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  1. @Framit Your node mesh looks a bit off, assuming its the picture to the right side. Try scaling it up to 64m as well, even though it won't really be that long. Looks like you're almost there, keep it up!
  2. Looks like the top part of your mesh doesn't have any subdivisions, the model can only bend where there is a vertex. The game will automatically scale and tile the texture so it's not cut off when the network ends. You can use the Network Tiling Mod to have a little more control over how that happens, or just adjust your texture to compensate for that. It's looking good so far, nice work!
  3. Hey folks! Just more fences. Thanks for everything School progress is coming along, but ya know, it's a big building.
  4. Nicely done lattice work
  5. Hey everyone - Unfortunately and fortunately it's been a busy week. I haven't had a chance to get around to the school too much, I do think that I found a way of handling the larger windows and doors, I'm curious what you think about this: I'm actually reusing the wall trim quite a bit for this, I don't want it to look too grungy, but I just couldn't get anything else looking right in the atlas space I had leftover. Another week, another set of network fences. I have a pretty big backlog of fences now, so I'm hoping to get a pack out once a week til I run out. This week's pack actually isn't from the backlog, it was a special request from your friend and mine, our very own - @bsquiklehausen I'm sure you all have no idea what it'll be used for Let me know what you think about doing more of these fences, I'm sorry if I come along and release some fences that are redundant to assets that are already on the WS, I'm just making stuff I want to use. Thanks everyone!
  6. There's gonna be a lot of great race track assets coming up soon, I can smell it!
  7. You've been making some great stuff! I'm super interested to see more!
  8. Cool, thanks @barcasam7 I'll keep the original name. Here are a few more progress shots - a good chunk of the diffuse texture is done. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do some of the front doors and back windows. Testing in-game, doesn't look too bad - but you get used to looking at it in 3ds max and you realize how much the game really mangles it... You can see above, I have a couple gaps in the mesh I still need to map properly. I'm kinda stuck thinking how it should be done - the real thing has some silver accents there, but I don't know if I want to copy that completely. I'm liking the way the front profile is turning out - I picked this building because of the interesting front side overhang. Another thing - I've released a set of network fences to go along with my privacy fence. These things a real fun to do, mostly because it's pretty easy to churn one out on a daily basis, even with my busy work schedule. Thanks for reading, everyone!
  9. I started working on something that has been on the list for quite some time it's been listed in the OP to this thread for the last year and a half... Before I started getting distracted by all the cool network stuff. It's been a while since I've made a pretty building, I hope I remember how This is Regis prep high school, technically a private high school; but there's no need to get that specific in-game. What do you guys prefer, an asset name like 'suburban high school' or should I name it after the thing I modeled it after? I've got the base mesh blocked out, still lots of little details to add though. I've started on the textures, but there's still a long way to go. It looks like I'll be able to squeeze everything into a 1024x2048 map. It's 19x11 tiles in-game, so it'll be split up into a subBuilding. I'm at 1461 tris currently, that includes face cuts for texturing purposes too; but I expect that number to grow a bit when the detailing starts. Thanks for reading, everyone!
  10. Hey everyone, thanks for all the support on previous pipeline asset - here is the second in the series of industrial pipes. I've got some interesting ideas for the next industrial network based thing, but first I'd like to make something pretty - looking at industrial hellscapes in google maps gets real tiring. WIP pics coming soon, promise! Until then - Distribution pipes are up, hope you all find some creative uses for them :-D https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1392502922 Thanks!
  11. Looking forward to seeing it work for ya :-D To remove the other network types, make sure you have the road selected Open up ModTools Scene Explorer (ctrl+e) On the left, find Tool Controller and open it, select NetTool Now on the big pane on the right, find Prefab, open that, and find m_netAI Inside of m_netAI you will see the m_bridgeInfo, elevatedInfo, etc for all the different types. Hit Unset next to the ones you want to get rid of. They wont go away immediately, just save the asset, open it up again and they will be gone. Good luck!
  12. Oh man, that's actually hilarious! I don't suppose you setup a goofy plopable RICO config or anything, right? or maybe another workshop asset that has a crazy RICO value? looks like your building is shaping up quite well, the shape is interesting, the modeling looks well done. The textures look as good as they can be for so much concrete.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement. Also thanks for your assets! I just realized I have been using your parking garage all over my city build =)

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      Any time! :thumb:

  14. Looks like you're off to a very nice start so far! I like the almost retro style Remember that things get brightened up quite a bit in game. If you find that your sign ends up too bright compared to everything else, just take your texture and darken it maybe 25 to 50%
  15. Just getting something from a 3d modeling app into the game, with all the textures working and intact is an accomplishment, nice going! Just remember, it's all about practice and patience, nothing happens overnight; it looks like you're on your way to more complex geometry and textures already. Good luck!