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Chapter 12: A Summer to Remember Part 1: Summer Rain



Welcome back!

School's out and summer has begun! It's time to make great use of the water park that was built a while back!

Woodland Town, along with most towns in the region have stagnated a bit, with population hanging at 30,000 people. Plans to connect the towns and region by interstate and rail by the end of the year are in progress and will encourage major growth in all areas once completed.


The Mayor and his wife have two kids, their son Jeremy who is 10 (going into 5th grade) and daughter Christina who is 8 (going into 3rd grade). 



A Summer to Remember I: A Trip to the Water Park 

It's another hot summer day

This particular Saturday, however, it was very hot!


Weather Report: July 8 Saturday

Temperature: 96 Degrees  

Dew Point: 72 Degrees   

Feels Like: 107 degrees

Rain: 80%

Highs 98, Lows 73. Scattered showers throughout the day, isolated showers in the afternoon.


I took the opportunity today to take the kids out to the new water park. They've been begging me to go the last couple weeks! 

Jeremy and Christina: Daddy let's go!

Me: Christina put on your seat belts!

Wife: It's really hot out today. The lines are going to be really long today!

Me: I imagine.

We get in the car and drive out:

1:24 PM


















We arrive at the water park and as you see, it's quite crowded:





Random Person 1: "Hey it's the mayor!" 

Random Person 2: "Hey how's your day? I love your town!

Random Person 3: "You're the only town that has a water park around here!"

Jeremy: "Haha you're famous!"

Wife: "You'll be getting that all day haha!"

They treated me like a town hero for building a water park! Turns out some people came over from the neighboring towns to cool off here. The security guards helped escort us but it's strange being seen as a local celebrity since I don't go out in public too often. But even the Mayor needs to swim once in a while of course...

Christina: "Mommy I wanna go on all the big slides!"

Jeremy: "That's too big! You're gonna get scared and cry!"

Christina: "No I won't! I'm going with him!"

We all walk up stairs. Jeremy's been on all the slide but Christina has never been on one before.

Jeremy: "That's a looooong line."

After about 20 minutes we're finally at the top

Me: "I'll go first, I'll wait for you both down there."

Me and my wife both go on slides and wait for kids on the bottom.

Christina: "Jeremy? I'm scared."

Jeremy: "Told ya you'd be scared."

She stands on the slide and holds on to the bar as the water rushes down, but hesitates.

Life Guard: "It's nothing to be afraid of! You can do it!

Some of those waiting in the line were cheering her

5 minutes later...(Storm clouds are becoming ominous, the sun disappears behind clouds)

Jeremy: "Go already!! Stop being such a wuss!"

Life Guard: "Come on, you guys really need to go, you're holding back the line!

Me: (Looking out at the slide tower) "Are they okay?"

Wife: "I think she's scared."

Jeremy: "That's it!"

*Takes his hand and pushes his little sister Christina down the slide*

Christina: *Screaming as she slides down"

Jeremy: (Smiling) "Whoops."

He jumps into the slide before anyone can stop him.

Me: "Did he just push her down the slide...?"

Wife: "I can't tell"

Me: "Someone got pushed"

Just then, my daughter reaches the end of the slide and into the water, followed by Jeremy on the slide parallel to the one she's on.

Jeremy: "Are you telling on me for pushing you down the slide?"

Christina: "No! That was fun! I wanna go again by myself this time!"

Jeremy: "See? Told you it was nothing to be scared of"

Christina: "Sticks tongue out at Jeremy"

Me and Wife: "Did you like it? How was it?"

Christina: "It was fast! I wanna go again!"

Me: "You guys go, I'll wait for you"

Just as my wife takes Jeremy and Christina, I pull Jeremy aside for a moment..

Me: "Did you push her down the slide?"

Jeremy: "Yes..."

Me: "Why?"

Jeremy: "Everyone was waiting and I was tired of her being a chicken!"

