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  1. Show Us Your Interchanges

    The massive intersection in Nishihiroba More pictures; https://imgur.com/a/sqIBA Accompanying YT build of the area; https://youtu.be/emwKNPO7n0I
  2. "In episode #3, we move westwards across the river, building a section of the Nishihiroba innercity neighbourhood, a commercial oriented high-density area right next to Hayachiru. We build the main intersection that dominates the neighbourhood and acts as its most busy and high traffic meeting point, while also extending the elevated expressway with a stack setup." More pictures here; https://imgur.com/a/sqIBA
  3. Thanks for the support!! "In episode #2, We do a bit of everything, finishing up much of the northern edge of Hayachiru's office cluster, expanding on the expressway interchange, doing some overall detailing and road editing before building a small park to offer refuge from all the glass, concrete and steel that make the city." More pictures here; https://imgur.com/a/gZ2mU
  4. Show us your SKYLINE

    Thread revive. Skyline of my newly started Japanese project. I forgot to take some night shots! Shameless YT plug if interested; https://youtu.be/lA-cG5kutfc
  5. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    A couple of shots from my newly started Japanese themed YouTube series. This whole area is within what you would define as the downtown area. Link to the YT build if you are interested; https://youtu.be/lA-cG5kutfc
  6. Project Japan is a humble attempt to build a somewhat realistic looking Japanese city situated somewhere between Okayama and Kobe on the northern shore of the Harima-nada sea. Focusing on developments along train stations, large intersections and public transportation hubs, many of the more generic areas will be built off camera, to quickly expand the city and capture the metropolitan vibe. Japanese city series are almost non-existent, perhaps because of the serious lack of Japanese themed assets on the workshop. Therefore, revamps are to be expected throughout the series, as i get better at building Japanese cityscapes and/or new assets become available. In episode #1, we kickstart the city by building a large train station situated in the Hayachiru inner-city neighbourhood, which is comprised of a skyscraper business district in it's northern part and a commercial shopping and leisure area in it's southern part. Accompanying imgur album; https://imgur.com/a/Hl7Q5
  7. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    THREAD REVIVE INTENSIFIES We're in Japan now, amigos! Downtown intersection and cityscape; Annnnnnnd accompanying YT plug if you care; https://youtu.be/-p0yMzSz5BY
  8. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    We are a looong way from Europe, but here you go; "Taking a shot at building something realistically looking from the Land of the Rising Sun! A small piece of Japanese/Tokyo/Osaka inspired downtown cityscape, including a big custom intersection, a sleek elevated commuter rail station, an elevated expressway/highway and a rail tunnel through a skyscraper. Lots of billboards and often used Japanese road marking and pedestrian features. Was a ton of fun and quite a challenge and while there is room for improvement i am really satisfied with the result!"
  9. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    "Anyhow, a bit more practice with ploppable asphalt and decal-usage. A very small european-themed somewhat realistic town/village sitting on the side of a mountain, overlooking a river and overall gorgeous views. Not much more to it, pretty cinematics with beautiful music."
  10. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    ... Annnnnnnd i am reviving the thread again Few "downtown" shots from a small american town i built with a bit more detailing than i usually do; YT build video with a few tips on creating the custom road (if you have no experience with ploppable asphalt and the possibilities!); https://youtu.be/lTO3Yof59dc
  11. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    More stuff from across the pond! "A bit more of a detail-heavy build for me, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Must be the most i have ever used ploppable asphalt and decals lul. Creating a small, realistic themed US town, adding a train station and thereby rail connection, and decorating the main boulevard running through it's commercial center. Lastly filling the surrounding area with traditional low-density suburban houses. Guess some elements act as a tutorial of a sort. "
  12. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    Much appreciated! Sadly i should have recorded some of the shots with 1/8 setting instead of 1/4, as the micro stuttering is pretty annoying.
  13. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    "Think the city is starting to look nice, just have to capture it from the right angles! So i played around a bit with different FOV levels and produced a few cinematic shots from the city of Theine"
  14. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    And another fun little build! "Fun challenge to build. This build features a small section of Paris'esque cityscape, although a bit more griddy than most areas of inner city Paris. While limited in number, the available assets are beautiful and truly capture the many neoclassical influences in Paris and French architecture. I did a bit of intersection detailing as well, but as always didn't want to (nor had the time to) go too heavy on that."
  15. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    And something VERY DIFFERENT; Downtown French/Parisian cityscape YT link; https://youtu.be/GrlDyd03HMc