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  1. Hi all! So, I was visiting family for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, so getting some coding done was near impossible, but I did manage to find the time to start on a City Hall to be used with the Modular Buildings mod. I got it pretty much wrapped up over this last week - I've found that if I don't really feel like writing code, doing some modeling really helps break down the motivation wall. I just think it looks really pretty lit up at night... This is the base building as it's placed in-game. It's nothing too special - just under 2500 tris and 512x1024 textures. All of the available modules added - we've got a rear section, a left and right wings, a dome (with variants), and a left and right sitting area/platform. It's based on, but not a direct copy of the Alabama State Capital building in Montgomery. I went with more of a neo-classical style, rather than a southern classical style. With all the sub-buildings attached, the tri count is almost at 8100, and most of the buildings share textures, so with the Loading Screen mod sharing textures on the atlas, I hope it's fairly light. Here is the variant Dome, I like the gold-ish color, originally I was kinda going for a newer copper dome, instead of the older looking tarnished one, but I think I'll saturate out the yellow a little bit more and call it a gold dome. Also, got rid of the wings and platforms. Playing around with buildings you can add and remove pieces from at a whim is really fun, and really makes getting the look you're after pretty easy. I thought this looked like it should be on a postcard. I think I'm going to add a name plate module at the front with a few variations for 'city hall', 'state capital', or even something in other languages if anyone feels the architecture would fit it. The reference building has a clock tower on the front I thought would look kinda cool too. Thanks again for taking a look!
  2. Very pretty! I bet your new rocks would look great on it too
  3. I'd say your map theme is well on it's way to being a lush paradise. Have you considered blue-ing up the water a bit? It looks good now, I'm just thinking that bringing out the strong primary colors might fit better with the vibrant grass. I'm looking forward to seeing more, thanks for sharing!
  4. That is exactly what I'm thinking! although something like this could be used for decoration, my motivation is firmly gameplay/mechanics based. it's a good idea certainly, but probably out of scope for this project. In fact, take a look at @boformer's awesome modding tutorials, especially https://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/73475-modding-tutorial-1-prop-remover/ Using something like this, you could make a mod that swaps out props based on the time of year, it would probably take some voodoo to prevent a massive lag spike that'll happen when they change though. Besides, Colossal Order, based in Finland, really doesn't know about seasons. In fact, they had to guess what summer even looked like, which is why we have entirely different biomes for summer and snow. Awesome you would mention that! I was just working on that today, that's exactly in line with my vision for this mod. I rebuilt the interface.. and on boy, we sure could use some more documentation about how this all works. Anyway, the sub building that's shown was created using the template for the tax office, so it's unlocked by building a Water Treatment Plant, I haven't implemented it yet since I'm still trying to get everything to render out properly, but I'll disable the button if the unlock hasn't been fulfilled yet, exactly like how the builtin unique buildings work. Another thing is, that I'm having some goofiness around what buttons are present in the sub building atlas (it actually really messed me up before I added the placeholder icons, I thought the button was hidden somehow...) for these tests I'm just using stock buildings, so that might have something to do with it - in the next picture, you'll see that my custom building has it's icon in the atlas. The interface changes, I think, make everything a lot easier to use. Using the old interface, someone mentioned that putting everything in the city service building panel almost completely covered up the building your working on. Now, when you click the 'modify building' button: the city service info panel closes itself, the camera focuses on the building you're working on, and a special sub building panel opens. I wanted it to be similar to, but distinct from the regular building panels so that one could tell at a glance that you're altering a building's sub buildings. The tabs you see at the top of the sub building panel correlate to the sub buildings currently present. I'll put icons on them eventually, and in the end it'll end up being a little like the sub building tabs mod. You'll notice that there seems to also be an additional tab; this building is made up of a parent and only one child sub building. That extra tab opens back up the info panel for the parent building, while the subsequent tabs are for each of the currently existing sub buildings. Clicking on one of them will open up the info panel for that sub building. If the sub building is providing a service (like healthcare or police) it'll have all the regular information pertaining to that, it will also contain a button to destroy that sub building, if desired. The way I plan on going with this, is to use the stock building editor to place all the sub buildings, then also have a config xml that contains things like additional abilities (like instant +5000 money, or +5 service vehicles to parent, configurable per each sub building) and some form of dependency and mutual exclusivity chains; for instance, if you place an extra classroom on a modular school it might take up the same space that an auditorium would have taken, so you can't have both. I plan to figure out a way to detour (probably give Harmony a shot) the building placement so that the prefab is stripped of sub buildings during placement only if the config xml exists for the building, that way we don't end up messing up buildings that aren't built specifically for this mod but still use sub buildings, and at the same time we can still view/change/remove sub buildings for them. Like, if you don't want the integrated metro in the Intl. airport, you can remove it, no problem. Thanks for all the feedback, folks. I really appreciate you all chatting with me about this, it's slow going trying to get everything right, but seeing the level of interest is most definitely motivating.
