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About this City Journal

Redevelopment time! Don't Miss it!

Entries in this City Journal


Asgard by request!

Greetings once again from Asgard!


Thanks for all the comments and the constant private messages I receive from everyone .. it's still much appreciated.. I'm so disappointed that all my images have been lost since Majhost went down earlier this year, and I hope to one day start uploading them again to share with you all.


Although I no longer play SC4 .. I never showed off some of the work I was doing with the remake of Triton City. I'd never done a large sprawling Uni before and was quite inspired by another member after seeing theirs, I once again I got the Lot Editor out and started relotting things to my own style .. unfortunately it got a little out of hand as you can see from the mosaic I am posting .. over two city tiles and a mosaic of 9 different pictures..


University of Asgard, Triton.





tariely:  Nice to hear you've found a new home to help keep you playing.. The building you ask about is a subway, you can find it here on the STEX:



I'm still playing Cities: Skylines .. but no doubt SC4 will eventually draw me back in one day, I'll just have to get around to installing it again and looking for some new bats.

Best wishes to everyone, stay creative.


Greetings from Aeywa, Asgard!

Thanks for all the comments everyone .. it's still much appreciated.. I'm so disappointed that all my images have been lost since Majhost went down earlier this year.

Although I no longer play SC4 .. I have some pictures I want to share with you all, including these from the last city I was working on.. I was inspired by the middle eastern cities of Manama and Doha .. where a lot of the new business districts are being built on reclaimed or re purposed land short distances from the older districts..

I felt this would be a great idea to experiment with, and thus have created a complete new business district to sit along side the old, using a mixture of reclaimed land and rezoned industrial areas to create a sprawling new business district.

Unfortunately I never got around to finishing it.. but here it as it stands today.

Welcome to Aeywa.

Subway is an important part of any modern city and Aeywa has a small but efficient system to get you in to the heart of the new finance area as well as the new stadium.



Inspired by Doha and their recent work on the World cup stadiums, the new, yet to be named, Aeywa Stadium sits at the top of the small peninsular and is one of the biggest in Asgard.



Finally .. here is a look in to some of the complicated efforts I go to when planning a city ..


( Caution : It's not pretty :P )

Thanks for all the messages over the last few months from certain people wanting to know where my pics had gone and if I was coming back ..

I'm still around, playing Cities: Skylines atm .. but no doubt SC4 will eventually draw me back in one day, I'll just have to get around to installing it again and looking for some new bats.

Best wishes to everyone, stay creative.


Merry Christmas from Asgard!

Merry Christmas from Asgard!

Thanks everyone for all the support over the last year .. been great to see some new faces and all the old faces return to show their support. I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year and hope you all stay safe and share the love with your families.

Here are some pictures from around the city of Triton I want to share with you all .. so please.. enjoy!









To Everyone: Thank you once again for all the comments and the ongoing support .. it's much appreciated!

Once again .. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.



Rebuilding Triton

Here's a couple more pictures I took a while ago I've been meaning to share.




To Everyone: Thanks for the comments and the ongoing support guys.. it's much appreciated!

NMUSpidey: Thanks for noticing, after trying the lot in many different locations, and facings and experimenting with different roads and routes, the idea just popped in to my head, and it turned out to be perfect, the building has access to underground parking in the tunnel, and the buildings plaza flows out in to the park facing it, I believe merging the area in to one cohesive, functional area.



Durell Stone Building

Durell Stone Building

Once again welcome back to Triton .. Continuing on with my before and after series based on the redevelopment from the city of Triton, I'd like to share one of the largest project with in the city..

This image was made to place on the AIN Wiki, but I don't remember sharing it here on ST.


I've always loved this building, yet it was so old, it needed a facelift, hence why I've photoshopped in the name of the Asgards largest newspaper, which is owned by the Nespirah Media Group who own and operate out of the building, named the Durell Stone Building, named in honor of the real life architect Edward Durell Stone.

In remaking Triton, obviously this was going to be one of the major features of the city to return, and thanks to Darknono35 and his beautiful recreation, I've managed to make renew and refresh the area.



Here is the building with that original Nespirah dressing, just for old times sake.


Once again, thanks for all the comments, all the feedback is appreciated and only helps me improve.


Welcome back to Triton .. I wanted to do a before and after series based on the redevelopment from the city of Triton. Unfortunately I got some of the region details mixed up and once again have to redo the map and render and start again from scratch, this has caused a serious amount of disinterest in the game, and I've yet to restart the City for the millionth time.. but you can see some of the details I've been working on and here is a snap shot from one such area..

Some of you may remember the Ordanus Space Science Research and Development Academy ..


In the redevelopment, I've attempted to keep all the old buildings I've shown before, and just remodelled the actual layout of the city and once I get a regional picture done, you'll see how it has changed.

Here it is now, in it's new location..




Something I posted over in the "Show us your Parks!" thread ... It's part of a canal area I've been working on. Still needs much work, such as new base textures on some lots that stand out, but you get the idea.


Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous update. I promise there is more to come later .. and thanks for taking the time to view and comment, all feedback is appreciated.


Part 2 - Suburban Sprawl Special!!


Huston: Thanks for the constant support and comments, very much appreciated. Congrats on your Trixie too, much deserved.

tankmank: I'm glad you liked the style, thanks for the feedback.

MilitantRadical: Any home your heart desires is yours, there are plenty of parks around too, just focusing on the relotted homes these updates .. congrats on winning a Trixie too my friend.

NMUSpidey: As Ambassador of awesome story telling, I'm sure the Government wouldn't mind setting you up somewhere for free.

MatTSW: Thank you .. I appreciate the comment.

rewright: Sales of Jiff and Windex are through the roof in this city :P

SimRico: I'm a farm boy at heart too, I miss the life style and the quiet.

coolwiththecool2: Thanks for the constant comments, Yes the terrain rises, the section of homes are built in a little valley between two hills.

