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Sky Guy

Happy New Year

 Well, this year Bangorai' decided to take part in the celebrations... Across the nation every major city launched fireworks from the top of it's tallest building. Enjoy:





And now... from the capital... (My first attempt at reflections, so don't criticize me too bad...)




Happy New Year to everyone! And thank you to all those who nominated me for trixies and helped me get this far. Have a good one!


k50dude: Thank you! I am glad you liked it. 10.gif

Towerdude: Yes i did! They are cheap and don't require wrapping 3.gif

Reikhardt: Thanks hope you had a good one!4.gif

tankmank: Thanks a bunch!

Blakeway: Thank you! for the bridge, for the bridge read the bottom  of the page. 9.gif

nimafarid2007: Thanks, for the bridge look below.2.gif

bosisko: thanks, merry christmas and instructions for the bridge are below

Benedict: Wow thanks! I am glad I impressed.9.gif

To build a curved, diagonal, etc. bridge:

Build a regular highway on land (preferrably elevated or the NAM raised roads) Then when you have everything connected and ready to go, open SC4Terraformer and carefully lower all the land you want. When it asks to destroy the city, click "No" (leave all buildings in place) Then when you open the city up again, you will have a nice curved bridge over water.

Sky Guy

 Merry Christmas!

Christmas isn't a major holiday in Bangorai', however, this year this year there is something to celebrate...
Welcome to the Karai Sea-link bridge. Opened to the public earlier this month, it connect thee countries of Bangorai' and Karasem. Construction started late in April of 2001. In total, it stretched 27 Kilometers across the South China Sea. 3 of those Kilometers are split up into Cable Stayed and Suspension spans. Since completion the time of a trip from Pamang Buri (Bangorai') and Karang Asem (Karasem) has been cut from a 6 hr ferry ride to less than 45 minutes.
On the Bangoran Cable Stayed side, engineers put hundreds of LED lights to help... declare the Christmas Season...




btw- sorry for the shoddy photoshopping41.gif

Our last shot was taken just before the bridge's opening.


(click to make a little bigger)

REPLIES- Sorry for the short update

urielgarcia: Thank you. I am glad you liked it, and enjoy the buildings2.gif

_marsh_: Thanks, it a pleasure to give you inspiration3.gif Oh and the buildings are HERE (I LEd them)

ImVhOzzi: Thanks- I couldn't have any  buildings touching the road to avoid the jagged edges14.gif3.gif

Reikhardt: Thank you very much!9.gif

Blakeway: Wow! I almost died from that amazing comment!10.gif Maybe we should both see doctors about our health..3.gif

kolnikov Inc: Thanks, no it is just construction pieces on a small island. Well, actually the bridge in this update was made with Terraformer... 9.gif

k50dude: Thanks  a ton! I am glad my CJ is considered unique43.gif


Sky Guy

 Hello and welcome to a special update!

Kajara Riverfront City is a project started in the late 90's by a big-dreamed developer. With unrestricted views of the entire lower delta region,

and lots of news jobs in the area, it was sure to be a hit. Built on a huge are straddling a finger of the Kapuas, it was expected to supply

houses and apartments for upwards of 30,000 people. At its center, the crown jewel: Kajara Lake Executive Towers: a complex of 7 towers. 

Eventually, the developer went broke and the project was shut down. The development has been abandoned for several years- quiet.  

And so the entire site sits, waiting for another rich developer to come along and finish the job...








And for a parting shot...





Singure: Thank you!9.gif

_marsh_: Thanks- yeah I think I went a little overboard with photoshop3.gif Anyway, hope the files all work ok for you.

k50dude: Thanks a bunch!5.gif

The Duke: Thanks for the suggestion. I am glad you like it.

Panthersimcity: Thanks, my friend!

urielgarcia: Thank you! Those buildings are HERE


Sky Guy

Shalan Krandi

Shalan Krandi

(Ben Pelaou's Alter Ego)

Shalan Krandi is located right across the river from Ben Pelaou'. Although the two are the same metropolitan area, they are drastically different. Shalan is a new fast pace city. Colonial architecture has no place here. Instead, new suburbs take up the land. It is home to the Delta Region's second college, and a military base. Take a look:

Overview: (click full size)












Night shots to come soon!10.gif


k50Dude: Thank you my friend, I am glad you like it so much. 9.gif

Skimbo: Thanks- the NAM team really does an awesome job.19.gif

Blakeway: Many thanks- now if I can get the updates as usual down 3.gif

The Duke: Thank you very much! I was hoping it would be authentic.

