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  1. hi InvisiChem can you help me how to remove annoying news simcity 4 like this or is there some mod for this annoying news who appears everytime tMC5a.jpg

  2. Starting a new city using CAM v2.1

    Install the Census Repository Facility by RippleJet. That will give you a full breakdown of the different types. Only one thing doesn't work in this query since CAM 2, the IR CAP status. There is no variable in the game capable of tracking the new version of CAP relief. So, after installing the facility, don't read that one single number. Everything else works perfectly.
  3. SparkleCity: SC4 or SC13? Your Choice.

    If they had just built, sometimes the no access zots will go away, but usually it is a conflict. As @APSMS stated, it is very important to start with a test region on this. Install only CAM 2 and NAM to start. This problem should go away. Then start adding plugins you absolutely need only. Run it for awhile to make sure no problems develop. Soon, you will have a really good plugins folder that works for your project without the problems. Please understand this will take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, depending on how much content you need. Then, reload in your regions and run every city for several years to balance them. Things you will not need using CAM 2 - xxTurbo is completely unneeded. Everything it does is already implemented into CAM 2. SPAM, same thing, CAM 2 does everything it does and more unless you want the pretty farms. Then, a whole new can of worms to make it compatible. Sorry about that, but a deal could not be made to make it possible (although PEGPROD staff was absolutely awesome to work with). If you absolutely have to have the SPAM farms, then be sure it loads after the CAM. You will have some IR Demand issues, but these can be overcome with modifying the way you play. You will not need any kind of demand mod - CAM 2 all styles modifies demand greatly. If you need a money mod, I have released a version of SimoleanRH compatible with CAM 2 here on Simtropolis. SimMARS, although absolutely awesome, is completely incompatible with CAM (any version). Try this method, very methodically. It should help to find or fix the problem without finding it.
  4. Even those that write to the registry are okay to move to a new computer, you just won't have the benefits of the registry writes when you need to use the installer to remove, change or reinstall. With that, it is best to always use the packaged installer to reinstall plugins. NAM, CAM and several others install portions of the mod in several locations including "/Documents/Plugins" "/SimCity 4/NAM Auxillery Files" and checks/changes to the SimCity 4.exe file. Both CAM and NAM check the version of SimCity. I'm sure several other mods do this as well. This is to make sure you have an updated and patched version that will operate with the mods. NAM also sets a flag that allows 32 bit programs to access more memory. NAM and CAM both copy/rename SimCity 4 original executable files and dat files for backups. CAM modifies the SimCity_1.dat file. These are examples on why to store and save the original installers/zip files and reinstall mods from there instead of moving just plugin folders. Now, the good news. Even without running the installers, pretty much every mod will work just fine as long as you move the plugin folder over exactly as it was on the old PC. If you get some unpredictable results, start using a binary removal of plugins to target which ones are the problem, then reinstall the ones you find from the installer/zip.
  5. Up and running in small town USA now lol
  6. Unfortunately still in the password loop for me as well. 3 different browsers, cleared Cache's/History. The important part is progress is still being made and it is anytime time now.
  7. That would be my idea as well. The cities were using a mod that changed the demand. CAM does indeed change all demands massively. Another is the Radical Demand mod or SPAM. Anything that changes demand would cause this if they weren't reinstalled after doing a fresh install of SC4. Either reinstall the mod or run each city for a decade or so, switching between cities each time until they balance out. Only change zoning if you cannot get the economy to recover at all.
  8. Okay, made it through the withdrawal symptoms of having SC4D offline so long. I have full faith in all the SC4D staff to bring SC4D back online in the near future. SC4D was my original SimCity 4 community home and I will always consider it so. Both Simtropolis and SC4D have top notch staff and a great collaboration. I am still excited to see what the future brings for both sites once it comes back up. Cheers everyone and lets keep these communities alive.
  9. Starting a new city using CAM v2.1

    I'm reworking certain aspects of this right now. RL and building the cross platform installers is taking a lot more time than I anticipated. This should help handle some of the stalling issues and the massive change in demands from vanilla. The demand changes will still be there, just not as extreme. Also, the workforce bug will no longer have any possibility of rearing its ugly head. I thank you guys for your patience on these matters and am very diligently working on things and progressing them. Still a newer face in the development world here, so some ideas are a bit grandois and I have to change things as I move along. Yes, hard mode is truly hard, but this is a benefit. Move down to the medium difficulty until you get used to this new style. Medium is much like the old Hard mode. Easy is exactly the same. Thank you everybody for your input and help as well. These guys have given you very good answers and I hope I have helped to clarify them a little more for you. Any other questions, please feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to help.
  10. Starting a new city using CAM v2.1