Letterbomb: I use the Columbus Mod and the associated tree controllers. Plus I use a lot of other props that have been uploaded to the Stex and LEX over the years.

Brockist: Yes! The AIN forums now have a file exchange area and I'm contemplating uploading them there for members to use.

mike_oxlong: Surprised to hear that, almost 90% of what I show in my cities have been edited in LE :(

ROFLyoshi: Thanks for the comment and feedback.

Here is the second part of my Homes and Gardens .. More pictures of all the home I've been lotting recently in the LE to grow and fill the sprawl of suburbia.


2x3 - Subdivision .. attempts to utilise Japanese homes to create a modern home feel.


2x3 - Subdivision .. attempts to utilise Japanese homes to create a modern home feel.


2x2 - Stone driveway.


2x3 - Golf course estate home with pool.


2x2 - Purple paved driveway.


2x3 - Dark red brick home with pool.


3x3 - MattB mansion. (In Asgard we don't say McMansion, we say MattB Mansion)


2x3 - Swi21 tudor home. One of my first ever lots for the BSC many years ago and still one of my favourite.

That's the second part to this update.. the third part will include even more homes, although not sure when I'll get around to posting again.

Thanks reading and enjoy my CJ and one day when I return I will hopefully bring back pictures of the new look Triton CIty.

For now though.. feel free to look at the current regional views of Aluumen!

(Warning - Large pictures)

Daytime Regional Picture

Experimental Night Picture

Once again thanks to all those who supported me since I first joined in 2003!


Suburban Sprawl - Homes and Gardens Special!


Huston: Thanks for the comment, it's meant to be a landmark that defines the city, and it really does stand out above the rest. Took lots of attempts before I found the right place for it to work and look right.

MilitantRadical: I love watching things grow too. Recently I've been playing Banished and everything is so slow.. lol

MatTSW: Thanks, where I live in Adelaide, Australia, we are surrounded by parks and gardens, so a lot of my inspiration comes from that. You'll notice it when I get around to posting a regional picture.

TekindusT: I appreciate the feedback, and my cities are about 90% grown, I attempt to re lot things I want to grow on funny size lots so it doesn't have any competition. Then it's just a matter of bulldozing until what I want grows.

NMUSpidey: Thank you .. just checked, 24 people follow my CJ .. what an honor.. didn't expect that!

Schriefer: Glad people still check out the forums once in a while, I appreciate taking the time to comment, many thanks.

Gugu3: Thanks glad you liked it!

Here are some pictures of all the home I've been lotting recently in the LE to grow and fill the sprawl of suburbia.


3x2 - McMansion on the shoreline with the gold artwork in the front yard.


6x6 - MattB remake.


6x6 - Conversion of a MattB school.


3x2 - One lot, two homes .. making use of space.


2x2 - Red Brick driveway.


3x3 - Farm style home .. oops.. how did that tree get there?


1x3 - Modern orange roofed home on a compact block.


2x3 - Another farm style home.. feels like it needs something more.


2x3 - Subdivision .. attempts to utilise Japanese homes to create a modern home feel.

That's the first part to this update.. the second part will include even more homes.

Thanks reading and enjoy!

PS .. Don't forget to vote in the Trixies.. not much time left to do so!


Aluumen Mega Mosaic!

Aluumen Mega Mosaic!


TowerDude: Thanks for the comment, nice to see a comment from you here, it's an honor! All those terraces remind you of some of your school projects? :P

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

City_Master: Much appreciated feedback, and congrats on becoming 3rd in the AIN World Cup!

Ln X: Thanks for the comment, hope the links helped.

IRE505: Many thanks for your comment, it seriously made me laugh!

MilitantRadical: Once again thanks for the comment, hope those links helped.

KonstantinII: Thanks glad you liked it!

NMUSpidey: Very appreciative of all the feedback you provide, makes me glad people take time to read or look at things I do. As for the weather, I wish it was 5c here .. 40c+ this week and was 49.7 last week :'(

Gugu3: Thank you, I've designed this city around the RL city of Perth, and they have something similar so I wanted to also recreate it!

DrChevy: Thanks.

nos.17: I really appreciate the feedback, glad you liked it all. Those parks and walls as mentioned in the last couple of updates are all my own lotting and are not uploaded any where unfortunately, sorry.

ulsa2: Thank you for that comment, glad you noticed, I really enjoy looking at others work when I get a chance, and anything I can do to help let me know.

Huston: Thanks, I've recently updated that area a little to remove the second level of walkways, now with 50% more green and lushness!

After the last update, I decided to continue with the mosaic theme, and bring you this mega mosaic of Aluumen.

Aluumen Mosaic.


Here's a small treat for everyone watching .. a construction gif of a residential area.


Hope you enjoyed this small update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.



City of Aluumen - Asgard!

Welcome to the City of Aluumen - Asgard!


976: Thanks for the comment .. you're looking good too ;)

Huston: Thanks once again for the compliments.. I wanted something different so photoshopping it was the only way. :P

TekindusT: I love using them.. and you'll see more of them soon. ;)

MilitantRadical: I'm still using the old version, tempted not to use the new ones now .. lol. Thanks for the feedback.

coolwiththecool2: That's cool ;)

ROFLyoshi: Thanks for the comment, glad you like my work.

feeroz123: Keep playing and soon you'll become so OCD about everything .. so far I've worked on the city of Aluumen for 6weeks with about 1-3hours per day. ;)

NMUSpidey: Hope the link helped .. good luck if you decide to use it yourself. :P

Anubis104: Thanks for the comment, I seriously can't remember, try posting in the thread .. someone will know.

UndercoverNinja12: Thank you so much ;)

Ace❤: An honor to read your comment on my CJ, many thanks for the feedback. :P

Gugu3: Thank you for your comment.

Paulobergonci: I appreciate the comment greatly.. thanks.

New year, new update .. spend some time and revisit last update as well as discover the secrets of Aluumen in this update.

Breton State Parliament.


