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City-building game(s)

Found 7 results

  1. We're entertaining the idea of providing a second theme option for Simtropolis. It is a fair amount of work not only to create another theme but to also manage it through updates - but if there's enough interest, it's something we may undertake. For this poll, I just want to get a sense if people generally would like a Dark or Light theme for Simtropolis. And, yes, should we roll out a dark theme, you will have the option to pick which one you'd like to use.
  2. Hi Guys. I want the community who follows me to have the most control over my city journals... and I'm very close to changing which game i want it to be on. So I'm leaving it up to you guys. Do you want it to be on SimCity 4, or SimCity 2013? Perks of SC4 Higher Realism More Mods More Lifelike Perks of SC13 Extensive Backstory Specializations Faster Development Time
  3. HTRC Proposal [Interactive Entry!]

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Interactive Entry #1 - H&T Proposal So, this isn't exactly a traditional update, but instead what I call a Interactive Entry, where I make Washington County, which involves you voting on a particular proposal set by a company, or government authority in the county. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROPOSAL: H&T Elevated Rail Proposal Hoffbauer and Terrebonne, who runs the historic street-car line in historic Bristol district, attempted this proposal in the 1960s, but was shot down due to citizen's concerns then, but now in 2016 they bring up the proposal to give Bristol something almost any major US City has, a elevated rail line to help reduce traffic throughout the city, and encourage public transit. ABOUT THE PROPOSER: Hoffbauer & Terrebonne was established in 1860, and created the historic street-car/trolley line on Central Street in what is now, historic Bristol. They provide railroad transit and currently manages the Liaojiang-Bristol Station in Liaojiang. They are a main passenger railroad company in Southern California, started by Anton Hoffbauer and Francis Terrebonne, in a attempt to cash in on the new railroad business by establishing work for the SoCal region of the United States. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROPOSAL VOTING: http://strawpoll.me/6462784 Choose wisely, on the proposal. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Washington County Government & Bristol City Council Government Washington County Government Address: 1459 Main Street, Washington City, California Bristol City Council Government Address: 545 Barou Street, Bristol, California
  4. Hello Skyliners !! Cities:Skylines has been nominated for the 33rd Golden Joystick Awards in the "PC game of the year" category. List of the nominated games : PC Game of the Year1) Cities: Skylines (Paradox)2) Elite Dangerous (Frontier)3) Pillars of Eternity (Obsidian)4) Kerbal Space Programme (Squad / Steam)5) Endless Legend (Iceberg Interactive)6) GTA 5 (Rockstar)7) The Talos Principle (Devolver Digital)8 ) Heroes Of The Storm (Blizzard)9) Invisible Inc (Klei Entertainment)10) Her Story (Sam Barlow)11) Alien Isolation (Sega) The votes are public (but require personal info), so go support your favorite game (Skylines, obviously). http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a665921/golden-joystick-awards-2015-voting-now-open-to-the-public.html#~pn86ny1cd3CKRu
  5. Scottish Vote Rigged?

    Some people think that the vote on Scottish independence was rigged by the British. What is your opinion? I think it was rigged, not only was there a VIDEO proving it. The British had motives. Scotland has basically all of the UK's oil. They also hold other natural resources for exports. There is also a NEWS ARTICLE, if you want to look into it. I don't mean to offend anyone with my opinion.
  6. Holt District Referendum - November 2012

