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  1. There are some more awesome airport assets coming up, of course most of the terminals have been re-done a bit again. Unfortunately they are dedicated to a Youtuber which means I can't show them. Meanwhile, besides releasing some jumbo repaints of bsquiklehausen's great models I have made some custom taxi and runway surfaces. And no, they consist of several park building so they don't get my prop count through the roof! Heading for a nose gear landing that Norwegian... A part of the United / Star Alliance terminal.
  2. Really nice build! I find inner city parts the hardest to make realistic. Roads are often tight and narrow in different directions and levels which is really hard to recreate in the game. This gives a real city vibe!
  3. Show us your...... Rails!!

    How did I miss this one? It's an impressive level of detail!
  4. Show us your Detail Shots

    This is really nice! Please give us more!
  5. Project Rich Water

    I'm speechless, this is truly amazing!
  6. "Project X"

    Wow! Btw; what's the tris count for the build?
  7. "Project X"

    Fantastic as usual!
  8. It might seem like this CJ is dead, but it is not. The short summer project of doing airplane liveries got longer, but work on Lienne continues. Currently, the airport is getting a total overhaul to adapt to all new airplanes and assets that are out there. It is tedious work that takes a lot of time, but it's getting there. Here is a teaser with two of my airplane liveries produced during the summer in the front. You can find them all here. More airplane re-paints, and more of Lienne, will follow!
  9. California...

    This is all soo nice to look at! Really looking to the next ones!
  10. This is even better, a big thanks to you! I agree, a selection for platforms would be really useful. That and the possibility to select types of vehicles that is planned in service selector.
  11. Thanks! I know this mod is not a priority because it is mostly deprecated by the core game but there are still really useful cases for this and there are some of us that would love to see it working again!
  12. @boformerIt seems to be throwing some kind of error when you move a station and press any alt key.
  13. Actually got it working. Took the prop-it up code as a basis and with the following script run with modtools it replaced all ploppable asphalt with ploppable pavement instead. It persisted trough a save. The save did loose the theme setting for some reason but setting it on load and loading and everything looks fine. SimulationManager.instance.AddAction(() => { PropInfo newProp = PrefabCollection<PropInfo>.FindLoaded("1113005609.R69 Ploppable Pavement Square_Data"); // Null check: if(newProp != null) { Debug.LogWarning("FOUND REPLACEMENT"); } var props = PropManager.instance.m_props.m_buffer; for (uint index = 0; index < props.Length; index++) { var prop = props[index]; if (prop.Info != null) { var propInstance = prop.Info; if (propInstance == null) { continue; } if (propInstance.name == "881291183.R69 Ploppable Asphalt Square_Data") { prop.Info = newProp; props[index] = prop; Debug.LogWarning("replaced!"); } } } });
  14. It's quite simple really; I have been using the ploppable asphalt mainly as ploppable pavement / concrete with a light grey color. With this it would be awesome to be able to replace all those with the real one so that I can use the ploppable asphalt like its supposed to be used, as asphalt