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  1. SimCity Laggy on Windows 8

    Well setting it to One CPU instead of 8 definitely helped and turning the shadows on low really improved it. Appreciate all the help, love to get back to Sim City. Thanks once again!
  2. Hi there, just going to say sorry if i'm double posting. going through 221 pages can take some time.. Anyways I installed SimCity 4 a few days ago and got the basic addons such as NAM. It ran brilliantly on my old laptop but I have upgraded to a faster model Inter Core I7 3rd Gen 8GB of Ram Nvidia GeForce GT 640M I should easily max this game out right? I've read something about software rendering and hardware rendering that it makes a load of difference but i'm not to sure because its sort of conflicting views. Also I wanted to ask about these region patched SKU1 and 2 etc. Which one do I need for UK? I believe its 2 but I have no idea where to find it. So just to clarify, I would like to know if there is a way to make my game faster without the screen lagging everytime I move it. And secondly if I need a SKU patch for uk, if someone would be kind enough to post me a link. Thanks in advance Ashsha123
  3. I want to start Fresh, start a new city with 16 players. You don't have to go one every single hour but not leave it for like a week or if a disaster happens or whatever. Complete most of the great works Im on Europe East 2 however, I can expand to other servers later on. Ashsha1 is my Origin
  4. New Region Europe East 2

    I'm Up for helping you in the region Add me on Origin : Ashsha1
  5. NAM General Support Topic

    Hey Just wanted to show a picture really. Still don't know really how i managed to do it but if you can see it, its the RHW '7S' haha would there be something released in the upcoming NAM's like this? Ashley123
  6. Awesome work. cant wait for this to be released Anyway i was just wonder with the multi height system (L0-L4) is there would be a transition such as in the link? it would be fairly useful i think if it was placed at L1 so it would split to go onto the L0 and L2 roads. you'll understand what i mean when you see the link http://g.co/maps/udhjd Thanks Ashley123
  7. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    Hey Guys. Great work going on I was just wondering is elevated roundabouts ( L1 in the multi height system) were being made in the close future? maybe with a L2 overpass? look at the picture below and you'll see what i mean. its close round me and they could be handy. http://g.co/maps/nqdj9 Thanks guys
  8. To be or not to be, that is the question...

  9. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    Hey all, great work. I was just wondering, with the Multi level highways, would there be interchange such as the link? I think it would be a L1 interchange which changes to both L2 and L0? it would be pretty good in compact interhanges as i'm just curious at the moment can't wait! Keep up the great work A40 Westway
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    hey im looking for basically addons for the canals and seaports etc. ive heard that simpeg.com has quite a bit but everyting i click on the links to any page on the site its says i cannot connect? is the website down or something? thanks
  11. Railway and road linking problem

    Drag the one way road before you place the Railway above road puzzle piece Drag the one way road before you place the Railway above road puzzle piece
  12. Hey, these are really minor problems to me. i dont know if its just me but theses dont seem to work 1) A left hand version for the RHW cosmetics for RHW 10 2) HSR over RHW 10 im assuming the HSR isnt compatible witht he new RHW is it?
  13. yes thats what i want to do but the problem is that the UDI will be one set of traffic coming one way and another set going the other and then yeah :L Edit: don't worry :L i sorted it. i was kinna baffled xD
  14. its still the same, the onramp is the reverse direction to ground 6S.
  15. i did place the offramp where the off ramp is meant to be. im using LHD so i dont know if its something to do with that?