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Some Damage

Well I had some requests for destruction

So an image of construction after a shell blow up an entire section of a street in Burgenburg


A damaged road after an Etruscan Bomb blow up the road in an attempt to destroy a column of 6 tanks.


And this picture explains itself


Happy now you USNW lot :P


Hello and welcome to the Flying Tour of Wardrecht, and for this weekend only


First of all that isn't the best shot but we have just taken off, that was the main square infront of St. Waraaks Church, open all day why not have a look inside later


As you can see we have climbed to a nicer height, here we can se the Royal Palace and Gardens of Werdrecht, (the state that Wardrecht is the capital of) and we can see the Royal Reformed Church of Werdrecht, a magnificent building which is the head church of the Protestant Religion in Werdrecht.


And now we can see the centre of Wardrecht very clearly now, stretching from the Park of St. Willhelm right to the other side of town.


And here we can even see the station, did you know that the station is the most heavily use station in the entirety of Werdrecht, well it is the capital so what do you expect.


Now sweeping down to a wonderful image of the Wilhelme Cathedral. The Cathedral of Wardrecht.


Now we can see one of the oldest parts of the city, the old warehouses that you can see were used to store a huge range of goods going to and fro the ships that once used to fill the city.


Here is a less flattering side of town, despite this being significantly newer it still holds a charm which we see throughout the city.


An here we get another look at the old town.


And again the wonderful Cathedral of Wardrecht.


Moving on to the centre of town we see one of the most vital buildings in the city. This building is responsible for most of the administration of the city.


Here is the rather small and unimpressive royal palace. When it was built in 1772 the Count at the time claimed that his city was beautiful enough and did not need such grandeur, though the truth relates more to finance.


Now another major building, this is the parliament of Werdrecht. This is where the representatives meet and discuss matters of state. It also houses many important officials.


Here we see on of the only bits od carpark, you will be lucky to get parked. The park and ride tram service is the best an cheap.



The tower was the only true defence against attackers coming from the sea. After the Drechter Dyke was constructed it was no longer needed for defence, it was turned onto a prison for city criminals.


Here is another housing estate set up by the count in 1890 to cope with the need for more homes in the city.


Here we can see the area which is undergoing massive renovation, previously light industry occupied the area however the new developments are more tourism based


Another one of the magnificent churched which Werdrecht has, it also marks the entrance canal that gives access to the Royal Dock adjacent to the Royal Palace.


And here is our last view, a wonderful sight in the dying light of the day.

Thankyou for coming on our tour


Welcome to the small town of Vapon on the beautiful Loronan coastline in western Bergenstein. The Town gets many visitors passing through each year on their way along the coastline. The town is heavily fortified.


During the Middle ages and Medieval period Vapon was situated near one of the main sea trading routs, this made the town perceptible to attacks so over time constructed an array of city fortifications.


The town may be very small but it has a wonderful small town charm about it. The two most prominent buildings are the church and the civic halls. The Civic Hall has a strong resemblance to Abbasidi architecture, historians believe that it was inspired by a trip to Abbasid though if it is true there are still no records.


The town has two underground rivers spouting from the southern part of the town. These are fast flowing and over time may turn the town into an island. This though does make for a very pretty walk if you have the time.


So if you are ever traveling the Loronan coast an fancy a tranquil stop off to experience a small Loronan town, then Vapon is the place to go. The numbers of small cafes and small scale accommodation is idea for that country break.



A few days earlier to this Miensburg had sent an envoy to Schwieset, Miensburg's big next door neighbour,


It asked simply for aid, Fredrick had little hope in this but was surprised. At the ending moment when all was seamed to be lost artillery gun started to fire from a ridge not too far away. Though his spyglass he saw a Schwieset flag, joy and relief filled him. He ordered a cease fire and demanded the Bergen army to leave Miensburg or they would risk war with Schwieset, which was well known for it's superb military, especially their artillery.



The Bergen army after a few more rounds from the artillery started a mass rout. Officers tried to encourage them but no Bergen soldier wanted to fight a superior enemy. 3 Days later a peace treaty was signed agreeing that there were no more hostilities. This was ideal for Berge as they had a new possible enemy to the east, Hesse. But that is another story in Bergenstein history.


The Tale of the Other

The Tale of the other

Jack was 19, he lived in Foungard, a city not far from the Capital itself. He had finished his school and was attempting to find a collage placement but he had had no victory there. He lived on his own in a flat. His street during the initial uprising was packed with people. Jack though, he had stayed out of it. His street was once lined with flowers and packed with cars, now it was lined with trampled ground and only a few cars that still have fuel.