    WELCOME TO THE NOVEMBER 2012 REFERENDUM! I have been meaning to have more participation in this CJ, and have more votes on key developments. So, to hit 2 birds with one stone I created the HD November 2012 Referendum. In this referendum, you will be taking the place of the citizens of HD. You will be voting on 4 proposals - 2 infrastructure proposals, 1 development proposal and a municipality re-organization. This is how the referendum will work: 1. Voting opens as of this post on each site HD is published. You will be able to vote in the ST CJ Section, ST CJ Forums, SC4Devotion, Simmania and Simopsis. 2. You may vote as many times as you wish, on as many sites as you wish. maximum This is for the maximum number of votes. 3. Do not double post/double comment.This will result in not only those 2 ballots becoming null and void - but ALL your votes in that section of Holt District. 4. You MUST vote for all 4 proposals. If you do not respond to one, your entire ballot will not count. What are you voting on? As mentioned, you are voting on 4 proposals. Proposal 1I, Proposal 2D, Proposal 3ID, Proposal 4M. Pictures and full descriptions will appear on the "ballot" below. Proposal 1I: Proposal to extend an avenue in the City of Sherkston. Proposal 2D: A mixed-use, medium density, development in Manatee. Proposal 3ID: The creation of the "Manatee-Norecount" connection. The redevelopment of the right of way with road constructed. Proposal 4M: The re-organization of the Township of Northwest Holt and Township of Saltfield into towns. The creation of town councils for each municipality. THE BALLOT: Proposal 1I: Proposal to extend an avenue in the City of Sherkston. The below diagram displays the proposed extension of Callahan Avenue in the City of Sherkston. This avenue is in the western portion of the city. The development is no part of the proposal, but rather there to illustrate future considerations. Q: Are you in favour of Proposal 1I, the proposal to extend Callahan Avenue in the City of Sherkston? [ ] YES [ ] NO Proposal 2D: A mixed-use, medium density, development in Manatee. The below diagram illustrates the proposed development which would see the development of land between Highway 40 and existing residential development. The proposed development is 100% medium-density, allowing for medium sized residential condominums (up to 7 levels) - and medium-density commercial development. Commercial development includes medium density retail and office space. Prohibited uses for commercial portion would include low-density retail (i.e. big-box stores). Q: Are you in favour of Proposal 2D - the proposal of medium-density development in the area bounded by Highway 40 in the City of Manatee? [ ] YES [ ] NO Proposal 3ID: The creation of the "Manatee-Norecount" connection. The redevelopment of the right of way with road constructed. The images below outline the proposal to create the "Manatee-Norecount" connector. This would be a north-south route connecting the 2 municipalities. In Manatee the project starts at a current t-intersection. In Norecount it ends at Regional Road 43. In the below diagrams, yellow indicates the primary route of the new 4-lane avenue. The avenue would transition to 5 lanes within Norecount. White dashed lines indicate residential/side-streets that would be extended and intersect with the connector. In Norecount, the outlined redevelopment of the remaining ROW have been proposed. There is currently no proposal for ROW development in Manatee. Q: Are you in favour of Proposal 3ID - The construction of the "Manatee-Norecount Connector" in City of Manatee and Town of Norecount and redevelopment of the remaining ROW in the Town of Norecount? [ ] YES [ ] NO Proposal 4M: The re-organization of the Township of Northwest Holt and Township of Saltfield into towns. The creation of town councils for each municipality. This proposal is proposing the re-organization of 2 existing townships in Holt District - the Township of Northwest Holt and Township of Saltfield. These townships have seen significant growth beyond their original rural municpality standing. Management of these townships directly has lead to a strain on regional resources, and under-representation of these municipality's residents. This proposal would re-incorporated the after mentioned municipalities into Towns. Each municipality would then elect a municipal council, which would report to the region. Under this proposal, residents of the effected municipalities would be able to enter a contest to name their re-organized municipality. Entries selected by regional council would then be put to a general vote. The winning names in each municipality would be used as their new name, and used in all incorporation documents, etc. There will also be an option for the municipalities to keep their current name (i.e. Town of Northwest Holt, Town of Saltfield) Q: Are you in favour of Proposal 4M - the proposal to re-organize the Region's Townships into Town status, with the option of a naming contest? [ ] YES [ ] NO And that is the ballot! Please note you must answer yes/no for ALL questions, or your ballot will be deemed void. Also note: answered to proposals should be Yes/No only. Comments about the proposals are welcome either before or after your "ballot." --- How should I respond with my "ballot"? Any form is fine, as long as you answer yes no. The preferred method, however, is as followed: Proposal 1I: Yes/No Proposal 2D: Yes/No Proposal 3DI: Yes/No Proposal 4M: Yes/No Do I have to answer all "yes" or all "no"? No, not at all! Feel free to vote yes/no on any, with different combinations. You are voting on a per proposal basis. When does voting stop? Voting closes on Monday, November 12th at 6:00 PM EST. Where can I vote, again? -Simopsis -Simmania -Simtropolis CJ Forum -Simtropolis CJ Section -SC4Devotion That does it for the proposals and how to vote! This is, I think, a fun way to get everyone active and participate in this CJ! So, with the opportunity to affect where the region goes next - VOTE! Without your participation, this isn't all that fun. Remember, you can vote as many times as you wish, in as many editions of HD as you wish, so long as you don't double posting. Voting will remain open until the indicated time above. At that point, voting will close and results will likely be published the next day. Periodic updates will be given as well. THANKS FOR READING- NOW MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT! 10,000 flag counter views - thanks everyone!
  7. "UPDATE 62: THE VOTE" Borders change. It is a fact of municipal and regional government. The Region of Windemere and its municipalities have never really had to deal with it, its borders remaining more or less the same for the past 30 years. But that at all recently changed. As the region has developed, pockets have formed, with barren grasslands separating these areas. These pockets have developed their own sense of identity, and ways of planning. This has never been a problem, up until it came time to rewrite the regional planning guide. Spats broke out between elected officials from each municipality. The pockets raged against one another, save for the odd community which agreed with a different pocket. In the end, 3 main arguements came to be. One was the pace of development in Windemere was sufficient, and everything was fine. The region should stay the current course. This opinion was held by cities like Armosa and Wrenshaw. Eastburg, Macoe, Marcelona, Cranborough and Simcoe all argued that development should be more tightly controlled, but allowed to expand. Representatives from these cities said that development should be allowed to flourish. This approach was more in line with what the provincial government was pushing for. Meanwhile, communities such as Sparklington, Baufeld and Wetachu all stated they wanted all new development halted, and all new applications to go through stringent planning impact studies. This would ultimately kill development in the region. It became apparent as weeks turned to months that this issue would not be settled. The provincial government intervened, and announced a radical new plan. Windemere would be split up. After nearly 30 years of no border changes, Windemere was about to get a lot smaller. Sparklington, Baufeld, and some of unincorporated land in the Region's north was merged into the neighbouring region to the north, The Region of Carleton. Wetachu and some of the land in the south was seperated forming The New City of Wrenshaw. Armosa seperated into The Region of Riverwest. The remaining communities, including Eastburg, Simcoe, Cranborough, Marcelona, Meese and Macoe were left in the region, which voted to keep the name "The Region of Windemere." But the region was now left to develop its own plan. Looking at the land that remained, the new region has a tough time ahead of them. After a public survey, it was agrred that high-rise development resitrictions would be eased, allowing for more high-rise developments. Medium-density development would be encouraged, and suburban development would be allowed to continue. Because of the upcoming building boom expected, the province announced the main highway to run through Windemere would be completely rebuilt, and Elevated rail would be introduced to the new region as a public transit option. The building boom quickly began after the infrastructure announcement, with residents all across the new region of Windemere seeing high rises pop-up in their back yards. Will residents embrace this new development style? What will happen to existing communities? There are many questions to be answered in this new region. Welcome, to THE NEW WINDEMERE REGION. Feel free to comment on this 'update.' I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

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