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  1. XXXIII ・ Toyozawa no Minato

    I have that exact same container port and yet whenever I try to plop along the water they always mess up and "sink down". How exactly did you manage to have yours look so nice?
  2. Update 31- Downtown Santa Rio

    HEY! That's my region Glad someone put it to good use. Great city!
  3. Zephyr River Basin

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first SimCity 4 map I've ever uploaded. The Zephyr River Basin is an original idea of mine while i was bored at school. It has many river converging between two mountain ranges, providing a very water-based city to develop. It is 7x7 medium tiles. Sudden Valley Terrain mod and MayorBean's OceanRiverMOD were used in the screenshot.