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  1. Nice going! congrats! the models and textures look very well done. It must have been heartbreaking having to put everything in lots with default trees
  2. +1 for American style big rigs, I'd love to see you two come up with some amazing things together, and the best part of all, twice as fast! It's always a pleasure seeing your work
  3. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the power plant finished, it's looking great so far! The Spiky Star Monument of Eternal Spikiness is really nice looking, is it going to be mounted on a pedestal or sitting on the ground?
  4. @whiteshark365 That came out really nicely! @MichelB Nice to have you with us! always nice to have additional expertise @teknon Glad to hear from you again! thanks for the picture, I've been wanting to expand the piping set to include some more decorative pieces before starting on the next RICO module, I think that your suggestions would fit the bill perfectly. I'm in the process of moving, so I haven't had a lot of time for making things - but I'll be jumping back in very soon! Thanks again everyone!
  5. The request thread is over here: But, having said that - what are you looking for? just one house? do you have pictures or a link to google earth?
  6. RICO Mod - Extractor

    Extractor is a term for the specialized industry that consumes a natural resource. Sub-service sets the density or the type of resource that is either produced by an extractor or consumed by a processor for the different specializations. Also applied to Commercial I think you can specify Leisure or Tourism in addition to density. AJ3D wrote a guide for how to properly configure plopable RICO for asset creators, you can look at it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=628080291 The relevant section says: name: Enter the asset name of your building here, including caps and spaces. service: Use residential, commercial, office, industrial, or extractor. Industrial processing buildings will have industrial as a service. sub-service: For residential and commercial, use high or low. For generic industrial, use generic. Industrial processing and extractors can use farming, oil, forest, and ore. For office, use none. level: Buildng level. 1-5 for residential, 1-3 for office, commercial, and industrial generic. Use 1 for for extractors and industrial processing. workplaces: Total number of workplaces. Set to 0 for residential. homes: Home count for residential. Each home holds 3-5 residents. Set to 0 for non-residential. construction-cost: Inital construction cost. Enter 0 for no construction cost. ui-category: This determines what panel the asset will be added to on the RICO panel. Options include reslow, reshigh, comlow, comhigh, office, industrial, oil, ore, farming, forest.
  7. very nicely done! that video makes me almost unreasonably excited to use this Thanks for the hard work
  8. Precisely Thank you all for the nice comments and motivation. @Judazzz That's certainly something to think about. I'm on the systems architecture side of things, but I value our code monkey brethren I extended you a friend request in Steam, if I do decide to start exploring the modding side of things I would value your advice, if you don't mind
  9. I think the optimal use for your pavement texturing technique would be making large parking lots and open areas that don't look like sidewalk, they would look like the roads in the area, but unless we only make 90° parking areas, we'll be left with gaps in the texture and nothing that matches to fill it with. Using decals without z-fighting would be a massive step forward for making this a viable mod, especially how, um, interesting lol, it is to create the assets for it. The Nuke power plant looks amazing, I'm very much excited to see your excellent texture work on it!
  10. That rusty boat looks really cool! are you planning on leaving it only as a prop, or are you going to import it as a cargo ship as well? I hate massive container ships trying to navigate my narrow rivers.
  11. Very good ideas with potential suicide lane inclusion, but somehow I fear the AI will let you down with making any real progress on it. I can easily see the AI using it as a U-turn everywhere lane and end up looking very chaotic. Something else to think about is that the only time suicide lanes are used is to cross traffic to pull into a parking lot or shopping center on the other side of the road. In that event, the parking space search radius takes over and the cars cross the road anyway (usually in ridiculous ways involving 270° turns)
  12. I'm so trying not to sound like a fan-boy, but those are amazing looking! I can't wait to use them, not to mention that we really need a mod more than ever now to replace default assets with custom alternatives
  13. Published! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853655964 Thank you all! I know, we have a severe lack of parking garages in the game given how prominent they are in a real city. With builtin sub-building support, and mod support that makes parking spots more desirable, it really adds realism to have to worry about parking. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed digging around in mod tools - I should really learn Unity... but I do a lot of scripting at work, and I suppose I'd rather not come home to Visual Studio as well lol. I'm gonna be heading back to some Oil Refinery assets now, the refinery project is far from over, we got tons of work left to do!
  14. That opens up a lot of options! you must share your method Very nice work!