of the canal, with burns. It was possibly a result of the high pH in the water. It's also foul in smell, though many won't notice it as the city itself smells the same way. It's a front for dumping industrial waste and sewage, and all of that is derived from the many water gates that fill the river with toxic chemcials and dangerous biohazardous waste.


Yet many of Selbring's mistreated citizens are oblivious to the threat. But it's really the least of their worries.


The woes of unemployment are more shattering, with many who live here struck in poverty, in the midst of tall intimidating corporate towers harboring those employed in white collar jobs.


Other problems that aren't always brought to light cause of their apparent 'insignificance'; Like most of the city, it's covered in dense smog which paints the sky in a light yellow hue. It's extremely likely that if you live long enough of Selbring, you'll develop Lung disease or respiratory problems.


Other such occurances like shootings and bombins as well as other conflicting events are another issue. Especially here when angry have-nots clash with wealthy white collar elites.


By night, the streets are illuminated by faint lit streetlights.


The tallest of towers in Huntington paint a beautiful, bright skyline filled with bouts of yellow orange and the occasional neon signs.


A bunch of Apartments.


The majestic UniWorld Corporate Tower. Standing high and bright in the Selbrinian skyline.


And to finish. A picturesque panorama of a decievingly beautiful yet horrifically disgusting city.

Thanks for viewing.

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Selbring County Revived after 1 year.



Selbring is back for 2012! And here is the first official update of the year...

Welcome again, to Selbring as today we find ourselves in amongst the dense district of Stoddard Heights. A cleaner side of the inner-city of Selbring and is full of towers of all heights, widening the reaches of the financial and commercial center of Selbring. It is the one of yet the most beautiful parts of the Selbrinian Metro, and the part of Selbring which has the least graffiti on it's walls.


As the sun sets at Selbring, the towers gleam at the light and the city descends into darkness. The city lights flick on, and brighten the streets of the city.


People start their cars and drive home, or take a late evening stroll or clubbing around the city. And as the skies clear of clouds and smog, the towers are seen better and clearer, minus the yellow-green haze.






Thank you Everyone! --in a bit of a rush, sorry for not replying :P --


Before Selbring's heavily industrialized present, was a beautiful world of green plains and grazing cows, how Adelboro is seen today. A time where it was definitely simpler where Selbring was nothing more than a small town of friendly neighbors.



Yes I agree

Is that Selbring you ask, I don't know... :P

Thanks for viewing : :ducky:



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Whysomadyo - I agree, although no matter the person's opinion, People died in a tragedy, and it's nothing people should be debating about. It's a time to remember.

Jsimcity4 - :)


Welcome all again to another update on America's worst place to live. We are here now in the districts of Vallence and Felicity in town in Selbring. Vallence is an area which is covered vastly in Industrial factories (Not that the city isn't full of it)and is the Main Power Core of the City. Felicity is the opposite, and is the financial heart of Selbring, with progressing high-rises and construction afar, and covered in residential abodes and commercial hotspots. This still doesn't increase the image of the city, but in other matters, these two place are called the "Choking Twin cities," both who are killing each other in its indifference. Then again, the entire city is suffering.


Vallence is full of factories, all bordering each other closely with no accounts of who's space is who's. Here they process and store coal which is distributed across the county to people who order and to the rest of United States. The CEO of this company doesn't care about the factory being so close to the Nuclear Plant, he's just in it for the money, not to worry about the well-being of his employees.


Here in Vallence, the one thing here that is Oh so memorable is the Nuclear Power Plants. Since it's a danger to the entire city, it's placed on the edge of Vallence where it is no harm to the people. (Yeah, right.)


Just East of Vallence is Felicity. This area is the more low rise area, which harbors a small variety of stores, abandoned factories, and the sewage plant.

Yep, blame the Zoning Commissioners and City Board for placing it there, yes, this county is very corrupt.


In the more central zone of Felicity is the Financial Area, which holds the main office buildings, future sites of company headquarters who are stupid enough to establish here, and Stores from as far as the I can see. If you were here, you'd be jumping with joy, it's a haven here sometimes. Safer, Enjoyable, slightly cleaner air and an economical paradise. You can earn a lot here if you have the right stuff.

