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XXXV・ A Sanese Autumn (Part 2)




Now, I am undertaking a huge project in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism in regards to a specific site to the city. It will be the first time where I use my city building skills to the test. Quite excited really, since it is also the first time that I presented my background to my professor. The university is affected by a major strike though. It will affect my update cycle through December and January so please bear with me while I deal with the matter. Replies from previous updates are below. お知らせを見てくださってありがとうございます。


Tonight, we come back at Okaiken's Street Scene, but at nighttime. Consider this as the continuation from the previous update.


"It's 8pm. Aren't you coming home yet?" Asked a woman on the telephone. "Not yet," said a person on his office. Just a few more documents to do and I'll be home soon.


"Sorry, okyaku-sama, but that is the last fish that we have for today," said a vendor. "Oh, ok," said a businessman who looked a little disappointed. He looked toward the street and saw a couple of street cars preparing for a night of 'illegal racing'. "It's time to go home, I guess," he said to the vendor. 


The clock turns 12 and the street scene become a little more interesting. At this time, illegal street racing is rampant and the usually quiet central business district roars with the sound of powerful engines. 


"Are you guys ready?" asked one member. "Yeah, let's do it," said another while bringing out the DJ equipment. Okami is known for its hip-hop scene. Famous artists such as AK-69 and Anarchy hail from Okami. 


By 1:00, a movie crew had set up filming equipment in front of Okami castle. AK-69 is performing his new music video there. "Yo, can you give me a smoke," asked him. "Here," said one of the crew. "


"I'm done," said a manga-ka, who is completing his new manga for a release on Tuesday.






From Update 33:

@tankmank thanks for the usual reply, glad you enjoyed it :) . @sunda gracias :P. @BugeyedDragon thanks! Trust me those ports took a while to place and demolish. I think it was already like a 2-3 year project when I built it. Glad it was finished. @TekindusT and @kschmidt thanks for your comments! @kingofsimcity it's usually light photoshopping. It can really take you far lol. @MushyMushy now that I had a grasp of density, what do you think is the sweet spot for density? :P @nos.17 I know, right? screens are usually "fun to deal with" (actually not.) So many standards for quality but none of them match. @tariely that's as much as I can do lol. Those containers I believe are from a mod from moonlight's blog, but check simcityedit.com for more info (it's in Japanese but you can figure it out easily. @CT14 thanks! I think he wants to know where I got my rail over container. @Ln X thanks! @Leszczyk you can do it! I started at the same place as you back in 2011. @Roman_Samudra thanks! @Takingyouthere I was known to not be overly dramatic with images. I let the mixed media do the emotion, and that depends on the content of the update, careful selection of colour and the organization. I may not beat @korver's standards when it comes to realism, but a little application of context will make your update pop. :P @Mr. Bluescreen it does sink down but you can compensate by flattening the area around it, using the road tool. Do not plop over high areas!!! @_Michael it's a secret formula that I have done at photoshop. :P

From Update 34:

@rathefalcon thanks! @raynev1 as I said, it depends on the other media and the structure of the update. I guess rationality prevails? lol. @RandyE thanks! City planning knowledge really helped a lot with the update. I hoped I can continue to expand my knowledge into the journal. @feyss@jmsepe, @_Michael, @v701, @slickbg56, @sunda and @kschmidt thanks guys! HAHAHAHA. @tariely If you think the first images are oppressive, you've never been to La Defense. :P 




VISIT THIS SITE to learn about the 2017 edition of the New Year's update. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. We will deliver you one of SimCity's most anticipated events, The fourth edition of Kotaro-sama's New Year!

As a special, you can take a look at my other, continuing work at this wiki to know more about Okaiken. Who knows that we had a wiki?

Also, don't forget to visit the Okaiken website. Who knows that I have a website?

じゃあ~ いってきます!(^も^)>



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      Cool update , I don't really get into hip hop . But I do like to check out different stuff . I have Youtube set to autoplay , so as I viewed this entry it made it more interesting . I thought I was going to see a street racing image , but that's okay . I'll let imagination handle that part  :lol:    I probably listened to about three more tracks before finishing this comment , so it must not have been too bad . Still a nice entry . Good luck with that strike stuff . Cheers .

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