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It's a very simple and almost flat map for Cities XL 2012, replacing the Peninsula. It has custom textures, lots of place to build, a coast for placing ports (or blueprints built on water, like the Alcatraz), and all resources almost everywhere. It has road/railroad/highway connections on two out of four sides, so you can haul a lot of cargo even before placing a harbor.


It's basically like a quarter of a frisbee, almost perfectly flat in the corner opposite to the water, and gradually curving down towards the shore line, to meet the water in a gentle slope. It's still more than flat enough to build on in any point.


There are no trees in water. In fact, the the shore was actually built around the existing trees. So you don't have to buldoze anything.


It's inspired by the very flat geography of peninsulas like Denmark or Florida, or rather, coastal places on them rather than the whole peninsula, but it's not based on the actual terrain data of any particular place.


To install, just unzip the file into your Paks folder. To uninstall, just remove it. (Removing it might, however, break any cities built on the custom map.)


IMPORTANT NOTE 1: No attempt has been made to match the height of the map it replaces, and arguably it's not even possible to both have two maps have the same height in any place AND have one be flatter than the other. I.e., it might or might not break existing cities built on the Peninsula. It is highly recommended that you start a new city if you want to use it.


IMPORTANT NOTE 2: It has only been tested with Cities XL 2012. I have no idea if it works with 2011 or any other version.


Note 3: yes, I know it's not some great achievement. It's not the best map out there, nor particularly hard to make, nor the most realistic, nor anything else. I just wanted a flat map to build a great big coastal city on. Maybe someone else can use it too. Or maybe not.

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      Greetings Simtropolis mapping community.
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