Me: "If she didn't like the slide she would've been very upset. You're lucky she enjoyed it. Don't do that again. Now go have fun, take care of your little sister.

Jeremy: "Okay daddy!"

Me: "...And hurry up, it's going to rain any moment!"


Unfortunately, the trip was cut short and just as they were about to go back upstairs to go on the slide, the lightning alarm goes off. The wind started picking up and drizzles of rain began to come down.

Me: "Alright, let's pack it up!"

People start exiting in droves as the storm nears. Typical summer storm, we've been getting a lot of these lately but they're normal. I feel the temperature drop.


4:15 PMulcQ05.jpg


Just as we're leaving the parking lot, it begins to downpour:











It rained for a good portion of the afternoon...


The sun peaks through the clouds as the rain continues:





7:35 PM

The rain finally let's up:





Christina and Jeremy playing in the puddles in my front yard:





Here's the current weather now after the storm:

Weather Report: July 8 Saturday night

Temperature: 76 Degrees  

Dew Point: 71 Degrees   

Feels Like: 81 degrees

Temperatures have dropped by 20 degrees!


Later That Night...

The night is peaceful, with the occasional sound of a car streaking through the wet streets splashing up water and distant thunder.

Kids from the local neighborhood join in for a pickup game:





10:12 PM Regional Night View:


Woodland Town on the right, Woodland River City on the Left, District one above and Pleasant view below it, and Coibridge on the upper left.







2:57 AM

I just got awakened by what sounds like a loud rumble. It definitely isn't thunder. 


Wife: "What's going on?" She says as she rubs her sleepy eyes


Just then an even louder rumble booms in the distance, waking up the kids.


Jeremy: "Daddy what's that? Another storm?"

Me: "I'm going to find out."


We all go outside and notice just about the entire neighborhood's been woken as well, as families head outside out trying to make out what's going on. 


I look at the skies for a sign of a thunderstorm but the skies are clear...



Neighbor: "Mayor! Do you have any idea what's the heck is going on?"

Me: "No idea, maybe an earthquake?"

Neighbor: "Whatever it is it's woken up- *Boom* 


An even louder thunderous rumbling noise so loud that it rattles windows... 

I can sense people starting to panic. Christina hugs my leg and starts crying.



Just then, the power goes out...







To Be Continued...




Thank you for reading! Don't forget to leave a comment if you haven't already! Like and follow to stay tuned!


We take a trip to the water park, people recognize me as mayor, my daughter Christina goes on big slide for the first time, chickens out, then my son Jeremy pushes her down the slide, she likes it and wants to go again, I scold him, we get rained out and leave, no refunds. Tour of Woodland Town as it rains, then sun comes out while raining, we're woken up at 2 am by a mysterious sound, then the power goes out...



Recommended Comments

Nice log. What weather mod are you using? I used Teirusu "Rain Tool" to simulate a hurricane in one of my cities. I had to rebuild many areas of that coastal town after the flooding. There was a fishing pier that was wiped out was never rebuilt. Disasters happens.

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1 hour ago, City Boss said:

Nice log. What weather mod are you using? I used Teirusu "Rain Tool" to simulate a hurricane in one of my cities. I had to rebuild many areas of that coastal town after the flooding. There was a fishing pier that was wiped out was never rebuilt. Disasters happens.

Good ol' Photoshop, my friend :D

It's all a matter of how well prepared you are before disasters. The tornado that destroyed Woodland Town was part of a super cell that formed as a major cold front pushed southwards and created atmospheric instability. (You know how it's stormy before cold fronts sometimes? Basically that but very bad). People definitely got to enjoy the pleasant weather outdoors since they had no home to go back to for a while.

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The weather your city experiences is so fairly familiar....Oh I know why it's just exactly like the spring and summer weather here in the Midwest and southeast.

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A thunderous rumble that's not linked to weather, followed by an ominous blackout? I thought I remembered the mayor of Woodland River City talking about his power plants being at capacity... Hope the region's well prepared for that scenario.

Either way, intriguing update!

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