_marsh_: Thanks. Wow- you are using my humble houses?!6.gif Its an honor! btw- I have a better version I am using, if you are

                interested, I could maybe do a private release...2.gif

panthersimcity4: Thank you- actually your colonial CJs gave me the inspiration for this update.1.gif

tigeria: Thanks a ton!

Smartbylaw: Thank you!

Sky Guy

Ben Pelaou'

 hehe, so I know I've been gone a while, but... here ya go:

Ben Pelaou'- Old Colonial City  
















Thanks a bunch!

Evillions: Yep I did! Oh and thanks for the suggestions! 2.gif

panthersimcity4: Thanks my friend- It took a while to find a tower that I liked3.gif

_marsh_: Thanks marshy! I depth we go! 9.gif

DCMetro34: Thank you!

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ImVhOzzi: Oh yeah. Thanks

tankmank: thanks- I think it looks better now too.19.gif

976: thanks bud!

Sky Guy

 Hey, you know the routine- sorry for the wait,RL, blah blah, blah.

Anyway, here is a quick update i threw together- hope it is doesn't make you too sick lol.

Kona Beiru is a small city located on the northern half of the delta. I it the South's religious center. A mosque can be found on literally every street corner. On top of that, it is a goldmine for archeological wonders. Ruins from the Kapuian Civilization thousands of years ago have only recently been discovered...




Even right in the middle of the city there are old ruins from the colonial era.


Some crowded streets


The city's largest and most ornate mosque- right where two rivers converge.


The city has a small commuter airport too.


A new industrial complex


A new university for students studying the ruins...


And finally here they are: The Kapunian Ruins. More on these later.


Hope you lied it!


Blakeway: Wow! Are you sure you aren't mistaking me for someone else!? 3.gifThanks a bunch!

Plane-crash12000: Thank you! I am sorry- I searched and searched for the mod, but I cant find it anywhere. I know that its on the STEX though...

Panthersimcity4: Wow thank you my friend. The apartments are on this site HERE

_marsh_: Thanks my friend- that means a lot coming from the CJ God- lol9.gif

Evillions: yes finally an update haha. Thanks, but Im not sure what you mean by government influences...1.gif

JGellock: Thanks a bunch- I am glad you liked it!10.gif

The Duke: No prob- and thank you!2.gif

tigeria: Thanks, yes, I have never been to those places, but I use google earth and look at pictures, so I am glad I have the right feel!5.gif

976: Thanks fellow AINian- haha. And I am still planning on releasing those, I just need some time...14.gif

tankmank: Thanks- your wish is my command lol44.gif

Guibanez_: Thank you!

Wreckingball man: Wow! I like the sounds of that title: hero6.gif lol Thanks a bunch!

Sky Guy

 Welcome to Saylong. The city is reletively new- it was started as a fishing village in the Kapuas River Delta. In recent years it has become an oil processing center and a hotspot for the wealthy. Despite this, slums still surround the city and the river banks.

Here is a picture of the River Delta I am working on. Saylong is the city located between the airport and Tanjung Bambu.


(click for full size)


A look at the fishing harbor


The city's refining center.


Everyday, new development is built over slums, and slums are built next to new development...




A look of one of the islands ajacent to the city. This one is home to both the city's most wealthy, and most poor.




A mosaic of downtown.9.gif


JGellock: Thanks a bunch! the warehouses are HERE and HERE2.gif

Liberater444: Thank you!

skyscraperguy: Oh yeah.19.gif

Blakeway: Mooo! lol thanks.3.gif

_marsh_: Thanks- I redid it like 3 times to get it right. lol18.gif

Adrianor: Many thanks!

The Duke: Thanks for all the nice words! The water modd is HERE

tankmank: Thanks a bunch!

kolnikov inc: Thanks! yes a lot of the bats are somys. The farms are rice fileds, but I forgot where I got them- check the Japanese bat guide...1.gif

976: Thank you! I will try and release some of my LE creations when I get some time.4.gif

_marsh_: Yes they are all LE. I am busy, but I will try and release them (maybe privately in a week or so- I will PM you)2.gif


Sky Guy

Tanjung Bambu (Port)

 Hey all and welcome to the second part of the Tanjung Bambu tour. Today we are looking at the port area of the city. 