Breton State Parliament is located in the city of Aluumen, the capital Breton, Asgards north western state. This picture is zoomed out further than last update and shows off more of the surrounding area.


The city side of Breton State Parliament hosts a private parking area located underground as well as a a private garden used for press conferences and meetings.


Located in front of Breton State Parliament in the bay is a statue that looks very similar to the Statue of Liberty .. shh .. don't tell the New York.

St Mary Cathedral.


St Mary Cathedral is located at the Eastern end of the CBD and sits between the frantic heart of business and the park lands that surround the city. The cathedral as it now stands was constructed in three main phases, with the first phase completed in 1865 and the final phase finished 70 years later.

Breton Governors Mansion.


Located near the Eastern end of the CBD, the Governors mansion takes pride of place along the harbour front.

Aluumen Gardens.


Breton State Parliament is surrounded by parks and gardens.

Hope you enjoyed this update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.

Before I sign off on this update .. a much over due return of the Nespriah Herald!




Welcome to the City of Aluumen - Asgard!


ROFLyoshi: Thank you so much, your comment was spot on for what I was attempting to create.

Huston: Thanks, and best wishes for the new year my friend. :P

NMUSpidey: Haha .. thanks ;)

Benedict: So many comments from you on my update .. much appreciated and thanks for the letting me know I gained the number 8 spot, very honored and appreciative.

burnzie_16: Thanks for the comment, the walls are from SC4Devotion, you'll need to be registered and signed in to download them. They are by a creator called Xannepan. JENXPARIS Quais de Seine

Igo: Appreciate the comment.

leobolinha: Thank you for leaving a comment, and I hope you can figure this update out too. ;)

spursrule14: Thanks, if only you knew the trouble it was to get it right, as one of my previous updates mentions.. $24million I spent to get it right. :P

Titanicbuff: Glad you liked it, I thought it suited the location perfectly.

Schulmanator: Congrats in the top 100 .. always new you'd be near the top .. best wishes for the new year .. may it be purrrfect ;)

Bipin: An honor as usual to have you visit and give feedback.. many thanks. :P

#1SithLord: Thank you for your comment.

evanalmighty: Sounds like a good idea.. I'll take you on a private tour at your leisure next time you're in town..

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo: You already do you $%&^!.. you are a great inspiration to me even though we don't talk any more. :P

MilitantRadical: Thanks, you know I feel the same about your CJ.. I hope you enjoy watching the progress of Aluumen just as much.

pasqualegiò: Thanks, I look forward to seeing more of your nation.

Hafiz173: You are too kind, but thank you for that comment, gives me great ideas for future areas. :P

IRE505: Thank you for dropping by, hope to see you again soon, and thanks for the nice comments.

tankmank: Good to see you back, and glad to see some updates from you.

For my first update of the year I wanted to give you all something special from the Northern Asgard City of Aluumen.

Breton State Parliament.


Breton State Parliament is located in the city of Aluumen, the capital Breton, Asgards north western state.

Find out more on the Aluumen Wiki page at AIN. (Still under construction)

Hope you enjoyed this update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year!



Merry Christmas from Asgard!

Merry Christmas from Asgard!


Ace: Thanks for the comment, and so many thanks for allowing me access to your pictures to create some pictures of Ys.. very appreciative.

bizatch007: Thanks, it seems to be a big hit that picture.

MilitantRadical: Haha .. I can imagine that .. seriously thank you for the comment, I enjoy your feedback. :P

Bipin: Honored once again to have the sexiest bat creator post .. ;) I look forward to seeing some of the great work you have coming out soon, love the recent stuff you've show in your thread .. almost used it in my latest Ys picture.

Prophet42: I appreciate the comment, thank you.

UndercoverNinja12: Correct, it's just an over hanging prop made up in the LE.

spursrule14: Merry Christmas to you old friend .. hope the link someone posted helped as I couldn't remember the name. :P

phil448: Thanks, I hoped the link helped you, as explained though, I've made the lot myself to suit my needs.. LE is a great tool to play with.

KonstantinII: Haha .. they are all on the stex, lex or the other 120 other SC4 sites I've downloaded from over the last 10years! Any thing in particular send me a pm and if I know I can send you the link or email the bats if they are no longer available.

mike_oxlong: Sounds good and I can't wait to see what you do, looking forward to seeing it.

sucram17: Thanks :P

Efkin: Thanks for the comment.

Sylvio Jorge: Thanks, hopefully I'll have a chance to win another Trixie for lotting, I enjoy doing it.

Huston: I do try to have something visually pretty and natural to me when it comes to flow of design, I appreciate the feedback.

Lanlcot: Something I've been doing lately, working on multi levels, just another addition to the lot family.. hope that linked helped.

SimCoug: Thanks once again for the great comment and feedback.

Map Guy: I appreciate your feed back, thanks.

NMUSpidey: Once again thanks for the comment, as for those underground rails.. don't tell anyone but they are just for show .. they don't actually go anywhere :P :P

city89: Ok .. read 4 comments above yours.. link provided.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks.

Lindsaygaskell94: Thank you for providing that link, wasn't sure of the name. :P

City_Master: Thanks for the comment, big fan of your CJ too, and I must do some more hotel work.

For my final update for the year I wanted to give you all something special from the Southern Asgard City of Eerikki.

Eerikki Point Apartments.


A luxury apartment building in a unique location overlooking the historic Castle Éric and a short walk to the Wraiths Stadium, home to the Eerikki Giants Basketball Team.

Eerikki Marina Apartments.



Apartment living by the harbor under construction and selling off the plan quickly.. stunning views not only across the City but over the bay and cruise ports. Once complete the buildings will be environmentally friendly and provide a lot of the energy and water required by the occupants.

Eerikki State Parliament.



Located on the waterfront, this modern building takes advantage of below ground level construction to provide uninterrupted views of the harbor.

Ys Southern Institute of Technology.