Thanks for viewing, and keep an eye out for the next update! :)



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Hi everyone, thanks to all of you who've been watching my City Journal, and those who take time to comment. Thanks everyone. I'd just want to feature this update to get to see what you all want to see in this City, throw out some ideas, so you can see what it'll look like in Selbring! + Just to see what you've seen so far and what update is to come, folks this only the beginning of Selbring!



Thanks for viewing and never forget.



Soer_II - Thanks, here's the full update :P

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Welcome, Welcome all! Here back in the filthiest county that the planet has ever seen! :P Today we visit the small town of Adelboro outside of the city, where life is simple, where no one suffocates or breaks their back for work. Shear peace and tranquility here. Nothin' but clean air, fresh fields and a whole lot of methane gas from the cows!


This is the largest homestead in the town, though there are larger outside of Adelboro, it still is a representation of the people's dedication the industry and to their own town, hard work and perseverance.


This is a relatively large farm, with acres of land that have been used for agricultural cultivation.


The family here grows tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, potatoes, you name it, they grow it!


Across the road is another farm, which manage cows for milk and harvest honey from the artificial beehives beside the barn. This really is the one thing in this are of Selbring which flourishes with jobs, yes agriculture and dairy farming.


Inside town, houses lay close to each other, and small family businesses serve the means that the people ask for, and the one gas station which fuels passers and local farmers.


Here in town as well, there is a small trailer park, where people who really want something less complicated to live. Something simple, moveable and enough to serve its purpose.


As night falls, the town slowly takes in some shut eye, and people begin to shut up shop and return home.


Back at the family homestead, the lights on the barn are on, and everyone is settling in the house, watching some t.v.. Life is certainly better!

Unfortunately, we'll be heading back into Selbring City, this time, going to the city's smelly dump. Interesting huh?

Thanks for viewing!



Adrianor: Thank you very much!

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K50dude: Thank you so much! Ah, and the reason I do that is I feel that it should be as dark as it is in RL, I guess it's unfortunate though that you can't see it. I'll make it brighter so that the towns are visible. :)

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Ummi desi: Thank you! And I brushed it using a collection of CP's field flora :)

PontiacFiero84: Thank you! You can find those houses in these links:

CP Tenement ResCP Early 19th Century Tenements

CP Early 19th Century Small $ Houses


Welcome again to another segment of Selbring County. Tonight I only have a teaser, two pictures which are of the next stop around Selbring. Adelboro is outside of the city limits. Adelboro and its several hundred residents control its development in the long run. Many here who dwell in its glory make a living on farms and very small shops, many here much happier then those who work in the 'big city' as most recall it. Take a look at a part of this pollutant free, clean air, low density town and its agricultural vastness.



It's a simple life here. Keep an eye out for the real update!

Thanks for viewing! :))



escilnavia: Thank you very much!

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Welcome back to another part of Selbring! Here in this update i'll be covering the outskirts of this mega industrialized city. This district is under the label Senter Lake. 'Take a deep breath' cause this'll probably be one of the only few areas where Selbring doesn't smell like rotten eggs and eggs, smoke and all those other bad smells and things that make Selbring's air quality, world renowned for its poor quality and something that anyone can suffocate breathing...-_-


Now it's evening in the developing city which brought you heavy industrialization and an even worse air quality than Los Angeles. This area is Senter Lake, one of the cleanest areas in the city. Don't get me wrong though, it's still a terrible place to live!


Senter Lake is one of the areas of the city which sit firmly aside a busy freeway, awaiting desperate outsiders in need of a job with minimum wage, hard labor, and poor conditions. Yes. Hell starts here.


As the day starts out in this area, people immediately get out of bed, a day here starts fairly quicker then any other city district in Selbring County. It's just how it is in areas with a better air quality.


As for the highway, you can tell that it's not so busy, or whatever you call that mess of road. Exit to Selbring is right there...Which side would you want to be on?


Out here, parks and farms are a common site, its beautiful isn't it? I mean for this city, people don't know what a real park looks like...Cows are also a wonder here, sometimes they'd drink poisoned water, then the cow is used for beef, then cause a mass wide death streak across the United States. Yes, when someone is poisoned by food, you know that beef is from Selbring.


