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About this City Journal

Arden County is a replacement of New Lanchester(canceled due to save issues).It's also supposed to about a region that is ending it's industrial revolution and moving on from .The project is inspired by Many Americans Towns.I hope I can finish this project soon.P.S. I have decided to tell history tales about this region as the city journal goes on.

Entries in this City Journal


As of September 10,2017 I have decided to scrap Arden County for an unknown amount of period.The reason for it is because I want to try out building European cities.Another reason is my computer has reached it's limits on the city.I know this is very saddening but one day I could revive this project.



Ok I know not much progress was really made because I was lazy and I have to start getting packed for school which I will start Thursday.When School starts I won't be able to update like I would be able to instead I will post only on weekends or holidays depending on whenever I have time.P.S. I was going to include a metro system but because the metro overhaul mod packs so much load on my computer I won't be able to do so sorry for anyone who wanted me to include a metro system instead I will have a tram system instead going into downtown and a bus system which every major city should have.I'll try my best to get as much content out as possible before September 7.Email jordanelijah2003@gmail.com for answers and questions about Arden County.


I've been thinking about doing a small city with a few skyscrapers and stuff because even thought I said I won't be doing any Urban Cities anymore,Arden County needs some sort of large city something like Birmingham,Alabama to fuel the region so what do you think?Yes or no?I promise I won't restart everything like I did in the past.


Here is the west side of town


Outside the ghetto


Greenville's Backstory

1820-1928:Greenville was officially founded by a wealthy businessman named Larry T Eldman.He always dreamed of a industrial town and wanted to make it happen.When he became mayor he had 2 factories built on the eastern part of town which is now divided by a 4 lane highway.From there the money started to roll in and people started to move to town for jobs.It was a success at first then in 1852 suddenly factories stopped producing goods which then caused jobs and money to be lost.In 1857 a man by the name John Willowbrook was a politician and wanted to run for mayor.Eldman did everything to prevent Willowbrookfrom taking over such as spreading false rumors about him and slandering him on newspaper articles.Eldman then resorted to hired 2 two gunmen to take out Willowbrook and his whole family at Greenville's annual fair.On November 23,1858 the gunmen shot Willowbrook's wife and 2 children,stabbed him 4 times.It created a lot of chaos at the fair and when the police arrived John was the only one alive.After the fair shooting the police captured the two gunmen and hung them near the city hall.Nobody knew Larry was the person who wanted Willowbrook dead until the early 1870's when a former bodyguard of Eldman revealed that he overheard the conversations between Eldman and the two gunmen.The police arrested Larry at his home just outside Greenville and before hanging him they beat him with shovels and whipped him.Eldman's last words before hanging were "I shall be remembered for the senseless crimes I did against Willowbrook and his family".During the 1910's Greenville experienced a population boom which made their population go from 700 to 4,000 people.It actually helped the town because there were a lot of shops across the town but there weren't many people to fill in for jobs.It actually led to the town expanding in all directions and brought many industrial jobs to the town.In 1920,bars and taverns across the town closed down because of a national prohibition ban.

1929-1939:This was when Greenville started to experience it's economic downfall.When the great depression struck the U.S in 1929 much of the country was affected.Greenville wasn't affected much because of it's small size and not so big economy.But in 1931,the town really started to feel the effects of the great depression.People started losing their jobs,factories lost a lot of money because of less goods coming in,and stores closed down.A protest was held on March 9,1935 demanding for the mayor to fix the town's problems.The mayor Carl Hutchinson says"I've tried everything in my power to solve the issues Greenville is facing but in the end nothing worked".The crowd grew in anger and tried to attack the mayor but the police force stopped them for doing so.This cause the protest to turn into a riot and in the end 3 people died and 24 people were injured.When the great depression ended in 1939 the town began to rebuild from it

1940-1960:Greenville spent the majority of this time period rebuilding itself from the great depression and working to improve their economy.In 1951,the town officials passed a few bills to get the town running again.The town began to see it's economy fully recovered in 1955 with the return of industrial jobs and businesses reopening.In 1958,Greenville announced the opening of a new highway which divided the east side of town from the center part.

