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  1. If you look down the road in your last picture, the dashed lines that are part of the segment blurs more than the dashed lines that are part of the node. This led me to think that those lines aren't part of the diffuse texture. I was mostly trying to figure out how you can programmatically determine what transition node to render in order to properly match with each lane configuration of the previous and subsequent segments. It really sounds like an extraordinary amount of work to make separate textures for each transition node, are you changing something about how they're mapped? I'm very interested watching the progress on this. You're doing a phenomenal job and I can't thank you enough!
  2. This is really amazing, I applaud your efforts! (we need a clapping llama lol) Question though: The node and junction road lines for the 'smooth transitions' you mentioned earlier - the mipmapping looks different; are you using line props for those transitions? If so, is that logic you wrote into the mod, or something you figured out how to make the road editor do?
  3. I've had a number of requests for a lighter, not so new looking, version of the Parking Lot Roads. Here they are! I truly hope you guys enjoy these, it's only a minor tweak of the texture from the original pack. I was glad to lower the Road mask a little bit and let all that detail show through. I went with a stronger road mask in the first set because I thought they would be more flexible, since most creators like to throw decals everywhere anyway. These ^^ are actually closer to where I started this project before backing it off to look a little more stock.
  4. That's so cool! yeah, it makes sense that alterations to the particle effect wouldn't save with the asset. I've been curious about the smoke and steam particle effects for a while, they are almost (along with grass sprites) the only thing left in the game that still has that partial cartoony, obvious Unity stock look to it. Could really do with an overhaul. The tricky part would be getting custom sprites to work - then we could have particle effects on par with SimCity 2013, those looked gorgeous. Very nice find!
  5. Funny you would say the description has to be exactly the same! I didn't consider that... I did a test, pretty much just as you described, with a temp workshop asset a while back. I would update the description with a revision number so I could see if it would stick around in game. Of course, when it vanished from all my saves between updates, I feared that asset packs were just janky with updates and hoped I'd never have to update one lol! Awesome suggestions folks! I'll have to do more testing - at worse case, I'll just update it at the same time as the new DLC comes out, and blame all the broken saves on it! :-P
  6. @Delta2k5 LOL I can hear the echo on that lower deck from here! All you folks making this mod come to life are amazing - both sides, the creators and the users. Thank you
  7. Hey @Avanya, always nice to chat with you Yeah, someone mentioned that in the comments - I used the don't collect snow bit, accessible from modtools, for the diagonal lines pack. I've been hesitant to make an update to the original set because of the volatility surrounding making changes to custom roads. If I mess something up making the update, I don't want to completely break a bunch of folks saves. Thanks for the encouragement!
  8. Shannanigan: WIPs & Stuff

    Looks great! I really like your retro style preview pictures, looks fantastic!
  9. I'm not sure why they would be laying on the ground - best guess would be either the rotation or the pivot point on the mesh. The preview for the wire shader is really hard to see, maybe use the basic shader to make sure the rotation is correct and switch to the wire shader after you've got it. The pivot point on the wire mesh should be at origin/ground level, not in the center of the wire mesh. If you use ModTools to dump the mesh for the default in game wires, you'll see they are just really oddly stretched planes. I noticed that the size of the mesh seems to interpolate to the default wire size when using that shader. You might be able to play around with different meshes and get some different results. If those suggestions don't do the trick, it might be helpful to put up some screenshots of your problem. Good luck with your custom power lines!
  10. Trouble with trees and plants

    Are you placing the trees within/on a building by using the Prop & Tree Anarchy mod by chance? If so, Prop & Tree Anarchy needs to have the 'anarchy always on' checkbox ticked in the options, or you'll get symptoms like you're describing.
  11. Not much is off the table, I'll add it to the list. Thanks! Yeah, I really would like to make a few more schools, the variety is really lacking, the road editor is just too much fun though lol thanks all!
  12. That is a monster of a road! I'm very excited to see it complete
  13. I actually laughed out loud reading this, at work no less! Looks really good
  14. @Lost_Gecko Thanks for the advice! I'll see if network tiling will make the difference! Yeah, the segment bending just relates to how junctions are handled, and if a segment bending off that junction will bend when being drawn at a too sharp angle. Thanks for the input folks, I really appreciate it! But I added in the parking bumpers and they just didn't look right, either at the same angle as the parked cars or parallel to the row. I published two variants of the angled parking spaces for Right hand and Left hand drive. But both can be useful together for making one-way parking lots. I'd like to get back to working on other stuff, but so far the demand has been pretty high for parking assets - next up on the request list is other decorations that fit the theme. What would you guys like to see? so far the list is: Parking row end caps and Motorcycle parking spaces, I'd like to add more stuff but I'm not sure what. Thanks for reading :-)
  15. Thanks for the report - I loaded up MOM for the first time to look into it (I'm American, that's my excuse for never using public transport :-P) I didn't have any problems at all. I hope you find the solution to the conflict!