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  1. What does the geometry look like before you apply the UVW Unwrap modifier? Just straight op editable poly > polygon selection > edit triangulation. Or back your file up and go and mess with vertext selection > connect on a fresh version to figure out how your file is being read by Max. I myself started out with some Sketchup models and zero Max skills, and ended up completely doing my stuff in Max since the import process creates all kinds of problems (duplicate vertices and polys, ngons, mirrored and inverted faces, etc.)
  2. Thanks for the support people! I've been iterating on my layout and materials and I've come up with a stucco, wood paneling, and stone 7-unit complex. Still got tons of stuff to do:
  3. I've been sitting at home with a nasty ear infection so I guess I've got a great excuse to mess around with a new asset idea for a bit... Dingbats! A couple of streamers have been showing off their fantastic Sunbelt cities, but I feel like there's a dearth of good low-rise apartment buildings available on the workshop. This should probably be a pack, and going off of some info I found floating around there's at least six or so basic types that IMO should be added to the game as soon as possible: Regrettably I haven't used my assetbuilding skills at all for the last one and a half years, so it's been slow going since yesterday, but I've been prototyping some designs and zeroed in on one I like: a hipped-roof, two story, not very boxy box Let's wait and see what comes of this. I don't particularly care for the ornamental googie elements on the IRL designs, but this kind of bottom-tier high residential asset is exactly what C:S needs right now.
  4. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Messing around with some visual mods as well as @Ronyx69's ploppable Grass: e: here's a detail shot
  5. @Ronyx69 T 3 2 L is missing its LOD and IIRC there's another one floating around that's incomplete: e: I'd do unspeakable thing for these highways to have a ground mode btw
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Slowly working my way towards a city that makes full use of the Expressways @Ronyx69 provided us with. No pillars on this monster interchange up until now:
  7. That'd be really cool. Right now I'm doing a project that can only be labelled as megalomaniacal and it'd really help if there were some handy long pillars around:
  8. @Ronyx69 maybe I’m looking at the wrong ones but it seems your expressway pillars are too short to provide for a full fourth-level, 24m height
  9. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Messing around with custom roads. I probably won't ever release them since @Ronyx69 is working on much better stuff.
  10. @Ronyx69 That's fantastic! I've been messing around a bit more with my 4m/8m wide highway segments from the beta days and these smaller scale roads works pretty well IMO. The nicest thing about them is being able to have really shallow merges. I'd love not having to manually detail all my untextured work like in the picture below:
  11. There's been no crashes for me while using the -noWorkshop toggle even after the latest patch
  12. Show Us Your Interchanges

    we are the pride of the north WE ARE
  13. 4x4 is the max growable size. But we've got the ploppable RICO mod to get beyond those tiny footprints with still-functioning buildings, so the problem has been mightily reduced in size IMO.