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  1. Automatic Bulldoze

  2. Mitsubishi Aero Star Keio bus

  3. Shinkansen Series 300 MOD

    I DL this mod for my SC2013 before it was replace by Cities: Skylines but no I wish there on for Cities Skyline :3
  4. after the site finish its update some of the pictures are broken and I want to try to convert a car in to my cities and this is one most helpful site that I remember but after the sites new look some image are broken but still great though
  5. Los Santos from GTA V

    Nice mod my favorite city among the Cities of GTA series hope someone can Mod cars (GTA Cars) to fit it in this map.... too bad as of now no one still know hot to mod the vehicle here soon some will and I wonder who will for the map I'm enjoying it so much....  external downloads are useful specially on so called "torrent" version of the game since they can't use the steam workshop... since of course not all people will buy or can buy the game despite it's low cost
  6. Isuzu Street Sweepers

    YAY!!! more Automata collection :) this time Isuzu Elf odly it is almost the same size of the Fuso's that I have from other modder :/ still 5/5 :)
  7. Silly me i just realize the trike and the jeep is a prop not automata..:-)
  8.   I was limited by computing power and for some reason, texturing the jeepney proved too challenging for my old computer :P   oh, okay then :)
  9. well Thank You!! from this mod that came from my country well it puzzles me is the one color of the jeepney :) well going to try this one out as of now :)   Edit: this adds to my collection of Around the world City collection I shouldn't miss my own country
  10. Euro Truck Prop Modd

    I wish it had an automata version Euro Trucks is the only missing I got an American and Japanese Trucks in game anyway 5/5 i
  11. American Muscle Cars

    nice car mod this complete my all around the world car collection I already got Asian and Euro cars all i need is American cars BTW THANKS hope this is an add-on cars not replacement cause its not stated... or I just skip that part