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  1. SunnySide 60

    What a nice looking building. adding this to my landmark list
  2. London.sc3

    Yay you finally did it. . love them cities, when I start I would make London landmarks for your London. I know the Petronaus tower is meant to be Swiss RE Tower.
  3. Luigi Highrise

    Version 1.0.0


    Luigi Highrise File: BAP Size: 2x2 Type: Residential Another classic building of mine and finally now available for you to use in your cities
  4. Brooklyn Appartments

    Version 1.0.0


    Brooklyn Apartments File: BAP Size: 2x2 Type: Residential Brooklyn apartments is a classic building of mine back on win 95 sc3k. and this is my 3rd version. I had trouble uploading it properly for some reason.
  5. Big_City.sc3

    They may of tweaked the population, I remember back in the sc3k old exchange there was a city called Cumberland with 2'000'000'000 people.
  6. Hex Editing Fun in SC3000

    I love <3 this time travelling device, cites from sc3k past 2050 seems uncanny for me. I like to edit them back in the 1900's and play them up to the 80s or 90s based on the SimCity technology and buildings.
  7. SimCity 3000 UK buildings to sjs Converting

    You don't have to give me any UK buildings. I figured out the building set sprites. I made A European backup set and copied the UK set and formed a separate folder. just overwrite the EU dat file then if you want to see the European buildings again, just overwrite the dat file back to original. but the UK buildings would in fact still have the European names
  8. Custom Landmark// Violet Tower

    Version 1.0.0


    Violet Tower Size: 1x1 File:Landmark File Type: Landmark/Commercial Place of Origin: Ryuto City, TARALOM Violet Tower is a nice purple tower in a huge business district. this building I used my custom windows i made for BAP but its now a sjs landmark. Unzip the folder and place this in your C:\GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\PlugIn\ folder.
  9. Half Chase Building

    Worked like a charm in my city. looks cool and pretty tall for a 2x2 building
  10. Custom Details I am making

    This is my custom details foe bap.
  11. Let's build for SC3 !

    Having it as dat and pin file only makes your building a landmark. sjs file lets the user go on Sc3urk and render it as either a landmark or a replacement building on selecting "unpack sjs file".
  12. Let's build for SC3 !

    pretty cool sjs towers.
  13. SimCity 3000 UK buildings to sjs Converting

    pictures in N S E W to make buildings (Personally for my city if it goes against anything), I like to show them buildings off as Ryuto City pictures, or my British Themed cities. just post them in chat if it violates the thread I'll minimally only want 5 UK Buildings. I like UK buildings such as. Dog Bone Pub 60 Apartments or( 60 Tower) Trepidation Towers Smithton's Shopping Arcade Brighton's Bureaucracy. I'll give the rest a miss. that way keeping UK Editions values. (even though no that game is sold for modern computers) I'll kind of see UK Edition being sold of GOG in future.
  14. SimCity 3000 UK buildings to sjs Converting

    All I wanted is the Maxis UK buildings to be available as landmarks or replacement buildings downloads (Due to UK Edition not compatible, and for players that never seen them) like what ADC and SAC did with Maxis buildings back in the days those sites were available.
  15. SimCity 3000 UK buildings to sjs Converting

    I probably need a old windows or a vista laptop to play UK Edition and extract the uk buildings.