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  1. Tokyo Building

  2. The Concept!

    That's a very interesting concept. I love to play around with custom airports in SC4 and I'm always disappointed that the size of realistic airports compared to cities seems unrealistic. So I do know and understand your problem. To my point of view your concept sounds like a dream and the screenshots look amazing. But I believe it's just too much work to be done. It seems that you're trying to re-invent the wheel ;) I don't have any modelling skills, but I love to create prop-based lots in LE. I'm really looking forward how this concept will develop.
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    ^^ You may have a look at this BATs. They were made by SOMY some years ago. They're including a pier with a building and a roll-on-roll-off ship like in the picture shown above. I lotted myself some standing vehicles on grey tarmac to create realistic car terminal ports. http://members3.jcom.../somy000/p8.htm Hope you can use the BATs.
  4. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    nice airport joshrice, looks a lot like one in the area around London, UK, I'm quite sure it's the one with G...
  5. Seikina - Preview

    looking very promising . . . I love Asian cities!
  6. HBS Tropical Flora Pack (Mayor Mode)

    can't wait unitil I can test these; I've been longing for more tropical flora so long, and now there's this amazing pack, really cannot wait to test them
  7. Stare Mesto International Airport

    Hey there, from the first point of view, your airport looks quite excellent, but though I have to critizise some little things: For just serving 500.000 passengers annualy your terminal is a bit to oversized, I've counted 11 jetways, you would need a maximum of 3 jetways and some bus gates instead. You have no mainteance buildings: You need at least one hangar (can be a small one, but every airport needs a hangar). You seem to have a very big number of cargo operations at your airport. In this case you should have more backland services (such as a better connection to highways or a cargo rail station. But apart from that, your airport looks very interesting, and your CJ is really great!
  8. The Roads: Part One

    gettin better and better 
  9. Cebu City

     I know the dried mango, they're really the best dried fruits in the world. By the way, I've got your message and sent you a reply, but anyhow either your oder mine internet connection was corrupted, I believe it was mine. I will try to send you another message when having more time again (university is beginning again and I wanna try to give my best ;)
  10. Discovery

    wow, this is really an impressive work, really looks very Philipine. Maybe you know already, but I'm working on a similar project and would like to ask, where to get the impressive churches you were using. I knew the LBT churches yet, but where did the other ones come from? best regards and good luck with your CJ. By the way, take a look at the CJ "Puerto Joya", found here: www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm
  11. AIN Expo- Bangoran Pavillion III + Teasers

    wow, awesome region shot, I really love this delta, very impressive
  12. In this update I will show you my first trials in Colonial Spanish mixed with Asian architecture like you can find it on the Philippines. I had to re-lot a lot and tried to make it as realistic as possible, so hope you like it, I will give some explenations as well: An essential subject in Philippine cities is the church, so here you go: This is a very wealthy city (a bigger suburb in my planned agglomeration), so you find a lot of greenery along the roads and avenues: And as in many cities there are also some channels running through the city: And of course the city needs public transportation to reduce the massive traffic jams alongside the avenues:
  13. @kingdiz_55: Glad you like it! @tankmank: I hope so, I really put my focus on little details! @davemap: I didn't know about this tower yet, but it seems to look quite nice. Actually I do not really know whether it will be part of my CJ. On the one hand I don't know where to get it from (I can't BAT at all) and on the other hand the CJ won't be a recreation of Manila, although my inspiration came from Manila. But maybe I adopt the idea of a Entertainment city
  14. Important announcement I'm very thankful for all the support to make this CJ possible, but I have one important announcement. As there hasn't been an update for a long time declare this CJ as closed. I'm currently working on new massive project, which will be the continue of the Kaibesia project, a fictional metro area located on The Phillipines. It will be similar to Kaibesia but have its own unique touch. Maybe I will continue Kaibesia as well, but first the focus of my work will be the new project. Probably I will post some shots here as well to see what you think or what can be made better. So probably some updates will follow soon, but as I'm quite busy with university, updates will be quite rare
  15. AIN Expo- Bangoran Pavillion I

    wow, finally an new update in this CJ, thought it would be dead