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  1. 1970's Brutalist College

    This would make a cool jail. Or part of a prison complex. Nice work!
  2. Happy Holidays, and Tenth Anniversary!

    Thanks for helping to turn Simcity 4 into a hobby instead of a game!
  3. Al Yaqoub Tower Dubai

    Thanks for the tall vesion of a dollar store clock. Better than whats been on here lately. 3/5. I just wish we can get more American buildings in here.
  4. Heblem's BAT Workshop

    Great job on all of your stuff man! I hope you put alot of jobs in the mall. Lord knows we need jobs!
  5. Chow Tai Fook Center

    Any jobs?
  6. The Chaston Building

    Jobs would be nice too.
  7. HK Harcourt Mass Mutual Tower

    Terrific! Thanks! 5/5
  8. Halifax Boxes

    Nice job!
  9. Louisville National City v2

    Nice job!
  10. Suburban wasteland

    Can you talented people make forclosed houseswith plywood over windows, abandonded shopping centers? With like 100 cs$? I challenge you. Graffiti all over the back? Increased crime rate?
  11. The Brick

    Good job. No jobs? We need jobs!
  12. BSP Grosse Pointe Public Library

    Everyone likes to nitpick everyones bats, so I will nitpick this one. First of all, it looks too real. The textures are too detailed. The grass and trees look too green. So I will give you 10/5. Good job!
  13. BSP Grosse Pointe Public Library

    Nice job! I do not think that anyone can say anything bad about this. 5/5