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Brooklyn Apartments

File: BAP

Size: 2x2
Type: Residential

Brooklyn apartments is a classic building of mine back on win 95 sc3k.
and this is my 3rd version.

I had trouble uploading it properly for some reason.

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    • By Badi_Dea
      Hi all!
      Like most of you folks, I have a huge back-catalog in a spreadsheet somewhere of assets I plan on making some day.
      Well, here's my list.. This is just the stuff I want to make, It's alright if there is already a good asset on the workshop for it, it's just for my own pleasure.
      This isn't going to replace the refinery project, I'll still keep updating that thread. I just wanted to have a place to keep my other assets organized and seek advice from everyone.
      I'll have to clean up the list at some point, but for now it's just a data dump. I have some more things I would like to make, but I don't have a design picked out yet, so I left them off for now.
      Oil Refinery - Oil Processing
      Oil Refinery - Cargo Train Station
      Oil Refinery - Cargo Ship Dock
      Maintained Parking Lot Set
      Park, in road menu
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      Steelworks - Ore Processing
      Steelworks - Ore Processing
      Grain Silo
      Food Processing
      Concrete Plant
      Road Maintenance Building
      City College
      High School
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      Format: .bld Dimensions: 2x2 Intended zone type: Civic - Library Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
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    • By chfzdn
      We have ideas for city simulation games but we don't have places to discuss and show off aside from forums. While this is working well, it can slows down consensus-based decision making. For instance, the SimCity 4's plugin redistribution problems remain unfixed completely due to lack of proper consensus among file exchanges. These problems are preventing the bigger challenges to be solved including the heavily-discussed better plugin downloading system.
      The Citysim Conference attempts to making the ideas into reality by grouping citysim community figures (game makers, modders etc) into one physical places. This year's Citysim Conf addresses open-source city simulators and SC4's plugin redistribution and downloading systems. For the place, we want to be accessible by everyone, especially Asian figures (who accounts for awesome mods). This will be decided by consensus. The time for the conf is around May 15, 2018. For who are asking for logo, preparations and other media, we want the figures who competent in the field to make it well (logo can be made by @Ganaram Inukshuk etc).
      Share your own replies (opinions included). Replies are respected. Thank you for your attention.
    • By boldlybuilding
      So, I am starting a new thread here for any and all future assets I create for the game. My thread for the World Trade Center was originally supposed to be for that, but obviously it turned into a thread dedicated to that. In this one, I will try to keep WIP things to a minimum (or at least not like with the WTC), instead focusing on any finished assets and any updates on new stuff I'm working on.
      For starters:
      I'm sure most of you found it by now, but my first post-WTC building is the "Dump National Hotel", a magnificent golden slab to plop in your city. Actually, two, as it's actually two triangular towers in one lot. Especially if you read the Steam description, the name is a not-so-subtle parody of Donald Drumpf, mainly his penchant for all things gold and putting his name in 20 foot letters on every building he owns, like with the Drumpf tower in Chicago, where the DRUMPF name now looms over the Chicago River. The hotel can be found on Steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=527008015
      (Scroll down below the images to see another big update!)

      Now, as I've been trying to work more on other more important things I really need to be doing, I need to spend a bit less time on Skylines stuff, but it seems I just can't resist as much as I'd like. I may or may not do a bus station eventually, but there's something else I'll look into...
      For the longest time, I had no idea how to import vehicles, what was needed for them, and so on. But I decided to just make a simply plane-shaped thing and test it in the game. I just kept the pivot point the same as you would with buildings, but I put the nose wheel and the forward main wheels a little lower, as I recalled reading somewhere that the game automatically makes those move, and it worked perfectly! All I'd need to do now is make a decent model with textures and an LOD. Here's the test I did:

      Any suggestions for making planes work best would be appreciated! Especially where lighting is concerned, as I don't know if it's the same as with buildings.

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