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random stuff unrelated to Karasem or Nakahara

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Mymyjp, Ln X, MilitantRadical, jmsepe, tankmank: Thanks all!!


Note: this setting takes place in alternate universe...


Town of Brookville

June 1997, an unknown outbreak hit the Brookville town somewhere in a midwest state in Nuevo Rico, thousand of lives hit by it. This outbreak involve an unknown fungi later known as a species of mutant cordyceps causing the infected host to become hyper-aggressive and later even started to attack each other. By a week this outbreak infected the whole state and causes more than 2 million people infected and leaves only few survivor.


The survivor of the outbreak must reach out from the state without being bitten by the infected...

August 1997, the outbreak successfully controlled by isolating the whole state and forbids anyone in or out from the state which causes many controversies. eventhough so, by continuing isolating the whole state, the infection case totally reduced but there're some quarantines due to the suspects of infection this leads to the scientist to work hardly in order to make vaccines and medicine.


Maureen Summer, one of the member of research team

June 1998, A team of research getting into the infected state in order to gain the sample for the vaccines. in the end, they lost half of their team but they able to create vaccines. Though they found the fact that there are group of people inside the state which survive by making martial law inside which is actually hostile toward anyone come into their territory even those people uninfected.

April 2001, Proposal made to nuke the infected state in order to eliminate the future threat but this proposal instantly rejected by anyone due to the fact of some survivor still living inside.

September 2008 - February 2009, A military operation acted as an attempt made in order to retrieve the survivor to get out from the infected state though this operation fully failed with only very few people made it out alive. They also find out that the infection mutated once again and the vaccines for somehow only half successful this time. Unfortunately in one of their utility, there is a spore contain this parasitic fungus bringing the spore out from the state. The spore later infected a whole flight full of passenger from Matriks city airspace in Nuevo Rico toward Shikotsu island (死骨島) an archipelago islands north of Nakahara which home toward 3.8 millions people causing a new outbreak which can't be handled with the earlier vaccine.


Shikotsu City, the largest city of the island in April 2009, as the survivor try to remain uninfected by this outbreak. The city now is REALLY DEAD full with undead with only some survivor. The city continue to suffer and continue to lost it life atmosphere.

April 2009, the whole island now infected by this infection which lead local government to fully isolate the island and not allow anyone to enter and exit from the island.


Author note: I don't know if I would make this into a series but I might make another update relate to this one. But actually I've plot the entire series of these chronologies since 2013 and make it into a series of stories


- Shikotsu (死骨) means: Dead bone

- Story heavily influenced by The Last of Us



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So, first before I show the town Mizushiro, I will show the overview of whole tile here (click for full size):


Welcome to the former town of Mizushiro (now is part of Higashi-Shiromoto City). Mizushiro has population about 41k prior to its merge with Higashi-Shiromoto. City centre located within this picture below:


Closeup of Mizushiro Station where it serve the Mizushiro line from Mizushiro toward Shiromoto....


West from the station. the big road is Nakama National route 14 which serves from Matsukawa toward Suzukake


Southeast part of Mizushiro mostly consist of residential area....


Same case with southern Mizushiro. There's a Shiromoto Prefectural Route 5 which connect Mizushiro with Higashi-Shiromoto central


North of the town... the main road is National Route 14 heading toward Matsukawa:


There is a Mizushiro Bypass which bypassing the city toward south of the city... it also served as Nakama National Route 14


Part of Mizushiro Bypass intersecting with Nakama National Route 403.


Mizushiro Higashi IC gives access from Suzukake-Nami Expressway to the Mizushiro Bypass


Toward north again, there is Kita-Mizushiro IC gives access of Mashiro Expressway to the National Route 14. It also gives the limit border of former town but as the town merged with Higashi-Shiromoto, it still part of Higashi Shiromoto now


From northern part of Mizushiro, there's several suburban area



Ukawa Station located in the north end of the town which also the only station of Nanbu line in Mizushiro


Meanwhile outside the town there're several area like these:

Tanosawa Town in the north of the city:


Fukukuro Town (which also part of Higashi-Shiromoto), there is Fukukuro Station which serves Ashiyama Line


Mizushiro known as the hub of expressway since it's the location of several expressway junction:

Mizushiro JCT which intersect Suzukake-Nami Expressway with Matsushiro Expressway:


And Kita-Mizushiro JCT which intersect Matsushiro Expressway with Mashiro Expressway:


Thats all for this area hope everyone enjoyed it..




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Ln X: Indeed, I need to use less land as possible to keep it in my theme (east asian)...

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Haljackey: Well, maybe for later work, I need to zoom out before showing.

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Senpai: might even just remove the southbound highway because I see it as an overkill


(song start at 3:16)

Araoka (荒岡市, Araoka-shi) is a city in Shiromoto Prefecture, Nakama with population 43k. it formed in 2004 by the merge of Araoka Town (荒岡町), Tsunonome Town (東雲町) and Sakaori Town (酒折町) all from Higashi-Shiromoto District.


Overview of Western part of Araoka City.

Araoka located in the valley within the Shiromoto-Tama Mountain Range in eastern Shiromoto Prefecture. It has flat plateau land in the west part of city and mountainous area in most of east part of cities. The city located about 17km east of Shiromoto, and as a part of its metropolitan area definition which is 8th largest in Nakama.


Area nearby Tsukumo station which is the terminus of Ashiyama line (Serve Ashiyama-Araoka) and a stop for Nanbu Main line (which serve Suzukake toward Matsukawa). There's some minor shops in this area.


Residential area. Some of the citizens here are commute toward the main city Shiromoto


North of Tsukumo Station


Close up of station and its surrounding


Mashiro Expressway (魔白自動車道) (I called this Araoka Expressway beforehand) a 128km long expressway connect Shiromoto with Matsuriya in east coast of Nakama.


Train arrived at Araoka Station, which part of Ashiyama line.



Area nearby Araoka Station is a center of former Araoka town.


Nakama National Route 403 which connect Shiromoto with Matsuriya runs in the middle of Araoka Town centre


North part of the town which host the Araoka City Office (formerly Araoka Town Office)



Another shots around Araoka town area.


Southeast of former Araoka town lies former Shinuonome Town which also absorbed into Araoka in 2005. here is Shinuonome Station


Another shot from Shinuonome area.


Shinuonome Station.


Well so, I decide to put the monthly challenge stuff as a side project since I really try to grow the city there...

note that I add new line of rail not move the original one....

Higashi-Shiromoto (東城本市), a city in Shiromoto Prefecture with population about 76k also suburban area of Shiromoto City.

Intersection of Shin-Araoka Expressway with Shiromoto-Saikai Expressway in the eastern part of city:


Mizushiro Bypass, a bypass in the eastern part the city goes through the rice fields


One area in the eastern part of city centre, This area used to be part of Mizushiro town before absorbed into Higashi-Shiromoto city in 2006


edit: this picture could help people recnogize the tile: http://puu.sh/dmnap.jpg


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