Following on from a picture of Ys I posted earlier in the year, this picture of Ys is a special tribute to AIN member ACE .. many thanks to Ace for allowing me use of his CJ pictures to edit for my own personal use.

Very little is known about the most southern Asgard City, Ys .. one of the most southern Cities in the world. With average temperatures ranging from 18c in January to -2c in July, makes it the perfect place for research labs relying on cold temperatures and data storage facilities.

Hope you enjoyed this update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.

Merry Christmas to everyone!



Eerikki City - It's all in the Details!


Schulmanator: Thanks for the comment once again, good to have your support.

mike_oxlong: Thanks, glad to see you are becoming a regular visitor to my CJ, I'll have to name something after you ;)

darkaliendude: Thank you so much for your comment.

coolwiththecool2: Please don't have a heart attack :P Really glad you liked the cities though.

Huston: Thanks, slowly I've been building a new city, but I have all these areas in Eerikki I want to show off first, so more updates to come even though I'm busy atm with Christmas coming and rebuilding my back garden.

NMUSpidey: Thanks for the comment, it's something that is taking off with all kinds of construction these days. I've noticed it in my sleepy little city where a bus station and multistory car park are using it for a facade. == Picture link ==

Gugu3: Thanks for the comment.

leobolinha: Thanks, for the comment once again, and as mentioned in many of my last updates, the walls are made by myself in LE, they are just simple park lots utilising the great props out there that the awesome batters provide for our use.

TekindusT: Good to get your comment and feedback my friend, I appreciate the support as always.

Wraner: Thanks for the comment, and the walls as mentioned in many updates are just lots I've made in the LE.

angoola: Thanks, glad you liked the location.

lovemaxwell: I love working close in my cities, so detail is important to me, glad you liked it.

UndercoverNinja12: No, it's actually a park I made to look like a cruise ship terminal. The other building with the tall round tower is an actual ferry port though.

КaZZ: Appreciate the enthusiastic reply, thank you.

ulsa2: Glad you liked it, all the plazas and parks made in LE by myself, seawalls from the LEX .. worth getting them.

LastTrueChamp: Really glad you liked it, worth the effort and patience.

Jamonbread: Thank you, I appreciate the comment.

city89: As already mentioned, the cruise ship port is just a prop in the LE from the Tokyo station.

MilitantRadical: Thanks, I'll be showing more of it soon in close up pictures.

jayguum: Sorry.. doesn't look like I can .. still trying though. :P

Benedict: Once again thanks for the BTT .. very honored and thanks for the great feedback.

keenan1695: Thanks for the comment and questions, the walls have been answered in the above replies for that update, they are a prop in the LE that I've used to create my own retaining walls.

evanalmighty: Thanks for the kind comments, as for those pedestrian plazas, they are all made by myself in the LE. :P

Thanks for the comments everyone .. Good to hear all your comments and feedback!

Still in the Southern Asgard City of Eerikki.. I hope you enjoy them as much as the last update.

Eerikki Boutique Hotel.


A random hotel, located opposite the Dome in the heart of Eerikki. I hope you all like the relot I've done for it, it took me awhile to design something functional and pretty. In the driveway, you'll notice a black stretch limo.. who knows what millionaire or International Diplomat might be staying the night..

Eerikki Port.


Apartment living by the harbor .. stunning views and fresh breeze.. retirement living at it's best.

Skyscrapers ..


Many skyscrapers adorn the Eerikki skyline, just a few of my favourites.

Eerikki Station.



Need to save space? Why not trying putting your train lines underground .. perfect for the city of Eerikki.

Hope you enjoyed this update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.



Eerikki City - Heart of Culture Tour!


zahrul3: PINK!! :P Love the pink, thanks for the welcome back.

Schulmanator: Thanks, also good to be back.

Huston: Yes.. too long, but now I hope to post more regularly .. we'll see what happens closer to Christmas though :P

SimCoug: Thanks, your feedback is always appreciated my friend.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks for the comment.

fatjuice888: Been busy working, nice to know you enjoy my CJ.

TekindusT: Thanks, if you look close enough you'll see it's been changed a bit from the original. ;)

Lord Branham: Jolly good old chum, thanks for the entertainment.

mike_oxlong: Thanks for the support, much appreciated.

NMUSpidey: Always a pleasure to see you, thanks for the feedback.

leobolinha: Thanks for the comment, you'll have to be more specific about the wall.. there are seawalls, retaining walls.

tankmank: Good to hear, I hope it inspires you to use it now. ;)

infamousjbe: I appreciate the feedback, that was something i was trying out for the competition.

MisterRisk1: Glad you liked, thanks for the comment.

Lindsaygaskell94: Thanks for the comment, the terminal is part of the Tokyo Train Station lot..

Thanks for the comments everyone .. Good to be back and hear all your comments!

Continuing on once again with the City of Eerikki.. Please tell me if I am boring you and want me to move on.. lol.. Here are more pictures of places from the bid for Capital of Culture. I hope you enjoy them as much as the last update.

Wraiths Stadium .. Home to the Eerikki Giants Basketball team.


Eerikki Entertainment Centre.. Also known as the Eerikki Dome.

You've seen it before although in a different location, it was part of the $24million dollar make over I did on the area.


Eerikki LTU Stadium .. Home to the Eerikki Demons football club and the Eerikki Lions Rugby club.

Naming rights are up for sale if anyone is game enough shell out the right amount of dollars.


You might have seen this in the "Show us your detials up close" thread a few weeks back.


Eerikki Port ..

You can see the new terminal for the Eerikki Croisières company at the bottom, the centre of the picture is where other cruise liners can dock.


Hope you enjoyed this update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.



Eerikki City - Heart of Culture Tour!


XxDirtyDanxX: Glad you liked the pictures, although I didn't win, it was a great experience participating.

spursrule14: Thank you, I hope the link in the PM helped..

Gugu3: Thanks!

