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  1. Although this reality should be present, are we sure we'd rather have the zoning be classified by wealth rather than the traditional density? I, myself, would like to see these kind of neighborhoods arise spontaneously, through autonomous processes in the new model. Perhaps a preference to live near your own class or some such built into how they choose their houses or whatever is closest to the handling model.
  2. Chicago BAT Project

    I know O'Hare itself has been shot down, but terminals 2 or 5 might be interesting, especially if you convert the people-mover station in 5 into a elevated or monorail transit-enabled. But, of course, we're already far ahead of ourselves.
  3. RHW-4 Toll Booth

    Just grand!
  4. Chicago BAT Project

    Being a native Chicagoan, I'd love to see some more of the older buildings of the city. One gem that gets overlooked is the Board of Trade building, I think-- though it was used as Wayne Industries for those Batman movies. One of the most interesting buildings, and a great idea for a park lot, is the Garfield Park Conservatory or the "Fountain Of Time" in Jackson Park. I'd also suggest the Thompson State Of Illinois Center, as it's quite a unique look, even if not the tallest.
  5. RHW Toll for 4 or more lines?

    For wider toll booths, I tend to use the Network Widening Mod, and a tollbooth download together, to widen the lanes out and then back in. An added bonus is the lane pathing will go through all of the options, unlike (for example) Mr Snoopy's widened MaxisHW booths.
  6. RHW vs Maxis Highways

    I use Maxis highways for a purposeful "older-not-up-to-standards" kind of feel, in dense neighborhoods. Some of the older roads in Chicago are practically MaxisHW, so I use it for that kind of feel.
  7. Subway staion with underpasses

    My suggestion might be to switch it from subway to pedestrian, so as to be a stairs down to the lower road...
  8. I hit upon an idea but I'm not sure how the system handles this and also if it's part of the vanilla or not. In order to encourage a certain "class" of resident, could specific parks be modified to have a localized radius desirability effect for the specific class? I thought of a series, for example: R$- Basketball Court R$ $- Playground R$ $ $- Tennis court. I know the possibility exists that this is a very simple mod, but I'm incredibly bad with the technical things. Obviously, the effect would have to be big enough (in strength of effect) to make it be a useful way to "groom" neighborhoods to the desired wealth level, but small enough (in both strength and radius) it wouldn't cause half the tile to change over. Edit: This would also need to remove the park effect, so I'm told.
  9. Better Waste to Energy Plants

    Adding just the parking lots doesn't do much, but the railyarding is a bit nice. I'd advise you to do this kind of upload as either a single set, or put more actual changes from the default lot into it.
  10. Show us your Toll and Service Plazas!

    Also, please be merciful and consider a flip for those of us who drive on the right!! Although I suppose one could do inside-the-median with those...
  11. Show us your Toll and Service Plazas!

    @nathanthemayor: I think the unusual part to people is the use of manual on the inside; usually most open-road tolling has the stopping customers exit. They still look very good though!
  12. New Connections

    Thanks for the info, TowerDude-- In fact, it was just this mod I had before I lost my Plugins folder, so thanks for helping me get it back!