1961-1995:Greenville began it's golden age in 1961 when new stores opened up in Downtown and led to a rise of shoppers in the town.This made this Greenville the shopping capital of Arden County.Everything from cars to material supplies was sold in Greenville.This made the town a lot of money and even attracted some famous people to shop here because of the large amount of goods available.During the late 1960s the town was home to 3 large gangs The Vultures,2nd Street Kings and Ashira Boys.The Vultures is a gang which hangs out in the East part of town and doesn't really have a large amount of members and influence in the town.They are well known for small crimes such as robbery and thief.The 2nd Street Kings is a much larger gang that hangs out in the western part of town and is known to have large parties in the area.They are known for their drugs,Prostitution,and Murder.The Ashira Boys is not as large as the 2nd Street Kings but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous.They are known for Murders,Kidnapping,and Extortion in the Downtown Area.The police launched a full scale operation to take down these gangs in 1974.As many as 45 gang members were arrested for various crimes such as Rape,illegal possession of weapons,and many others.During the 1980s Greenville began to adopt farming in response to the high demand of farming jobs.With the creation of Greenville's new railroad the farming industry was sure to do well in the area.It didn't bring a lot of money to the town but at least it gave some job opportunities to citizens.In 1989,A teen was shot and killed by a 2nd Street Gang member because of some unknown conflict between each other.On June 20 the gang member was found not guilty of the crime and it sparked a lot of outrage within the townspeople.Many took to the streets to protest the judge's ruling.The peaceful protest didn't last long.When the mayor Tommy E.Johnson stated that there's no chance for a retrial for the gang member people started to get angry and in response started to throw rocks at the city hall breaking a few windows.The police was called in to contain the riot but instead it got worse.People pulled police officers out of their cars and beat them,destroyed cars,and even broke into a police station to steal weapons.The riot got so bad that the SWAT had to be called in to stop it.A gunshot was heard and then the SWAT opened fire on the crowd killing 6 people and injuring 20.Nobody knew who fired the bullet.The Riot lasted for 2 days before it finally came to a end.By then most of the town was trashed,many buildings were burned down including a school and some houses in the suburban  areas and the death toll was 31.This left a huge mark on the town and became Arden County's darkest days.In 1992,the officials built a memorial cemetery on the east side of town honoring the victims of the Greenville riots.

1996-Present:Greenville is currently a former shadow of itself and is still trying to recover from the events of the Greenville riots.Everybody has long moved on from the dark days and is looking towards a brighter future.







Before assuming that I will cancel this project I will not cancel this project at all but it's taking a new route.So I made a decision to start the entire project over as completely rural.Why?I've lost interest in developing urban areas and felt like I couldn't do rural and urban at the same time so in response I decided to start over the project as rural.You guys might not be happy about the decision but I just felt unwilling to do urban areas.I also promised to slow down the entries as I realized how much I did on this city journal.Thanks for the support and it keeps me motivated to continue this project.


The city council has recently gotten involved in a ongoing conflict on what should be built at this construction site


Developer #1.Uvorbo Construction & Landscaping wants to build a new housing area along the port area in the distance.Supporters say the project will house 8 families and will possibly provide new economic opportunities. 

Developer #2.Eden Construction CO. wants to include a brand new high school that could increase the land value in the area.Supporters say the new high school will increase the land value around the area and will give more teenagers access to a good high school.


Both sides are at each other's throats over the issues for a while now.There has been numerous confrontations and a fight over what should be built at this area.Which side do you choose?Also state why you chose that position.


Everyone who has been following my Arden County project,I've planned to stop working on this until I get equipment that can run this game without issues.For now I am shifting my focus onto European Cities for now.I plan to use less assets than I would use in American cities.


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