LecrasLegend1695: Thanks for the comments, the stadiums are the Tokyo Dome and the LTU Arena.

tankmank: I'm glad to have your support after all these years, glad to see you back and participating in the community again.

MilitantRadical: Great feedback, I use a widescreen so it looks great to me, I've changed the format for this update hope it looks great again for you.

urielgarcia: I appreciate the sentiment, and thank you for the support.

Huston: Always a pleasure to read your feedback and comments, Even though I didn't win It felt good just participating with so many other great cities.

nedal2001: Thank you very much, glad you took the time to read the details, I've added some more in to this update too.

Thanks for the comments everyone .. now a new update finally!

Continuing on with the City of Eerikki.. Here are some of the pictures that never made it in to the bid for Capital of Culture. I hope you enjoy them just as much though.

Eerikki Dance Academy .. One of the oldest dance companies in Asgard.



Theatre Du Marais..

The Theatre Du Maralis opened 16th October 1913, and in its 100 years of operation has hosted many a guest, including the likes of Lauren Bacall, WC Fields, Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Milligan, Rowan Atkinson, Dame Judi Dench, Ronnie Corbett and Angela Lansbury, most of who have left their marking on the theatre's autograph wall. It is claimed that a resident ghost walks the corridors of the building, who is said to be an engineer who fell to his death from a ladder on the opening night of the theatre. In the late 1970s the building was advertised for sale, and for the first time in its history there was serious concern that the building may be demolished and the site reused, due to its prime location in the city, although the Government quickly stepped in and purchased the theatre for $13million dollars.


Eerikki Croisières newly built facilities.. -AIN Wiki Link-



Zack Columbia Library..

The new $70m Zack Columbia Library officially open in August, is located on the edge of the newly built Eerikki Stadium, home to the Eeriki Demons football club. Designed by Asgard construction company Diomede Holdings, it represents a new generation of library design – full of dynamic spaces for learning, rather than the traditional notion of a library only as a quiet, storage facility for printed materials. The new Library will include Asgard's first automated document storage and retrieval system that will allow the same volume of material to be housed in the new building in about one-seventh of the floor space. Another key design principle is environmental sustainability.


Historic Castle Éric..

Named Castle Éric after the original name for the city of Eerikki, Port-aux Éric, the fort is designated as a National Historic Site of Asgard and it currently houses the Asgard Military Museum.


Hope you enjoyed this update .. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.

Glad to be back and updating Asgard once again!




Eerikki2013 –Bid for AIN City of Culture

Asgard Culture Board, in partnership and with the support of Eerikki City Council and the Nespirah State Government, are pleased to announce

the nomination of Eerriki in the competition to host the prestigious title of AIN City of Culture in 2013.

Eerikki is a city defined by the ocean, its proud history – social, cultural, economic and military – has been played out upon a marine and maritime stage.

Among Its many players have been Ernest Laurentin, who as a French emigrant, emerged from the bustling docks to become the

founder of the Asgard Scientific and Cultural Organization, Captain Jacques Gaétan, an intrepid adventurer, who was the first Asgard to explore the Antarctic frontier, and

Valère Fortier, elected by the people of Eerikki as Asgard’s first female member of Parliament.

Over two centuries ago, Eerikki’s natural harbour, with deep-water river inlets, provided the perfect location for a major trading port and naval base for the French.

Over time, it grew to become the largest port in Asgard, employing at its post-war peak nearly 60,000 people. Today the buildings of a past era peak out from the shadows of the modern

tall glass residential and commercial buildings that tower over the waterways and observe the untouched beauty that surrounds this harbor city.

Galvanized by its visionary master plan to develop as a ‘City of the Future’ with distinctive high-quality 20th century design, everything about

the city – its special ‘sense of place’, its exceptional built and natural environments, its international heritage and the temperament of its citizens – has

been directly or indirectly molded by the sea. That is why today, Eerikki is ‘Asgard’s Ocean City’.

Eerikki’s vision for the AIN City of Culture 2013 is to reconnect the city and the aspirations of its people with the energy and spirit of the ocean, celebrating

the powerful role that the coast and seafaring has played in Asgard’s national character and history.

Sport and Music


Home to the Eerikki Demons football club and the Eerikki Wraiths Hockey team, both have unique stadiums that draw huge crowds for sporting events as well as

national and international music and sporting events. During the recent 2013 Simlympics the Men's Hockey team walked away with a Gold medal after winning

the Bronze in 2012. As host of the 2013 World Curling Championships at the Chastain Ice Rink, Eerikki will become the first city in the world to have held the

championships twice, having previously hosted the event in 1996.

The Asgard Solar Challenge race attracts teams from around the world, most of which are fielded by universities or corporations although some

are fielded by high schools. The race has a 20-year history spanning nine races, with the inaugural event taking place in 1987.

Eerikki also hosts a highly successful V8 Supercar race, held on a street circuit through the City and is home to the Classic Rally, a rally of

classic sporting vehicles, through the hills surrounding the city.

With it's parks and gardens around and through the city, Eerikki plays hosts to many outdoor music events in addition to its

own WOMAD festival, Eerikki attracts several touring music festivals, including Big Day Out, Creamfields,

Future Music, Laneway, Parklife, Soundwave, Stereosonic and Summadayze.


Arts and Literature


As the state capital, Eerikki is also home to a great number of cultural institutions. The Art Gallery of Nespirah, with

around 35,000 works, holds Asgard's second largest state-based collection.

Also located in the heart of the city are the Nespirah State Museum and State Library of Nespirah, while the Eerikki Botanic Garden, National Wine

Centre and National Cultural Institute are nearby in the Western suburb of Yolande. In the back of the State Library lies the Migration Museum is

Asgard's oldest museum of its kind. Contemporary art scenes include the Contemporary Art Centre of Nespirah.

Eerikki also plays host to two of Asgard's leading contemporary dance companies. The Eerikki Dance Theatre and Nespirah Dancers contribute

to state festivals and perform nationally and internationally. Free Movement Dance Theatre is also based in Eerikki and is nationally recognised for

working with disabled and non-disabled dancers to use movement as a means of expression.