House by house, building by building, squeezed together, this is utterly the same thing downtown, except here you got a small wood apartments. Here in Senter Lake you only find a couple of factories like this. Large manufacturing factories are not common here, but there are still a few.


Beautiful isn't it? Wonderful Houses and a wonderful park that you can stroll in. Stroll in do you think?


Here is the city park, and a baseball field. After years, the lack of maintenance has finally taken a toll on the park and field. Tree's are literally everywhere and grass and weeds are springing like crazy. No one here volunteers to work here on the park, I guess most people don't like gardening here.

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Welcome back to the City of poison, it has been actually 8 days since acid rain had struck the town, luckily it didn't last and did minimum damage. You know not all districts in the city are dirty and old, in fact some areas a 'Shinning beacon' of wealth, and occasionally, Oppression. Many are intimidated by these areas, where most are not allowed within 20 feet of the building, and there'd always be complaints and even violence in these areas. But today is just a simple and normal day, where the sky is yellow and the factories blow out carbon dioxide. Yep. Today is Oh'so normal. Here's another update to 'die' for in this god forsaken wasteland. Here we are at Selbring North.


Today we visit the highly anticipated district of Selbring North, where most people are intimidated by some of the local businessmen and architecture. This town was always a poor and yet somewhat a goldmine for the unemployed, but everyone here was very well underpaid. You'd have to be really desperate to work here.


But there are upsides, nearby there are a few fast food restaurants, almost all parts of the city harbor these in-expensive heavenly delights.A Subway here, a Taco bell there, and a McDonald's almost everywhere...


Implied many times, factories line the city in the most bizarre locations, your backyard, that old basketball court and even on the other side of that bedroom wall! I wasn't kidding when I meant that this place was a toxic nightmare. A noisy wasteland if you would as well...


One of the more intimidating yet prestigious structures here are the Auburn and Greene Associates tower which stand as the more dominant towers in the city, towers like these are scattered everywhere in this city. No rules against structural height, no restrictions, none at all.


It's nightfall and the most intimidating and yet prized building in Selbring North is the Selbring County Times. Such a beautiful modern structure doesn't belong here, and yet, the idiots at the Selbring County Times thought is would be nice to build in the city rather then in the cleaner outskirts.


The owner of the company is wealthy, in fact his family is one of the most despised people in the City. This building is the representation of their wealth, some who wish they'd have that life rather suffering badly for a better one then their current. Standing tall in the entire city, immensely tall amongst a dwarf of apartments and fast food eateries.


Here in this neighborhood is yet another factory, also part dwelling for many who can't afford to be a tenant in the more higher standard (But still sub-standard) housing which surround them.

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Welcome back to the Hazardous Wasteland known as Selbring City. Where the millions work, eat and choke on the air, and where the air is also known to suddenly burst into to flames and where the streets will occasionally leak gases and waste material. This is no place for you, or anyone for that matter, but since they need the money, they've been confined to a city of ignored condemnation.

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Today a fire has ravaged the ravenous hell-like city, as a gas main on 56th Street burst and leaks from the gutters of the sprawling metropolis. Some people have fainted across the paths and in the middle of roads due to this poisonous gas. Then a local tenant decides to smoke outside...then at that moment, the street set alight, causing a massive fire to rage upon the apartments and the trees and the cars...

This crazy event is stop by an attempt from the Selbring City Fire Department, and stupidly enough, don't even bother to get closer to the fire. Its a terrible city alright, even its inhabitants

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Downtown Selbring City

Selbring City is a town of despair and always has been from the start. A city shadowed by it's poisonous atmosphere and it's heavy industrialization, it is truly a deadly wasteland in which people risk their lives for money.

And in downtown, dawn is approaching and the yellowish haze is beginning to settle over the city yet again.

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The City's lights cover vast distances, small amount of cars travel on the streets, where danger lurks in the distant alley shadows.

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Selbring's Morning brings nothing but the yellow haze and a small crowd. People slowly start their day, getting prepared for another grueling day of hard labor, exhaustion and suffocation under the poor conditions and worn down factories and warehouses.

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