Jack though was not going to live in this city of suffering and uprising. He could leave to the capital and go to Brullen as a refugee or Abbasid but that would be leaving his home country. He had learnt Tetreinnian at school and got a good result in his exam, so why not go to Brendenland. It still had allot more food and supplies than the Bergen Tip. Allot less people, he could set up his own little business and live the perfect life. He didn't have a car, well he did but it was taken by a fleeing family to the capital where the Brullan troops are. He had walked into them trying to start the car so Jack gave them the key and they swopped addresses and left.

Jack packed for a long walk. A short distance from the city he came across a checkpoint. The guy manning it was kind and Jack was soon on his way


The strange wall type thing around it had been a hastily put up barricade put up by the traditionalists. Jack could see the bullet holes in it sending that eerie shiver down him. He didn't come across any more checkpoints. The countryside was quiet, no cars on the roads. It was still pretty though.


The road then started to approach some farmland and a railway line. It was a double track line, probably the mainline into Brendenland of which by now jack thought he was in. Jack then noticed a slight vibration on the track. A train must be coming. The rumbling got louder and louder. Jack hoped it could take him to where he wanted to be.


Then like out of nowhere the train went zooming past at a speed that Jack had not expected which nearly knocked him off his feet. The first few carriages were normal passenger ones but then Jack realised that it was a military train. The following cars has a variety of tanks and artillery. One was painted with the words 1st mobile artillery will eat your socks. It made jack chuckle

Jack carried on his journey north until he came across this ruined village called Mouten


It was extremely odd especially as there was no evidence of fighting at all. Just shell holes and burn marks. Jack wondered. Then he heard a noise and then as if all of a sudden a man popped up out of a window and fired at him, Jack was grabbed by another person into a house. The man held a pistol to his head and said "Who are you" jack told him his name and his story on how he got here. The man then told him to stay there. Jack did that as the man left the room. Guns started to fire. Jack became frightened. After about ten minuets of gunshots and screaming the man returned and knocked out jack.

Jack woke up in the back of a black car which was punning into some kind of carpark. It was by the coast. Jack was told to get out. The man walked him over to the cliff and held a gun to his head.


BANG, he gunshot echoed in the wind, jacks body fell into the water below with a horrific snap. The man turned as if nothing had happened and drove away














A few days earlier in Arne the temporary Brendenland Department of Discourse, which was the intelligence agency of Brendenland.


"Right I will give him a call then" walking over to the phone. Diels the number. Please leave a message after the beep, BEEEEPP "Hello John when you get this message and have listened to it please delete. We need you to do a package drop-off at the Malo Plant near you, the case you will need will be at the usual station north of your house. Full details will be there as well.


When john returned home later that day he found the message on his phone and proceeded to the train station



After that he travelled to the factory as planned. He had discovered that he was paying some black market dealers to gather some plastic explosives for the Friosian separatists who couldn't pay it for themselves. John arrived on time but was surprised by the lack of people, well that was until he noticed a letter pinned to a tree saying

Change of plan, meet at Mouten tomorrow


The Bergen army marched almost straight through the nation. Miensburg couldn't keep up with the pace of attack nor prevent its devastating consequences


However the Colonel had drawn up one plan. That was to concentrate his forces on one point hoping the Bergen army would underestimate the strength of this collection of men. This meant creating defences around the small village of Main. This was to be the battleground.


The plan was however not going to work. The Bergen army superior in size started to march. When they reached the outskirts if the village a small skirmish ended in both sides losing roughly the same amount of men. To Bergen this was no problem but to Miensburg this meant that their entire light infantry had been lost.


The Bergen army then started to set up their artillery. The Bergen army had seven canon while Miensburg only had one.


The Bergens started a full frontal assault on the Miet's defensive line. Bergen casualties were heavy and a victory for Miensburg started to materialise.


But once again numerical superiority won out and the defences were slowly overrun. This would be the final straw for the Miet army. Defeat was inevitable


A small bunch of survivors retreated to the forest but were caught up by fresh Bergen Infantry. The Miets fought hard. The new Bergens were poorly trained but that hardly effected the odds.


The Lordship of Miensburg was doomed.


In early April in the year 1800 the Low Kingdom of Bergen had occupied the County of Coutony. It was the 50th year of the occupation and once again the Bergen Low King wanted more. He looked onto the small Lordship that was adjacent to Coutony. The Lordship of Miensburg. This lordship wasn't the strongest of territories nor was it the richest. The army of the lordship was small and under equipped which made it an easy target for the Bergen army. So on the 20th of April in 1800 the Bergen army prepared to cross into Miensburg.


However the Miensburg army was trained well and had the advantage of the knowledge of the terrain. The leader of the lordships army was the son of the Margrave Albert. The leader Baronet Colonel Fredrick (who would later take his father's role and marry and connect the line with the United Kingdom of Grand.) was an inspiring leader. The Mients Set up their defensive lines and fought


They set up defensives lines everywhere and prepared for the worst. The main thing was they stood there and fought


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