Over time, the city has expanded it’s events to include the Eerikki Cabaret Festival, Eerikki Film Festival, Nespirah Writers' Week, and WOMAD. Other

festivals include FEAST (a gay culture celebration), Food Week (a biennial food and wine affair), and the Eerikki Show (an annual agricultural show and state fair).

There are also many international cultural fairs, most notably the German Schützenfest and Greek Festival. Eerikki streets are also home

to the Eerikki Christmas Pageant, Asgard’s largest Christmas parade.


Thanks for taking the time to view and I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the supporting comments.

Feel free to view the AIN Wiki page on the City of Eerikki .. a work in progress and not yet complete.

Anyone interested in viewing the rest of the entrants in the AIN City of Culture Competition please visit the AIN forums.

Special thanks to everyone who commented on my last update, I will try to respond to you all in the next update that will focus on some of the areas highlighted in this update.


Eerikki City - The $24million make over!


Hazani Pratama: Thank you, location has changed but the same buildings have been used.

Huston: I appreciate the comment, thank you so much and I look forward to reading your comments on this update.

NMUSpidey: I hope you like how I redesigned it.

k50: I appreciate the comment and the feedback, thank you.

Ace❤: Thank you my friend, thanks for the support.

TekindusT: Thank you so much for the comment, much appreciated.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo: And I love you .. Thanks for the comment.. lol.

SimCoug: Thanks, glad for the feedback about the lot.

Qorten: Glad to see you still about and active, I remember you from the good old days, maybe you'll be tempted to play SC4 again :P

InvaderNat: Thanks for the support and the comments. I look forward to seeing how you use the walls. She is a mad violinist isn't she?.

Alex_1210: Thank you for the comment, those are the Parisian Sea Walls. For download here == Click Link ==, You'll need to be a registered member to download though.

MilitantRadical: I appreciate the rating and the comment, thanks.

sejr99999: I look forward to seeing how you use the walls.. feel free to PM pictures to keep me up to date, I hope you don't have such a bad OCD time using them like I did. :P

weixc812: I'm very glad you enjoyed it all, I appreciate the feedback.

spursrule14: Thank you very much, it's a honor to have a picture make your list.

Thanks for the comments everyone .. now a new update finally!

This is version 4 of Eerikki City.. this little lake cost me $24million dollars and such a headache landscaping and making new lots .. but I think it was worth it.

First up .. Eerikki town hall..



A memorial has taken the place of where I originally had the dome from a few updates back.


Live music arena is a popular destination right in the heart of the city ..


Eerikki at night as the fog comes rolling in off the harbour.


Hope you enjoyed this update .. and please ignore all the letter boxes .. stupid things!


City of Eerikki at Dusk!


NMUSpidey: Always open to further cooperation between our Nations, thanks for the offer, I'll pm you soon with some ideas. :P

Huston: I appreciate the help, I'll look in to MMPs one day.

TekindusT: I try to keep things real.. even if they are shrouded in beauty and photoshop.

dabadon5: Thank you, I appreciate the comment.

Geometry: Thanks for the question.

TayMay27: Haha .. I forgot about that .. and rest rooms!! Thanks for the feedback.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo: Not really liking your new name, but it'll grow on me. Thanks for the comment.

jerred_p: Thanks, It's == Click Link == from this pack, although I've relotted.. of course.

Forthwall: Glad someone noticed, I found that while scrolling through different things while bored once.. thought perfect location :P

krbe: Thanks for the comment.

atsummerlin53: Thank you for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the rail details.

dubaidude303: Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

Hyronymus: I appreciate the comment, yes it is available Thanks for the feedback on the colours, it helps to know I'm on the right track still. :P

riiga: Well it is just a game.. I guess you need to be creative to keep things interesting.

Big J: Thanks for posting a question.

ecclesutd: Thanks for the comment from a few updates back, your praise is very inspirational.

Been awhile .. so lets get straight to the picture spam!!

The first set of pictures are titled Eerikki at Dusk.




Eerikki Dome .. a cultural/concert venue in the heart of Eerikki.



To finish off our trip to Eerikki .. A quick visit to the war memorial.




Thanks for viewing, all comments are more than welcome and appreciated.



Inspiration needed - Please apply with in!


spursrule14: Best of the Best.. never thought I'd get there this year, thanks :P

bigro: Once again, big thanks to you my muse.. please come back soon as you are sorely missed.

Efkin: It certainly was a joy to make and I think it's one of the most unique pictures I've made that I myself am happy with.

felano: I appreciate the constant support and perhaps one day those sunken walls will be available .. there are many versions in production and you'll see more of them in this update and in the next.

Huston: Ys .. the bane of my existance since it appeared on Asgard maps two years ago ..lol :P

terring: Thanks for the comment, and no, the domes have never been released, hopefully in the future they will be.

dubaidude303: Thank you for the comment.

Bipin: I appreciate the comment in my CJ, I am a huge fan of yours and sorry I used your pictures, but I just couldn't wait :P I hope you release them one day.

Hellken: Thank you, but credit goes to the people who helped make that picture, Bipin for his fantastic batting skills and Bigro for his beautiful mind that created the scene.

spursrule14: It's always a great joy to read your comments. The domes are from Bipin and haven't been released yet unfortunately, I had to photoshop them in, and the tower in from http://www.simcitypolska.pl/

K50: Many thanks for the kind words, but my CJ is nowhere near the best CJ here. Just glad I have time to play and update when I can.

forthwall: Thanks, I was surprised when I won a Trixie and almost fell off my chair when I realised I had won two. Thanks to all those that nominated me.

SimCoug: Thanks for the comment, it started out as a trial of the walls I was creating and the city evolved around it.

Been too long since my last update.. but I've had some inspiration recently from two people I know...

First is dedicated to daTs for pushing me to work on the Illium-Asgard connector.

