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  1. Can you just delete whole prefabs? Making a network ground or bridge only for example?
  2. According to the Wiki, yes: "All nets will be referred to as roads here." Technically they are networks, of which Elevated and Tunnel etc. are Prefabs.
  3. New way to share massive savegames??

    I had the same! Yesterday all my 131 mods were disabled out of nowhere after a restart. After a 'Enable All' only 48 were actually enabled (after a crash of course) and had to enable the rest by hand with 5 fps, took me 15 minutes at least
  4. Additional Public Transit

    Good stuff is coming, please stand by
  5. @AmiPolizeiFunk They are still on there, check again. Thale (author of LSM) is working on a fix.
  6. I have played a little with Train Tracks, and I plan to keep doing that. That is the best approach, but also very difficult at the moment. The editor is very complex and the Road Editor Wiki is far from complete. Right now it's just a matter of trial and error, and sharing. Once we know more, together we can put together a tutorial. I think @BadPeanut knows most about the editor of all of us by far, so I'm also looking at you for help man
  7. When I do something in the editor, I always use the -noWorkshop startup parameter. Like you say, mods not only influence the game, but also the editor. If you ever need some mods that help with asset creation, put them in the Local folder of the game (in AppData). Other than that I have no idea how MaxOS works, this is just what I do on Windows.
  8. So errrm Floating Parks

    Maybe the shades are broken
  9. New way to share massive savegames??

    I think so. But it will probably crash your game, likd mine does when I hit 'Enable All' for my mods. I hope it only forces the mods that are saved to the game, and not utility mods like PLT or Camera Mods. Less more means lower chance of crashing then hitting that button.
  10. In the right-top corner, hit Share and Save as Image
  11. Raising height of train causing glitches

    First the Train Tracks, because MOM tracks already look really good. In the future I might do a little work on the MOM tracks, depending on free time. It has been a long time ago since I put a train in the editor, but I do vaguely remember a floor in my double-decker train. I'm certain there is a way to edit it, but I recommend you leave it as it should be. I'd rather sit with @andreharv and see if we can raise all trains globally, instead or raising just your train (to later have it lowered down)
  12. Raising height of train causing glitches

    Just keep it a 0, I plan to make a mod that provides better rail meshes, which will be thinner than the current ones, so the wheels won't cut through them. If you raise it now, it might float in the future
  13. Additional Public Transit

    We can make our own MOM depots? Why didn't you say that sooner! Truth is, while the default depot fits the Steel tracks and style, it doesn't really fit the modern style of the Concrete tracks. When I find time I will make a new depot
  14. Additional Public Transit

    I think all networks should have depots
  15. Those are some very nice some rocks, looking forward to the some stream footage.
  16. Description The Expo Line is a Light Rail service in Los Angeles (USA) run by the LA Metro company and is named after the Exposition Boulevard. The line features unique artwork on every station and runs from 7th Street/Metro Central (Downtown LA) to Downtown Santa Monica and was opened in 2012. More info Joak and I decided a while ago to recreate a part of the line. He would make some stations, and I would do one or more trains. The result: Joak: Jefferson, Santa Monica & 7th Street Station. Tim: P3010 Train, Expo Line catenary, wires, rails and textures. The stations and train will be released as soon. I made the other stuff to show what Network Skins will offer in the future. See for yourself! Note: Not all segments/nodes of all networks look as they should.
  17. Introduction With the much appreciated help of @boformer I managed to make the beginnings of a mod that aims to add more customization to the existing Train Tracks network. I'm currently testing to see what others experience when using this mod. Anyone who has me as a friend on Steam can subscribe to the Beta. I update daily as I keep encountering small issues. With your help I can speed up the process and get the mod ready for release sooner. For your information: I don't know how to code, all current lines of code are taken for the Bus Stop Replacer mod (by @boformer) Aim The aim for this mod is to give players full control over the visuals of their rail network. I plan to do this by adding as much variety as possible. I'm thinking of all standard catenaries of most major countries. Along the way I can also make (generic) requests. On top of that I want to give you the ability to submit your own models, which I can then add to the mod. Unfortunately, you cannot do this yourself as you can for Network Skins, as I try to keep this mod simple. However, this might change in the future as Network Skins is still undergoing development. How it works The mod will include several 'Styles' you can choose from in the Mod Options. Changes are applied when loading a save from the Main Menu only (again: keeping it simple). The mod will then replace all vanilla props with custom props. This includes vanilla Station Tracks, but also all tracks from Extra Station Tracks and One-Way Tracks. Until Network Skins is updated, you cannot change props per segment. All changes are visual and will therefor not break your game. When anything goes wrong or when unsubscribing, the game will simply load the vanilla props. While it's in Alpha, I still advise to avoid testing on your favorite city, but that goes for every mod you try out. Roadmap All will be optional Add more variety to the props (example) Add random track-side junk (e.g. rails & sleepers) Add random track-side props (e.g. powerboxes) Add signals at intersections Add End-of-the-line prop (example) Add custom Buffers (per style) Add custom wires (per style) Current Issues (September 15th) When switching styles, props disappear when loading new save from main menu (prop = null) (Thank you @boformer) Changes are not applied to all neworks (inconsistent) (Fixed myself) Props big in file size (1,8mb) even when all source files together are 500kb Sometimes props have a +2m offset to the left or right at intersections (Magically disappeared) Props have an offset of 2,4m (might be from the asset editor) (Thank you @boformer and @Ronyx69) Help me please! Like I said: I'm not familiar with coding in C#, so every bit of help is much appreciated. I'm doing all I can to teach myself, but I've been unable to find CS related tutorials. At the moment I have Notepad++ and Microsoft Visual Studio. If you know any good sites or documentation, please let me know. If you can help me with testing, or know how to fix an issue, please leave a reply. I check the forums hourly. Thank you all! Screenshots
  18. Catenary Replacer

    Global, same as always. But now you don't have to go back to menu every time. Network Skins might get an update after the new DLC.
  19. Catenary Replacer

    Update Added Expo Line style. You can now change styles in-game!
  20. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    P3010 (LA Metro) released by TimTheTerrible
  21. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    Then I will not answer. Just kidding. I believe it will be like that. Just like NExt provides new different looking roads, this mod will provide different looking tram prefabs (read: roads types) with custom texture (gravel and grass) and lane props (overhead wires/catenary) and maybe much more, or much less, really depends on how much time we can afford to spend on it. Just like cars drive on vanilla roads and on NExt roads, tram will be able to drive on the new stuff. Don't take my word for it though, ask @BloodyPenguin and @andreharv.
  22. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    @Igorp133 I forgot to mention that we decided that Light Rail deserved a stand-alone mod, which will be based on the tram network, with custom looks. No further details.
  23. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    Thanks! Good to be back! At the moment we are working on an update that is due next week, but for now it doesn't include catenary. I can say that, don't take my word for it, it shouldn't take much more time to add it though. Only @andreharv can tell us. But rest assure, it will come, and many more goodies are coming!
  24. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    Irwindale Station released by Polygon (previously Joak)