The Tanjung Bambu Port is one of the largest ports in the country, and the largest oil processing center on Borneo. Lets take a look.


A closer look.


The port also has a container terminal on the other side of the river bay. An elevated railroad connects both parts of the port.


watch out for the cows!


The container terminal area.


As an industrial city, new warehouses are constantly being built into the surrounding rice fields.


And finally a mosaic stretching from the southern bays, through the refinery and warehouse area and up through the LNG processing plant.





Coming soon: More of the region and a region view!


escilnavia: Thank you, I am glad you have enjoyed it! And sorry to keep you waiting!18.gif

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JamonBread: Thank you! Well, this region is mostly farms!49.gif

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ImVhOzzi: Who knows (maybe my inactivity 3.gif) lol Keep your eyes out for more!38.gif

_Marsh_: Thanks! How about... this time?10.gif

sumwonyuno: Thank you! Watching for more of Honolulu!9.gif

Andrianor: Farms are pretty awesome...4.gif


Sky Guy

Hey sorry about being gone so long!

We have finally made it to the Kapuas River Delta. Our first city is the port city of Tanjung Bambu.

It serves as Bangorai's prime oil refining and exporting center. This update, we are just looking at the city part.

Tanjung Bambu (City Part)

(click for full size)

A major intersection near downtown. Bambu Lakes Golf Course is one of the city's only attractions- most locals go to other towns for fun.


The tallest building in the city- Bangor Delta Oil HQ.


This is where the few wealthy people live. Most of them are oil monopolists.


Another downtown view, The old train station takes passengers throughout the delta, but has become almost useless in recent years.


New suburbs like these are growing out into the rice paddies all throughout the river region.


A mosaic through some suburbs and downtown.




A new interchange is being built on the edge of the city.


Small villages like these dot the whole delta. A rail link connects the city with the container port.


A parting shot of the city at night.



Next update we will view the port and its facilities.


Jamonbread: Thanks I am glad you liked it!

DCMetro34: Thank you! It is actually I town near me- Idaho Falls!18.gif

Simbro_08: Thanks a lot! I know- maybe we can pretend that the mall is open until phase one of demolition is complete.3.gif

tankmank: Thanks, I will work on the slums! lol3.gif

Panthersimcity4: Thank you, my friend! It was hard to get right, but I think it turned out ok.

sirgeoj2: Many thanks!

jayman8464: Thank you, I use Heblem's tropical terrain modd.2.gif

_marsh_: Thanks, my friend- glad you liked!

CTMandR: Thank you- I have been wanting to make waterfalls for a while now...19.gif

frdrcklim: Thanks! -sorry about the wait lol.41.gif

Evillions: Right now! haha39.gif

Sky Guy

Kya Phalu Falls



(Click for full size)










Im not sure exactly what the next update will be. Would you like to see more of the river going throught Kya Phalu (known for it's rafting, etc) or go on to the Kapuas River Delta, or somewhere else?


Blakeway: Thanks again!

Tankmank: Thanks again, and just PM me if you want to go further on the embassy, etc)

Panthersimcity4: Thanks my friend- I had to redo that city like three times, 14.gifso I hope you like it. lol

Feliwi: Thank you my friend, I am glad you like it- still a long way to go though!21.gif Hope to see more of your CJ!

Sky Guy


Welcome to the final Expo update. I have just some general info on Bangorai. Read what you like and enjoy the teasers.

 Bangorai' is a newly developing nation is Southeast Asia. As with most nations in that area, it is a country of contrasts. There are the very rich and very poor. There are gleaming skyscrapers and sprawling rice patties. I will try and cover some basics about Bangorai'.

Health: Health in most parts of cities is very good. The sultan has made this a large priority, by building many large medical centers in downtown areas. However, in the far reaching rural areas, and poor areas of cities (especially around polluted parts) health problems can get out of hands. Slowly, but surely problems are being taken care of with a new program to build small clinics in farming communities.