The first picture is of the Asgard side checkpoint and quarantine area.


Aerial view of the area.


Here you can see part of the above ground section of the highspeed rail line that connects Asgard and Illium.


This next set of pictures is the result of the inspiration I got from Ying who offered a location for an Asgard Hotel in Darsingborough.

Now this is a picture from Yings SC4 .. I've only added some lettering, logos and changed the colour of the building. Special thanks to Ying once again for allowing me this opportunity.



Original picture for those that want to see the difference a little photoshopping can do..


Thanks for viewing, although not my finest work, all comments are more than welcome and appreciated.


A Trixie Thank You!

A Trixie Thank You!


RepublicMaster: Thank you for the comment.

Hellken: Thanks a lot, glad you liked the hotel pictures.

Hazani Pratama: Amazing bats to work with, thanks to the creators and thanks for your comment.

Schulmanator: Thanks, we have pet friendly rooms if you decide to bring an entourage of feline familiars.

NMUSpidey: I appreciate the constant support you've given me, you can have the penthouse on me anytime you need it. :P

Forthwall: Thanks, I only added it to spice the pic up a bit.

ninosrat: Thanks for all the comment, that building is == Edificio España == from the Capital SimCity site, although relotted for my own needs.

SimCoug: Indeed I do relot all of it, incuding the street trees, but I guess I'm just lucky with the street junk, as you can see some of it in the industrial or embassy pictures from a few updates back..

IL.: It's a pleasure to read a comment from you, I've been inspired by you for so long, it's great to hear your feedback on my own cities :P

To say thanks to all those who nominated me for a Trixie .. 7 nominations and 2 wins .. it's extremely appreciated and I am humbled.

Because I won a Trixie for Best Newspaper ... I guess I better show one off !!


Only two pictures this update .. This first picture is from what I thought was going to be the start of the 3rd largest city in Asgard .. Eerikki .. but I ended up just using the area as a testing location for the new lots I've been working on that can been seen in this picture. The highway walls set that can double as just a pathway along a park or as a border to any area really. I've made use of a lot of different peoples creations. Expect to see more of these walls in future updates where I've included tunnels and parking lots in to the mix.



This last picture is dedicated to Bigro .. one of my greatest sources of inspiration ..

It's a weather research facility near the city of Ys, the southern most city in Asgard.


Last but not least.. a map I made a while ago that I never showed at ST ..


Once again thanks to all those that have commented and supported me.. and thanks to everyone who nominated me for a Trixie!!



Hotels from the City of Sk'uuyat!


Hiigarar: Thanks for the comment, glad to see you posting.. If I knew I had to go to this length to get you to post I would have done it a long time ago :P.

NMUSpidey: As I mentioned i a reply to you on the previous update.. the carpark entrance was hidden behind a tree on the footpath, Thanks for the comments.

testuser1234: Thank you, I lotted them myself to suit my game style better, you can still download and use the originals in your city too, they are all great bats.

10000000000000: Once again thank you for the support and constant comments, it's very appreciated.

ggamgus: Thanks for the comment, and the answer is easy.. the mayor sent down a team of cleaners to spruce it all up ready for the Cattala delegations visit.

SimCoug: My pleasure in helping you. I love the large industry bats, not only does it help fill in tiles .. hehe .. but it's a realistic part of most modern cities to have a a lot of these types of places still.

kakado_to_save: I enjoyed lotting it, was worth the time and effort, I think it turned out great. :P

Hellken: I appreciate the comment, and the constant support.

PaulSawyer: Thank you for the comment, glad it was received so well.

clarkjordan12345: Pleasure to see you leaving a comment, much appreciated.

Forthwall: Thanks for the comment.

MilitantRadical: Thanks for the comment, but it is highly doubtful since some of the people no longer are associated with SC4.

Long time since my last update.. but I've been working hard and now it's time to show off some of the things I've been doing in my limited time I have to play these days..

This update is focusing on the Hotels from the City of Sk'uuyat. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I look forward to reading your comments.

Historic Dulin Hotel



Asgard Boutique Hotel.


Meriton Serviced Apartments.


Sk'uuyat Radisson Hotel.





Hotel España.



Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented, it is much appreciated!!


LE Gone Mad - Industry!

LE Gone Mad - Industry!


10000000000000: Thanks for the comment and constant support! Yes Kurt did love the Embassy.

Forthwall: That's nothing Forth .. someone told me they didn't like my use of Dutch buildings, so I am in the process of phasing out the odd 40 or so relots of them I did and over the weekend made around 50 new w2w Chicago style lots. Look out for them showing up soon.

2b2gbi: Thanks for the comment, nice to see you back again.

Huston: Glad you liked .. Thanks for the support. Can't wait to be inspired by what you do next.

k50: In case you hadn't read the reply I gave to you in the previous update, it was explained in the introduction to the update.

TekindusT: Well so are you! Thanks for commenting.

Schulmanator: Indeed .. I agree 100% In my case I like everything to look perfect :P

NMUSpidey: :P I appreciate the comment.

sucram17: Thanks, I've been meaning to use it for awhile now, and it looked great when it grew on that corner so it stayed.

SimCoug: Not sure if it's been released on ST .. but it is on the stex .. I just remade it in to what I needed.

ggamgus: Thanks for the comment, good to see you supporting me across multiple sites.. much appreciated.

MilitantRadical: Thanks for the comment, and as soon I get permission to use the props of a certain few batter.. I will be more than happy to release everything I have ever made.

Hellken: Thanks! I have been looking for something like that mod for ages. Thanks for the great comment too.

To start off this update.. a little feedback I received the other day by someone on ST Chat .. stating that they would never nominate me for a Trixie because I don't use enough custom lotting in my CJ and that frankly they have seen more in most other CJs and that they've seen it done better ..

Thanks to that person who has obviously never seen my CJ before and know that almost 90% of my cities are custom lotted by myself ..

