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  1. Thanks guys. This is what happened after removed the dam. LOL I 've put dozens of new pumps further down to the left.
  2. "Yep, 12 Water pumps definitely suck out all the waters in the river. Specially when you put those right before a dam. Noted!" Thats what i said to myself after seeing this in my city. Anyone experience this before? any workarounds? I have dozens more in other area. Questions is: If i bulldoze the dam, will it solve this issue?If i bulldoze the dam, will it be massively flooded around the area? I've been thru this epic floods before, and its really really frustrating. lolIf i move those pumps upstream will it solve the issue? upstream (to the rightside) area still it normal condition. downstream is great water depth but already contaminated with dozens of sewage.I'm pretty sure that this will affect the dam electricity output as well. and it's been the one and only busy access to other areaI appreciate any workarounds.. specially to avoid massive floods Cheers
  3. 6x4 Industrial Container Yard

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a 6x4 Container Yard created to blend with your industrial area. Work like any other Parks or Parking Space Hope you like it. Enjoy!
  4. Toll Booth not working

    Sorry mate, still not working. i also still can't figured out why.. i've tried everything. Delete & download complete set new one also install only your recent S2 provided. Both in Mac & PC. Look, i think this issue not come from your side. Coz i see there are couple of Assets downloaded have the same issue with yours. Everything looks ok on Content Manager but only some is working. . Is it only works with Steam? i'm running on cracked version But i will buy this game on Steam anyway, thanks a lot for getting back. i appreciate it.
  5. Large Bus

    Version 1.0.0


    This just a simple Bus Asset modified from the default one. It can holds 60 passengers to reduce passenger spawning on Bus stops. It works! Note: This bus is double sized it's default one, it will take about 1 1/3 of a single lane. I haven't tested runs Bus route thru small 2 lane roads with this. Only tested on 1 way Small Roads, and larger roads to highway. So obviously it will overlapping thru all trees, lights, vehicles on it's other lanes in Small 2 Lanes road. It might impact on traffic conditions specially on small roundabouts. You can edit this Asset on Asset Editor to max out passenger capacity. Screenshot & asset_tooltip.png included Tested on 1.0.7c only General Tip: Don't create Bus Stop very close to junctions, or stop lights. (Passengers can walk to bus stops though) Please re-Load Saved Game after you activate from Content Manager To load this asset to avoid issues. Enjoy!
  6. Toll Booth not working

    Looks like there's something wrong then. I have no idea what the problem is as they are the same files uploaded to Steam, and the same ones I have ingame and in the asset editor. Maybe I overlooked something you have to do to make the files work outside the workshop? Hi thanks! I've tried to load it in PC version 1.0.7c Now those thumbnails shown on Content Manager but still not shown anywhere in the game. I also tried from Asset Editor but when it opens it shows nothing but an empty space Anyway, please advice where it should appears? Police Service? I can't see it clearly on your video. And my Traffic++ mod is not working as well, is this might cause the issue?
  7. Toll Booth not working

    yep same here. I'm on a Mac. I've put it in /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Assets (this Assets folder is not exist yet so i've created myself) It shows on Content Manager, but it has no Thumbnails and I can't find it in the game either. Appreciate any advices