Safety: Crime is a sensitive subject. It is absolutely uncontrollable, especially in the crowded slum areas- of which there are many. Drugs, sex trade, and others abound in these areas. Recently, crime in rural areas has also seen an increase. The military is trying to get involved to help out police and other officials. However, for the average tourist or citizen, it is perfectly safe, as most of the crimes take place in deep corners of the city, and to those who don't have any street smart.

Education: Bangorai' is very proud of it's education. Due to British and American control in its history, structure on education has a good foundation. There are many educational facilities through high school. The construction of colleges and universities is relatively new, but in the larger cities, facilities are already in place.

Economy: Economy in Bangorai' is based upon several different fields. Among the most adamant are: Banking, Commerce, Tourism, Manufacturing, Rice, and Oil. Jobs for the population is not a major problem, most everyone can find some way to get money. However due to this fact, many unqualified individuals are getting jobs and some businesses are suffering from it.

A major environmental issue that Bangorai' has is water pollution. With every major city being on water and having a port, things have gotten really messy over the years. Sadly, nothing much is being done about it. THere have been rumors of stricter laws in the distant future, but things are bleak. One major thing that is being done to cut energy costs and other things, is the construction of a dam across the Kapuas River. It is still on the drawing board, and studies are being done to see how it would effect the environment and agriculture. With this major dam, power would be supplied to the whole Kapuas River and delta along with several other places.

Another issue being confronted (besides the ones in my second post) is the rate of development in different areas. The capital is the most developed city in Bangorai, but others (including major ones) are lacking. It isn't a major issue, because the whole country is doing well (despite being in hard economic times). However, the capital is slowly getting more and more crowded, as you may notice by comparing pictures, and so something needs to be done in the future, but no one really knows what.


First, I have been working on the national airline.


Here is where we are going to visit next:


And now something big. I have been working on this for a long time- and there is a long way to go still. 

Kapuas River Delta is a dense area of rice fields, towns, oil fields, and canals. BTW: this is an old picture.



simbourgeois: Thanks very much! I like the airport too.

CHR: Thank you, glad you liked.

tankmank: Thanks, yeah- I am still working on that, and will consider seawall. And I also am way excited for the new BATs. Thanks again!

dimipol006: Many thanks!

simbro_08: Thanks! for asain buildings, try searching the HKABT on the stex. Also, HERE is a list of Japanese sites. About my houses- I might                         release those in the future.

Paulobergonci: Thanks a lot!

panthersimcity4: Thanks, I have been working on being more authentic. About those buildings, Nihonkaranws made them a while ago, but his                                  site is down, so you might want to PM him, or I could send them to you. just tell me.

Naftixe: Thank you for the honor!

Sky Guy

Hey sorry, I've been busy as usual...

Anyway, I have another Expo update. After the expo, I will continue showcasing the country.

Today, we look at the Tri- Cities area. It is actually compsed of three completely different cities: Mea Rayong, Sala Balu, and Riu Tianak.

The area is home to the countries biggest seaport and is a major economic hotspot. 

The Tri cities area is the second largest in population (after Banku Taou')


Mae Rayong

Downtown is a major contrast of high, low, rich, and poor.

Many of the buildings were built in the boom of the early 90's, but recently more projects have been in planning




More cargo and shipped goods go through the Tri- Cities than any other in Bangorai'.

Although a new deep- water port is located just north of Mae Rayong, the city's old river port is still important.


Sala Balu

This new urban area, located on the main haul to the airport, took off when the Sealink Bridge was completed.


The whole Tri- Cities are is prone to annual flooding, and even the daily tides are drastic.


Riu Tianak

This crowded river- port city is a hotspot for things to do.


The Airport serves the entire urban area (all three cities) so its not a surprise that it is one of the largest airports in the whole region.


Hope you like it. Also, would you like some information about Bangorai' or would you rather go on to city updates?

Also, I will come back to these places and go more in depth, but they are still in development...


Feliwi: Thanks again my friend- good luck with you new CJ!

Panthersimcity4: Thank you for the nice comment!

976: I am glad you liked it so much!

Sky Guy

 Hello all, as a fairly new member of the AIN, I thought it would be good to show what has been going on. Sypogen is holding an Expo where each nation shows pictures and tells about themselves. I will have several updates showing you changes I have made, etc. You can find more about the expo and each nation involved HERE


Banku Taou'

The capital is the largest city in Bangorai, and it is the only urban area that is well developed. (you will see more contrast as the Expo goes on)

I plan on returning to the capital in later updates, as I have changed quite a bit, but heres a taste:




A new development near downtown (shown in previous update)


The central rail station


Small part of the seaport


The crowded tarmac of the old airport




Sky Guy

 Hey guys thanks for all the help I have been filled with hope from all your comments ha ha

Anyway, I have been extremely busy, and not just with RL.