  5. Looks superb, nice work so far! you have got to post a video of that lol
  6. [Release] Cubemap Replacer

    Too cool! very nice There's a bunch of sky boxes out there, most of them will probably work here with only minimal alteration.
  7. It's been a while folks, I moved and got the office all setup, things are starting to slow down for the winter.. and Green Cities came out (yay!) Of course, waiting for all the mods to be updated is such a pain, I decided to try vanilla again - it's still alright... but I actually had way more fun with the upgrade system from the Concerts DLC. It made me think about revisiting the old idea from SC5, modular buildings. I know we've talked about it here in the past, and I figured that it would be worth taking a look into. Following @Judazzz urging, I figured why not. I noticed that I could delete sub buildings out of the prefab, place the building, reload the game(restoring the prefab), and relocate the building to bring back the sub buildings. This even worked on a building by building basis, so multiple instances of the same prefab wouldn't mess it up. It seemed like all this could be done programmatically without too many headaches. I developed a VERY rough proof of concept that I hope to develop further. I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, I do lots of PowerShell at work and I've developed simple little things in a few other languages, but never touched C# before. @boformer Thanks so much for the Mod development tutorials, they all were an excellent introduction to interacting with game functions. Not to mention that the old SubBuilding Enabler mod was a very good reference for my project, that and @BloodyPenguin Sub Building Tabs source were a huge insight for how the instance keeps track of it's sub buildings. Thank you both so much. I know the video is a little grainy, but I hope it gets the point across. I need to improve the UI definitely, and I have some ideas for the core features. The gist of how it works is: the list of subbuildings is pulled in from the prefab into a temp array when you click the button to add a subbuilding, it copies off the subinfo to a list along with the currently present subbuildings from the instance then refreshes the prefab containing the subinfo only for the subbuildings that have been picked finally putting all the prefab subinfo from the temp array back into the prefab so it's ready for the next use. I hope you folks found this interesting. Thanks for taking a look, I hope to hear some ideas from you all.
  8. Nice going! congrats! the models and textures look very well done. It must have been heartbreaking having to put everything in lots with default trees
  9. +1 for American style big rigs, I'd love to see you two come up with some amazing things together, and the best part of all, twice as fast! It's always a pleasure seeing your work
  10. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the power plant finished, it's looking great so far! The Spiky Star Monument of Eternal Spikiness is really nice looking, is it going to be mounted on a pedestal or sitting on the ground?
  11. @whiteshark365 That came out really nicely! @MichelB Nice to have you with us! always nice to have additional expertise @teknon Glad to hear from you again! thanks for the picture, I've been wanting to expand the piping set to include some more decorative pieces before starting on the next RICO module, I think that your suggestions would fit the bill perfectly. I'm in the process of moving, so I haven't had a lot of time for making things - but I'll be jumping back in very soon! Thanks again everyone!
  12. The request thread is over here: But, having said that - what are you looking for? just one house? do you have pictures or a link to google earth?
  13. RICO Mod - Extractor

    Extractor is a term for the specialized industry that consumes a natural resource. Sub-service sets the density or the type of resource that is either produced by an extractor or consumed by a processor for the different specializations. Also applied to Commercial I think you can specify Leisure or Tourism in addition to density. AJ3D wrote a guide for how to properly configure plopable RICO for asset creators, you can look at it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=628080291 The relevant section says: name: Enter the asset name of your building here, including caps and spaces. service: Use residential, commercial, office, industrial, or extractor. Industrial processing buildings will have industrial as a service. sub-service: For residential and commercial, use high or low. For generic industrial, use generic. Industrial processing and extractors can use farming, oil, forest, and ore. For office, use none. level: Buildng level. 1-5 for residential, 1-3 for office, commercial, and industrial generic. Use 1 for for extractors and industrial processing. workplaces: Total number of workplaces. Set to 0 for residential. homes: Home count for residential. Each home holds 3-5 residents. Set to 0 for non-residential. construction-cost: Inital construction cost. Enter 0 for no construction cost. ui-category: This determines what panel the asset will be added to on the RICO panel. Options include reslow, reshigh, comlow, comhigh, office, industrial, oil, ore, farming, forest.
  14. very nicely done! that video makes me almost unreasonably excited to use this Thanks for the hard work