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  1. Japanese Ambulance MOD

  2. Tobse_PoliceCar Set

  3. Japanese Police Car MOD

  4. Oh wow, well this blows simcity to the next level. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.
  5. Indeed. In fact I'd think that just looking into custom regions in general would be a great starting point on the path to figuring out how to modify the properties of the cities themselves. I can only imagine that custom regions were one of the things that maxis had in mind for it's modding plans.
  6. Indeed, that kind of stuff will have to wait for offline mode to come out. Then the modding policy and rollbacks won't be an issue.
  7. Japanese Ambulance MOD

    Excellent as usual.
  8. Tobse_Bus3*FIX

    The model is nice, but the textures need some work.
  9. Public Transport Stops

    Fantastic! Using these immediately.
  10. Japanese Police Car MOD

    These looks really nice! They blend into my cities very well.
  11. Tobse_PoliceCar Set

    It's a good idea for a mod, but it'd be nicer if the textures weren't just photographs.