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  1. Personally I build a lot in different levels and elevatable parts are essential, so for me having them in the same item is ok. And both versions of all would be great
  2. Really nice networks! Any chance to get the concrete ones as elevatable as well?
  3. Soo, there was gonna be a video out a week or so ago with the central transit point "de-constructed" but Parklife got in the way. I usually disable steam's internet traffic a couple of days in advance and play with the old version until the new is stable enough. This has worked well in the past. Unfortunately the computer was in need of a restart and once on again Steam wouldn't start without going into offline mode which wrecks the workshop content anyway. Seeing the threads online that most of the mods were fixed already I updated it and kept my fingers crossed. Now a week later I am still not able to load the save even though everything works in new games. Could it be that the save is lost? I really hope not, but we'll see...
  4. Logs look very similar to what I'm getting. Can't load my save either, weird graphic glitches once in the game och simulation stopped. Can't see that I have any mods not supposed to work either but I guess I'll have to wait a bit more before getting really worried.
  5. As an opening to the series, roughly six minutes of cinematics to show what's been done so far!
  6. Thank you all for the comments! Emory Hills is now also on Youtube! Be sure to check it out, and subscribe if you don't wanna miss out on the upcoming episodes. We are starting with a cinematic of what is done so far in the city later this week!
  7. Remember this area in the middle of the downtown? Well, it's finally been developed allowing me to start building downtown! This is Emory Hills Downtown transit center: A three-way, two level, crossing station including a bus station, metro and light rail connections.
  8. This is a big build, and it is probably gonna take ages to finish, if I ever finish it. Progress so far has been all over the place, which is also why it is hard to get a good view of a larger area. But then I figured, hey, why not give an overview of what is in the works? Overview of most of the city: To the north the international airport takes up a lot of space with its four runways and four terminals, not including cargo and general aviation. Just north of downtown one of two main train stations is situated. Still a lot to do here and it was a good while back since this was done. The area to the east of downtown has been more filled. This is also where the other main station is located. This area is on a long slope which has its challenges. The station is partly covered and roads and buildings are in different layers to bridge the height difference. Downtown is basically not developed at all yet, and the main reason is the commuter rail and metro line continuing through the core. This will eventually be covered and will house a big central interchange station between all transit modes. Further towards the coast the two light rail based metro lines have their terminus. Also a lot of work to do here to cover the station and tracks. Passing through the mountains on the east side of the city there will be an observatory connected with a custom monorail climbing the hillside. Once through on the other side the residential area will have a lakeside build inspired by lake Calabasas. Most work the last weeks have been to bridge the gap between the city center and the airport to create something a bit more whole. Including a subdivision built with vanilla houses. That's it! A big disclaimer of the fact that most screens are still a huge WIP!
  9. Not really a new area, still in the Meadow University area. A short post with some apartments right next to the highway.
  10. Should be possible via ModTools. Haven't done it myself yet though.
  11. Actually those look really nice, don't know how I missed them. Thanks! The night time glowing will be an issue though... Might have to extract them and fix it for my own use.
  12. Those assets are made by @Infrastructurist and are not released to the workshop. He made some quick houses and haven't perfected them for release. It only shows close up and for what I am using them here they are perfect though.
  13. Meadow is an area of villas carved in the hilly ridge that cuts through the city of Emory Hills. With a big university and a large transfer point for metro line B.
  14. End of the line for metro B, recently extended to the area east of the airport called Franklin.
  15. Most of the work done this last week is around the airport. Lower income housing close to the approach for 27R. Some newly developed condos close to another local centre. Closer to downtown there has been a lot of progress as well. As a bonus a close up on another of the custom built metro / light rail stations on one of the lines.