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  1. Emory Hills

    Most of the work done this last week is around the airport. Lower income housing close to the approach for 27R. Some newly developed condos close to another local centre. Closer to downtown there has been a lot of progress as well. As a bonus a close up on another of the custom built metro / light rail stations on one of the lines.
  2. Emory Hills

    A lot of work on one area around the airport has been done. No overview yet as there is to much that is still to do, but here are some parts of what I have been building. The landside of terminal 1, the oldest terminal is starting to fill up. One of several car parks. The approach to 24L over the freeway with 24R on its embankment in the background. In the residential area next to the area, a mandatory golf course with one of the rivers cutting through.
  3. Emory Hills

    Thank you! The station is a MOM station that is just lowered with moveit. Some ploppable pavement and walls as well of course
  4. So much has happened with Cities Skylines that I decided to start over on a new project. This will be a US/California themed city with lots of other influences. Focus will be on functionality and realism and a lot of the major detailing will be quick and sloppy with the exception of some parts. This will be a metropolis and will challenge the limits of the game, and to do so it involves some work in the asset editor and some other custom solutions to tackle the limits. This is the start of Emory Hills!
  5. Desona, Arizona

    Really nice! Soo, end of this city? A shame in that case!
  6. Catenary Replacer

    How about a new network with just the wires that could be dragged on top of tracks? That way we could use catenary replacer to remove all wires and just add new one where we want them to be... Could allow for a mix of electric and non electric.
  7. Anyone have ideas how to do this? Or any pointers of what needs to be fixed in modtools to get it to work. I have managed to create the roads and in road editor it's s all fine but they don't load. It would be a nice addition but I have not been able to figure out how to get it to work.
  8. Project "Metropolis"

    Can't believe the speed at which you build these
  9. Desona, Arizona

    Really nice!
  10. I have been thinking about releasing some set. They are very sensitive to slope though and not very performant to be honest. Think the new road tool opens up options, but I don't really have the time I'm afraid.
  11. Has anyone tried if it is possible to modify the runway and taxiway with the new road modding tool? At first sight when I tried it in the editor it is not possible, those networks don't appear. But by an accident I found that if I load the editor up with an airport asset and then from there create a new road I can select both the runway and taxiway. In the editor it seems to work, removing all the lights looks good but it fails to load in game however. Perhaps this isn't supposed to be doable since they are not available directly (bug)? Or could it be that it fails to load because of loading screen only? Haven't had the time to try the "normal" way. These are just thoughts, but I wanted to shout them out in case there was anyone else who discovered this or find it interesting.
  12. There are some more awesome airport assets coming up, of course most of the terminals have been re-done a bit again. Unfortunately they are dedicated to a Youtuber which means I can't show them. Meanwhile, besides releasing some jumbo repaints of bsquiklehausen's great models I have made some custom taxi and runway surfaces. And no, they consist of several park building so they don't get my prop count through the roof! Heading for a nose gear landing that Norwegian... A part of the United / Star Alliance terminal.
  13. Really nice build! I find inner city parts the hardest to make realistic. Roads are often tight and narrow in different directions and levels which is really hard to recreate in the game. This gives a real city vibe!