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  1. Creationism vs. Evolution

    Originally posted by: Barbarossa Originally posted by: manticorefan Since we're into the generalizing of state inhabitants, everyone in California is either gay, crazy, or both. Sorry, buddy... had to make a point about over-generalizing.quote> Feel free to try to point out a falsity in my statement. Have you ever been to Oklahoma? Have you ever lived there for an appreciable amount of time (5+ yrs). I lived there for 16 yrs and much of my family is still there. quote> Do I sense some arrogance here? Well by your own argument...did you live in every city in OK...every township, every villiage? To make such a blanket statement about the entire state. Take it easy on manticorefan...
  2. Okhta Center

    very nice
  3. Savoie; la Monarchie Alpine [Starting Page 20!]

    Indeed...very shameful self promotion for the Trixies, Carmine But, I see some of my handy-work has been showcased, so you are forgiven! Like the look of the new CJ.
  4. Detroit in SC4

    my wife is an OB/GYN resident at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.
  5. Detroit in SC4

    I live in Wyandotte....23rd street & Ford/Northline. Looking forward to more.
  6. Tonksies BAT Thread NDEX

    what makes you so sure that you will be able to add your own buildings in citiesxl?
  7. is the game customizable....(e.g., can we create custom content to add to the game/simulation)...if not, then I'm not interested
  8. [IFN] Harroning

    I've just discovered your cj and I am impressed....consider yourself subscribed to....
  9. Manhillton - member of the AFDES

    not bad for a first cj!
  10. American 2008 Election

    Originally posted by: Micah ... not until June.quote> Maybe not officially until June, but its over....Hillary has no shot. She is even starting to see some of her committed superdelegates switch sides today. She needs to leave on a positive like winning the next couple of primaries, but it is no matter....the math doesn't work for her in any scenerio even with the inclusion of Michigan and Florida.
  11. American 2008 Election

    stick a fork in Hillary....her ride is over....
  12. BLaM Parliament Building

    definately needs roof junk...
  13. American 2008 Election

    Originally posted by: Barbarossa I found this article to be entirely appropriate: Linkie I think that McCain's chances of winning are becoming more realistic everyday and the Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot. As is known, I am an Obama supporter and I do not like Hillary Clinton very much, at all. Besides, I do not support dynastic politics... I do not want to see Bush > Clinton > Bush > Clinton. I support whole-heartedly the idea of Change and a breath of fresh air to clean out these musty old men (and women). Anyhow, if Hillary gets the nomination, as much as it grates against my bones, I just may not vote this time. I certainly will not vote for McCain, but I do not know, now, if I can stomach a Hillary presidency. Barbarossaquote> Ditto...
  14. American 2008 Election

    Originally posted by: Frankie_Grove Originally posted by: yoder7652 Originally posted by: belfastuniguy The thing is that Hillary will still not have a realistic position for the nomination. She simply does not have the numbers.quote> Oh I know that, but to be honest, I don't think that is going to be as important as I previously though. The super delegates, as I stated previously are going to decide and no-one really knows what they will go with or how they will decide.quote> The super delegates will not go against the popular vote (maybe the delegate totals, but not the popular vote)...the party of Thomas Jefferson won't do that.quote> Super delegates have gone against the popular vote. They can do whatever they want. There were several who had already chosen the candidate they were going to throw their support behind. I was watching the Colbert Report, and one of the super delegates came on the show and claimed he was for Obama, in a time when he was still several percentage points behind Hillary. They also got into a discussion how super delegates don't have to go by the popular vote, and can do whatever they please because of their status.quote> Individual super delegates have declared support...yes. But that doesn't mean that they are stuck with their decision. After the last state has spoken, the collective of super delegates will not through their support behind the candidate with the least popular vote. Super delegates can change their mind who they support any time up to and during the convention. Remember...Howard Dean had the support of the super delegates early on and as he began to lose primaries and caucuses they jumped ship....