Simcity wise, I am currently terraforming all four of my regions, I am in the middle of a few BAT projects, and I am reinventing my style. 

BTW: tell me what you think of my BAT here: 


Well, if I ever catch up, here is what we will maybe look at next:



The Kapuas River Delta: home to two of the nation's leading exports: rice and oil.

Now please understand that the area I am trying to work on is massive, so I will be pretty busy

- I just wanted you to know that I am still alive lol14.gif

Hopefully I will see you all soon!

Sky Guy

Hey all, thanks for the comments, I am sorry I have been vey busy with Real life and Bating those houses.

I am having second thoughts on my CJ, it seems that my style is all muddled (as many mentioned in the last update)

I need your help and opinion on what I should do please answer the questions- I may just start a new CJ!

1- Should I try and change the style, cities, etc up a little bit?


2- Should I keep my nation a fairly wealthy one, or should I downgrade and make it a less prosperous country?

3- What type of style should I model after (its hard as there are many just within SEA)

(ex: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, etc)

And I know this is probably stupid and wont do much, but I just want to know what kind of BATs, style etc you want to see.

Thanks for the help!

Sky Guy

Suan Chak

 Welcome to Suan Chak! We are now technically in Southwest Bangorai' 

Suan Chak is actually a very old city, it started as a fishing town on the peninsula, then during the colonial era,

it became the home of national prision (on Seaport Isle) Most of it's streets are cobblestone and it still has most of it's original canals. 









A wealthy area on the beach extending to outer suburbs




More random pictures:


The nation's original rail goes through the city the country has built new ones since then (more on that in later updates)


Suan Chak has a small seaport, it was built just a few years ago after the prison on the island closed



Evillions: Thanks, its good to be back. I actually took new pictures and spruced up the city a lot (like the airport)9.gif 

_marsh_: Hooray! Im very glad you liked it!3.gif

alanrukawa: Thank You, I like asian... hehe

Cobra_nVidia: lol many danks! 18.gif

feliwi: Thanks my friend, hope all is going well with you! 2.gif 

(x+x²)²/x: Thanks, that is the Kumho Asiana building on the STEX

escilnavia: Wow thanks I am glad I could impress you!

tankmank: Many thanks 


Sky Guy

 Hi- wow I've been busy!

Anyway today we are visiting Pamang Buri!


Many of you remember me showing this city in my old CJ, and you'll notice that I have changed and expanded a lot. Anyway here are some pictures (some of them old)




Here is the Pamangkat Bridge- once the longest bridge in the nation




Here is the city's open air market- one of the most popular shopping centers in the country


Now heres something new- I added an airport! The city's airport is very very overcrowded and is completely surrounded by city, or mountains.




Well thats it! If you want to see more, go HERE The whole page has other pix (please note that I have changed a lot!) 


sumwonyuno: Thank you very much!

dimipol006: Thanks!

jamonbread: Thank you! very scenic!10.gif

panthersimcity4: Thanks, I was craving some more "traditional asian" 3.gif

Cobra_nVidia: Thanks for the nice compliment!

feliwi: Oh that?! I just threw that together haha jk 18.gif Thanks my friend (oh and Im still working on the border- haha)

Evillions: Thanks, too bad about your plugins, but your Middle east is Great!

naftixe: Thank you! I just live to recreate those sickening clostraphobia feelings- haha17.gif

kw93: Wow thanks so much! Im glad I could please you!48.gif

frdrcklim: Thanks- yeah its dumb that that's the only way to get around...21.gif

again- sorry I took so long, more coming soon!

Sky Guy

Touring Koh Railay



Like mentioned in the last update, Koh Railay is a group of four islands northwest of Kaeo Wat. The main town is Koh Railay City. It has a population of around 50,000. There is also several smaller villages on the other islands. Koh Railay is a popular tourist destination, but unlike Kaeo Wat, it is for it's natural beauty.





