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Melbourne Arts Precinct Part Two: Arts Centre v1

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Arts Centre Melbourne, Australia

The Arts Centre Melbourne is a performing arts centre consisting of a complex of theatres and concert halls in the Melbourne Arts Precinct, located in the central Melbourne suburb of Southbank. It was designed by architect Sir Roy Grounds.

The Spire
The new spire was completed in 1996, and reaches 162 metres. The spire is illuminated with some 6,600 metres (21,653 feet) of optic fibre tubing, 150 metres (492 feet) of neon tubing on the mast and 14,000 incandescent lamps on the spire's skirt.

Hamer Hall
Hamer Hall is a 2,661 seat concert hall – the largest venue in the Arts Centre complex, used for orchestra and contemporary music performances. It was opened in 1982 and was later renamed Hamer Hall in honour of Sir Rupert Hamer (the 39th Premier of Victoria) shortly after his death in 2004

Source: Wikipedia

This is my 11th BAT.

The Arts Centre Spire & Hamer Hall occupies a tile space of 16x6. It is an Opera House, and costs §68,000 to build with a monthly cost §330. Opera Houses provide an educational boost to older Sims.

Also included in the download are:
1) Separate Hamer Hall filler-lot. Hamer Hall is also an opera house, but has no associated costs, all costs are attached to the main lot. This is optional, place drectly under the Hamer Hall prop. If you don't want it, just delete the folder "Hamer Hall".
2) A small power generator. For some reason the BAT doesn't light easily with the standard city electrical grid. To get it to light up it may need its own generator, placed directly next to the Spire/Hamer Hall lot (hide it under the prop). Its small so will not be noticeable in-game. It outputs 6000 power but does not cost anything extra. If you find you don't need it, just delete the folder: "Power Generator".
3) Separate Optional Download: City Road Underpass (tunnel entrance). Only included for anyone that wants to build a road tunnel under the Arts Cente Complex, as in real life. In-game, there are no costs and its not lit.

The Arts Centre Melbourne comes in four colours (Blue, Red, Green & Purple), all four colours are available in Darknite and Maxis night versions.

Important: only download and install one choice of colour.

Once I work out how, I plan to release a multi-colour changing version as well.

There are no Prop dependencies, although the Dark Nite version requires SimFox_Day_n_Nite_Modd.

Download ONLY one choice of colour in the xx_DN zip file for Darknite version, or xx_MN for Maxis night versions (not both)

Please visit my Melbourne BAT thread to see my upcoming projects.

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The modeling! The materials! The night lights! The choice! And all the thought that went into how to make this useful in game... :boggle: You certainly went far beyond the call of duty to make another upload that really has it all, except for the kitchen sink. Wow!

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You totally outdid yourself with this project - you had mentioned that only the blue version would be available in Maxis night due to the long rendering times and I log on and see that the 4 colors are available in Maxis Night - YOUR ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for shouting.  Thank you very much....kudos!!!!!!!!!!

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I can't really add anything since everything has already been said, but the fact that you have passed over 2,000 downloads in about a day pretty much says it all.  Well done, and thanks for sharing your amazing BATs with the community.  

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