So if you disagree with the unnamed critic above feel free to nominate me for Best Custom Lotting in a SC4 CJ Trixie..

Moving on to the update.. lets show off some of these custom lots I've made ..

Industry .. one of the most important parts of any nations Economy ..








Last but not least .. I want to show you the newly renovated Embassy of == Hiigarar == In honour of our reinvigorated Diplomatic relations between our two nations, this is the first time the borders of the pictures have been changed, and in this instance reflects the flag of Hiigarar.



Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented, it is much appreciated!!


LE Gone Mad!

LE Gone Mad!


Jesus Christ: Thank you my friend for the support.

RepublicMaster: Always whinging about something ..

Tandini: Thanks, I belive you are a first time commenter on here, It's good to see, and I hope you'll come back and comment more.

Forthwall: If only your comments were as such ..lol .. Thanks for the support.

ggamgus: Thanks, glad to see you back commenting again.

Hellken: Thank you so much, your comments are very supportive and I appreciate it. I needed mass transport to come in to the airport and that area was the only place left to build, so I went underground.. 3 levels of airport goodness.

dubaidude303: Thank you for your comment. Glad to see you here, I think it is your first time commenting?

MilitantRadical: Glad you liked it. And thanks for the constant support! The building is called iLars Inc and its from someone associated with SFBT. My apologies as I cannot find where I got it from, although if you post the pic in the looking for thread someone can point you in the right direction. The lot is custom too btw.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks for the comment.

SimCoug: As soon as I finish it my friend, you'll be the first to see it!

k50: Thank you, glad to see you back and posting again and not just lurking.

TekindusT: Thanks! It was an effort to get it to where I wanted it.

Huston: Thank you, it's an honor to hear comments like that from someone like you. You are my inspiration.

Sirron Kcuhc: So do you ... lol.. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the support!

For this update.. I wanted to remind everyone why I won the Trixie last year for Best Custom Lotting in a SC4 CJ and I would dearly love to win it back to back .. or as many times as I keep CJing. The inspiration it gives to keep going helps me to come up with new ideas all the time. Hopefully one day the batters that asked me to not use their props will renege and then I can start uploading some of these lots for the community to use.

The first pictures I will show are of the newly refurbished Matinenda Embassy located in the heart of the Triton City Embassy District.




Heading to Sk'uuyat, here is a series of pictures for a 1way street I've been working on with car parking and rows of trees, I wanted to try to emulate a posh shopping strip.





Last but not least .. I made this lot many years ago and it still grows in my cities today. It's a great 6x6 commerical filler, useful in many places.


Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented, it is much appreciated!!

And if you haven't nominated any one for a Trixie yet.. go and do so, the insiration people get from winning or just being nominated can do wonders to a persons creativity.


Templar International Part3!


444: Lol .. trolololol .. glad to see you here and glad you liked it, thanks for the support.

RepublicMaster: Interesting comment.

Hazani Pratama: Thank you constant comment. :P

Sylvio Jorge: Thanks for the comment.. I really wanted to do something different and normally have car parking in the center .. figured.. why not put the check-in there instead and have the carpark underground.. then I thought about the sunken check-in and having a third level with the rail access in to the area .. and you can now see the result!

TekindusT: Hehe .. well I did win a Trixie for my lot editing.. lets hope it is back to back Trixies .. don't forget to nominate me when the time comes :P

Hellken: Thanks for the comment, I'd love to release some of my works, but unfortunately some of the prop makers have denied me permission to use their props on my lots.. so unless I don't use them I can't release them. The masses suffer cause of a few snobby people.

Forthwall: Thanks for the comment my friend, and I hope those flights to Shushtrepistaz start soon.

ggamgus: Thank you very much. :P

SimCoug: Thank you, always glad to hear comments like that, I appreciate it.

NMUSpidey: Thanks for the compliment and the comment. This is indeed now a huge sprawling airport!!.. Sorry.. But you can see more below and one day you'll get to see the rest of it and all the runways.

On with the final update of the Templar International Airport!

The parking is located underground and here is one of the entrances/exits to one of the car parking. There are three different entrance/exits around the terminal.


Here we see the terminals for the small privates planes and business jets.




There are two areas allocated for helicopters, this is just one of the areas.



Every International airport needs a hotel .. although I haven't decided if it is a hotel or just administration for the airport yet. Behind the building you can see the underground rail that services the airport taking passengers directly from the terminal in to the heart of Triton City.


Now .. last but not least.. here is a teaser for the Triton City Convention Center.


Thanks for viewing and I hope for those that have just tuned in, please go visit the previous page so see the last update from Templar International to see more of this huge complex.



Templar International Airport Part2!


ggamgus: Thanks for the comment once again, It would be nice to know what you thought was "great work" .

Hazani Pratama!: Wow, thanks! Perhaps you could be a little more descriptive with your comments like what exactly did you like?

111222333444: Thanks, now I understand the sarcasm in your comment.

TekindusT: Thankyou very much, I appreciate the comment and the constant support. :P

NMUSpidey: Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to hear what you propose.

Forthwall: Thanks again for the comment and the constant support.

10000000000000: Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and support from skype you've given me.

Sirron Kcuhc: As do you my friend ;) Thanks for the comment.

Hellken: Thank you very much, I appreciate the comment. The background is just photoshopped in to make it picture perfect. :P

444: Thank you, it's always good to have a woman's opinion ;) .. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this update.

MilitantRadical: Same to you my friend, I wish you all the best for the New Year.

Thanks for all the support to everyone who posted in my CJ last year, I hope you all had a great Christmas or Holiday, and I wish you all the best for the New Year!

This update is the first of my updates on main airport that services Triton City, Templar International Airport. First up a little mosaic ..





The three entrances around the center terminal are domestic check-in, International check-in and check-out for both combined!



Next update I'll focus on some of the other details like the underground parking facilities, the departure lounges and the custom tarmac areas.

Thanks for the comments and please give feedback ... Please be safe and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!



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