Koh Railay City occupies two areas of two different islands. It is on very hilly terrain and dramatic cliffs rise behind the city

(Oh and sorry about the u-drive-it zot)



There is also a small dirt road that circles the main island


In this mosaic we see several sets of waterfalls



Our parting shot is of a small village on one of the other islands




ilikehotdogsalot: Thank you very much! I am glad you liked it!10.gif

sumwonyuno: Thanks! Hope the landing was smooth for you!46.gif

panthersimcity4: Thanks! Oh yeah we love your money!3.gif Oh speaking of that heres your bill49.gif

feliwi: Thanks, my friend! Im glad you liked it!9.gif

frdrcklim: Thanks! Im glad you liked all my updates! Oh dont worry about being slow- I understand about the new site issues! I dont have a                            solution either!14.gif I just  close my eyes and start clicking lol45.gif

Daan300: Many thanks!1.gif


Sky Guy

Flight to Koh Railay


                    Today we are taking a flight to the small group of islands and city of Koh Railay. Located Northwest of Kaeo Wat,

                               it too is a tourist destination, but more on the natural beauty side. So sit back and enjoy the flight!











Next update I will show you more of the islands and city.


Blakeway: Thanks, yeah some of the things about dubai are like- oh come on!14.gif But im glad you liked the update!

Panthersimcity4: Thanks, it is quit the tourist trap!10.gif

Evillions: Lol- yeah, I just was craving something different! Oh and I thought it fit in ok, but maybe I will look at it again2.gif

sumwonyuno: Thanks for the comment- yeah, I think I also should have waited for it to get a little lighter.38.gif 

wallasey: Thank you very much!

Feliwi: Thanks- glad you liked! Actually that was my inspiration!37.gif Thanks again!

iGod: Thanks! Which seawalls? White, Brown or the docks? Thanks again!9.gif

Hallo7: Thanks I am glad you liked it! I needed those for the yachts though... oh and those mansions are from one of the LBT packs2.gif

Cobra_nVidia: Thank you! I think that is from Ks_JPn's website.

tankmank: Thanks, but the blank spots are unsold land, so no trees were planted, but thanks again!4.gif

absolute1: Thank you! I'll take it into consideration!2.gif

Sky Guy

Kaeo Wat- Dubai of SEA

 hello! today we are continuing our tour of Kaeo Wat. Another nickname the city has is "Dubai of South East Asia" It is called this because under America's rule many artificial islands were made to house beach villas and apartments. In recent years, the development has continued at a breakneck pace.


Overview- you can see that it is connected to mainland by tunnel as to not disrupt cruise traffic


Close-up of the mansions and private golf courses


ALWAJ MUTIARA (Golden Beach)

Overview- It's estimated that this island houses the riches people in the country, many lots are undeveloped or under construction


Now A mosaic overview




Night close-up




10.gif lol


Evillions: thanks- yeah you guessed it! Im afraid my plugins folder will pop with much more in it! 3.gifhaha oh and yes I find that the apartments                       do  fit in very nicely (if I understood what you wanted to know)

_marsh_: Thanks, like evillions said below, they are made by LBT and prepo- not sure what exact downloads though34.gif and I think the maxis                        turned out nicely as well.

Stoney525: Thank you, I use the airport pieces in the ACB pack2.gif

tankmank: Thanks a bunch! Glad you like the cruise terminals9.gif

Feliwi: Thanks my friend! I was craving something a bit different...35.gif

22222: Thank you very much!

iGod: Oh no! I will HAVE to try and tone it down then- haha Thank you very much for the nice comment!43.gif

sumwonyuno:Yeah, Oh you liked it? I guess I'll have to rush in taking pictures more often...37.gif haha thanks again!

Sky Guy

 Hi! Today we visit Kaeo Wat's Downtown area. And get ready for a HUGE update

One thing I forgot to mention last update was that from Banku Taou's CBD to KAeo Wat's CBD takes over an hour,

the reason it only took half that was because we wen t from suburbs to suburbs.2.gif


Click for full size!!


This first mosaic goes from the cruise ship terminals over the downtown- which is made mostly of hotels and apartments

(most people commute to the capital for work)



This one goes on the other side of the downtown we get a look at the cities stadium, a mall, and the tallest building in the city.





And finally we go from one beach across the mansions and canals to the other coast.