    The stages for extended are basically the same as Standard, just doubled. Also, the populations are per type, so not the total population you see at the bottom of the screen. This is all three together. R$ Stage vs. Population in Extended 0 2000 3410 7464 16010 33560 69358 140074 277268 537926 827484 1261591 1906348 2855020 4237794 Understand that these are just the thresholds. This is for the minimalist chance that a R$ building of this stage will grow. With that said, if you want the basic ability for a stage 8 R$ building to grow, your R$ Sim population will need to be 140,074 for a 1.1% chance of growing a building of this stage during tract development/redevelopment. Extended is built for very realistic growth throughout a region. This means that you will likely be able to fill out an entire medium sized map and never have large buildings until other parts of the region start becoming developed. As always, this is very dependent on the style of play and balance you have achieved between all 12 developer types, desirability, network development, etc. From my reading of this, it seems you like a faster style growth, so stick with SkyScraper. This should give you results much faster and outside of the realism the rest of the mod is aiming for. The thresholds for R$ in SkyScraper are 0 0 0 846 2030 4714 10593 23031 48459 98669 194418 300046 456357 684048 1010497 As you can see, In the same scenario, stage 8 here would require a R$ population of 23,031 for a 1.5% chance to grow. Very big difference and much speedier growth. The stalling you are experiencing in Extended is usually caused by trying to persuade the use of commercial above industrial in early development of the region. Try to utilize IR and ID extensively and desirability for commercial services to back up the industries. All PlayStyles have this same setup really, just SkyScraper moves to commercial much more quickly and won't show this stall as prominently.
  11. I wish there was Karma points here. lol. Deserves about 100 of them.
  12. What's happened with RES demand?!

    @fdjw88 With the demand graph at 24000, you definitely have CAM 1.0 installed. The demands that you are experiencing are caused by the doubling bug from not merging the proper files with SimCity_1.dat. The removal of CAM and running the affected cities for a few years, switching back and forth to each one, should bring everything back and stabilize the economy again. Before doing that though, so you don't have CAM buildings taking up space being unused, install the new version of CAM. The doubling problem is already fixed, thanks to Z for the original fix. Also, check out the CAM comes to SimTroplois thread to make this install even easier. If the merger works from the installer for you, awesome. If not, then continue the install and use the one linked in that thread. No more merging to get it working. After installing the new CAM, you'll see your demand graph will be 54000, but do the same. Run each affected city for a few years, switch back and forth and the economy will stabilize. The doubling bug makes the simulator think there is twice the workforce availabe and doubles both Commercial and Industry. Once this is fixed, you will need to rezone a lot of residential (if I remember correctly) to fix the issue and balance the economy. Move slow and switch cities every 5-10 years and continue. Only zone small tracts until it balances. Follow the demand graph and it will completely fix. Hope this helps and if you need any CAM help at all, please feel free to message me here or at SC4Devotion.
  13. CAM comes to Simtropolis

    Thank you APSMS, you are very correct. Just relotting the basic buildings for the next release is taking a huge amount of time. More than I anticipated. The next release is coming as soon as I finish the relots guys. I was not expecting it to take this much time, but RL has a way of doing that. No exact date yet, but definitely before Thanksgiving. For many of the problems with the install, I have uploaded a patched file to ModDB. This is the Patch file created by SC4 Dat Packer during the install. It works with Vanilla SC4 and CAM 2.1.0. Get it Here. I'll be updating the descriptions to take care of this as well as updating the installers to use this as a temporary dependency. I'm at training for another week, so I just got internet long enough to help out a bit here and get this going. Once I get back home, back to the grindstone and get this stuff finished. A lot of ideas and plans to get going for the community. Cheers guys, InvisiChem
  14. NAM & CAM

    If you are simply double clicking the app package, your security settings may be blocking it. Read This support thread by Mero to help with that issue. Once I get back from training, I'll be installing OSX El Capitan to get some knowledge in Mac Installers and provide some support with the Mac versions.
  15. @A Nonny Moose Good luck with the surgery. I know your health has been pretty poor. I can't do much from here, but if I can develop anything to make you more comfortable with the game for a distraction, please let me know. For instance, I have been paying attention to your posts and am working on building installers that are Linux/Unix native and can install to the Wine folder structure. CAM is a huge change in playing style, so I completely understand. Requires patience, time and planning. You have spent a lot of time building your plugins folder, and some would have to change. So, yes. When your ready I will be more than happy to provide any knowledge I have that you don't.