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  1. February Member of the Month Awards

  2. SimCity Modded to Play Offline Indefinitely

    Simcity 5 needs an ST exchange for modded stuffs now.. Great job modders! cant wait to build a larger city
  3. Maxis to RPS: SimCity servers 'not necessary'

    ugh!!! what have they done to my most beloved game! >_<
  4. Internal Maxis memo outlines SimCity stabilization efforts

    Uh Oh! The angry Sims are marching towards the White House. People literally petitioned the White House for an industry-wide return policy for DRM games. Hilarious. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/institute-industry-wide-return-policy-video-games-rely-remote-servers-and-drm-function-properly/nMy1wrtC
  5. Polygon further lowers SimCity review rating to a 4

    Nothing comes close to Simcity 4. Simcity 4 is Windows XP as Simcity 5 is to Windows Vista.
  6. Internal Maxis memo outlines SimCity stabilization efforts

    cant they add more servers? like 100 servers?
  7. The game does not deserve the flak for this crap. ( so hard to watch the game that I love so much gets treated like this :| If only EA and Maxis listened to Simcity's loyal and passionate fan base they would get more positive feedbacks...
  8. Gamespot rates SimCity 5/10: "...equal parts joy and misery."

    Simcity 5 has more launch problems than North Korea.
  9. i hope this is not the end of the Simcity franchise.. If only they listened to us and gave us something like Simcity 4.
  10. SimCity is Back

    Nothing comes close to Sim City 4. The REAL Sim City. the new one pretends to be a simcity game but it's just a mutation of Farmville.
  11. IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    how do you make the windows? ... Im just new on 3dsmax and I have been looking for a tutorial about how to make windows such as those in your awesome buildings (black lines dividing the window panes) but to no avail...
  12. you must download DirectX http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
  13. thank you so much for this tutorial