Hope you liked it!10.gif


sumwonyuno: Thanks- lol sorry I was in too much of a rush to wait for my generated traffic to even out14.gif haha

Retep Molinari: Thanks a bunch!

Evillions: The farms should be the ones i linked to you a few pages back and the slums are here I just relotted them.2.gif  Glad you liked!

iGod: Thanks so much! I am very glad I pleased you!10.gif

tankmank: Thanks and thanks for telling what you WANTED to see29.gif

panthersimcity4: Thanks, I try to use different flora mixes in different region areas. about the region, It isn't all finished, 14.gifso you will just see the                                    individual cities from region view.1.gif

saathoff37: Thanks I thought you guys would like that!39.gif

tim.12.game: WOW! when I read your comment I was stunned I am very happy that my CJ is viewed alongside the masterpiece which is                                       Jargeah! Thanks so much!36.gif

Sky Guy

 Hello All! As i mentioned before, the capital isn't finished yet, so we are going to visit the other cities.

The first on up is Kaeo Wat a mega resort city.In this update, we will follow the thirty some-odd miles (48 km) between the cities.


We start at an interchange on the outskirts of the capital. We start about 7:00 a.m. and its still dark outside.


We follow the coastal highway 1- the longest freeway in the nation. We pass several farms along the way.


We also see stunning forested areas as the highway winds along the coast.


There are several small communities along the way too.


We also have to cross the Bang Ray Harbour



And finally we reach the outskirts of Kaeo Wat.


Then we hang a right and follow the main artery to downtown Kaeo Wat- and just in time to hit the beach!


Next update we will take a look at the city!10.gif


Feliwi: Thank you so much my friend! Im sorry that you dont have much time- im worried that I will start to run out...

             About the houses, Im still waiting for frogface's permission...23.giflol

panthersimcity4: Thanks for the nice comment, my friend!48.gif

iGod: Thanks- actually that was one of the wealthy areas-lol but yes its because slums are easy17.gif

Evillions: haha thanks I try my best to live up to COFR expectations9.gif10.gif

Djohaal: Thanks for the nice comment! glad you like!

Tankmank: Thanks - I was craving some wealth25.gif

diamutene: Thanks- Im glad you think so much of it!43.gif

VazFox: Thank you for the comment!

_Marsh_: glad I could impress you!

Sky Guy

Hey all! I am back from Alaska and excited to be getting back to my CJ

Because I am still developing the capital area, this will be the last update in the area, but eventually we'll return.


Pantai Bharu [Marina Coast] is one of the newest and most elite neighborhoods Banku Taou.'

Many tall condos rise up out of the wealthy suburban homes. The entire area was built on a reshaped peninsula.




Here's a look from another angle




Nearby is a pristine golf course that was built over a slum area and has since been surrounded by city.



Hope you liked it!10.gif

Next update, we'll be going on a road trip!


tankmank: Hey thanks, my friend and alsaka was fun39.gif Oh and hopefully the next update will show some farms, also when we get to the                               delta... thanks for your suggestion!

feliwi: Thanks- Im glad you like it despite the fact that I just threw it together14.gif  yeah, i try to model each of my cities after a real one- singapore               was the capital...9.gif

frdrcklim: yay! I was starting to think you had died! lol8.gif I'm glad I can still impress you and have some edge! Thanks again!


Sky Guy

Old Airport and Airforce Base

Today we visit Banku Taou's old international airport. It was the main gateway to the nation for several years.

Eventually it became became surrounded by the expanding city and the new one had to be built.

It has a very short runway for widebodies, but the airforce set up their base here.

Here we go from a slum surrounded interchange to the original terminal.




Now we look at the main airforce area and then see the most recent terminal




Hope you liked it!

Note to all: sorry about this rushed update, but I have been busy because tomorrow I am going to Alaska for two weeks. But I need your opinion: Do you want to continue to see more of the capital or go elsewhere in the country?


Sumwonyuno: Thank you very much!

Feliwi:Thanks yes Changi was my inspiration- actually singapore was for my whole capital. Im glad you liked it my friend9.gif

NY24: Many thanks!

Tankmank: Thank you for the nice comment!

_Marsh_: Thanks a lot! the seawalls are here and the grass under rails is a texture modd- i think it was on the LEX.

               Hoped that helped2.gif

Cobra_nVidia: Thanks!


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