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    European Architecture,GTA Series,French Skyscrapers,One World Trade Center,Simcity 4,Minecraft,Mods,Youtube,Fnaf and Breaking Bad

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  1. Tobse_Bus3*FIX

  2. Hollogne

    The most City life like photo I have seen in this contest yet!I'm rooting for you Feyss even though I'm against you. Can you tell me what sidewalk mod you use?
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    I've been working on a mini Lower Manhattan under the name "lower city".I know its not accurate and I think Brooklyn needs a overhaul.XD
  4. I've noticed that some STEX files are missing.Are these permanently removed or they will arrive some time later cause I really need one of them. 

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    2. C4The_Architect


      It's a small mod that let's you go beyond 200 in the Set sea level cheat.Its not the BLAM one but I think it's call Highseas lowseas.

    3. Cyclone Boom
    4. C4The_Architect


      Yeah it's the one.Thanks Cyclone for your help.

  5. Looks nice but quite difficult for me on mobile.Is there a way I can use the full site like on the previous version?

  6. No no no!What have they done to 2 world trade center?Why why!I have been waiting for that building for 10 years and you take it and through it out the window!?Has everyone gone mad!

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    2. APSMS


      If you ask me they should've rebuilt the towers so that they looked exactly like they were the day they were built (with obvious structural improvements). As for that building...it's ugly. Someone probably got paid an inordinate amount of money to pass it through...America for you, I guess *sigh*

    3. APSMS


      There's no accounting for taste. I still don't understand why we can't have the world's tallest building (or at least a contender).

    4. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      The World Trade Center was supposed to be glamorous. It was supposed to be a lavish place, but it keeps getting cheaper and uglier. Such a disgrace.

  7. Show Us Your Small Towns

    The first picture kinda resembles Chernobyl and the second one is a masterpiece.
  8. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Here's a little Town I built after my most important city and mods were deleted. The town is called Coastbourg with 1,700 inhabitants.This picture is a little old but not much has changed anyway. <a href="http://s105.photobucket.com/user/C4creeper/media/ScreenShot_20150511164827_zpswi2vtspb.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m207/C4creeper/ScreenShot_20150511164827_zpswi2vtspb.png" border="0" alt=" photo ScreenShot_20150511164827_zpswi2vtspb.png"/></a>
  9. Well,this forum game has died some how.Help revive it!

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    2. Dazzyls


      Oh wait, no, that's the country game.

    3. C4The_Architect


      Should I remove this status?

    4. Dazzyls


      You decide

  10. This looks Bien! :)Is there a way to make these beautiful towers separated so you can put them any way you want like W2W?
  11. Wow.I didn't know Paris has a Communist office.

  12. Change a Letter Game v2

  13. Let the bodies hit the flow,Let the bodies hit the flow,Let the bodies hit the....Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    2. gviper


      Mozart right?

    3. C4The_Architect


      Why did so much people use this music in Youtubes videos back in the old days?

    4. airman15


      @gviper- I was referring to the classics of the 1980's, not the 1780's! ;)

      Bands like Tesla, Iron Maiden and so forth.

  14. Recently my Mini Paris was deleted along with all my mods due to the computer deleting it,but at least I was able to create this beauty. :)http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m207/C4creeper/ScreenShot_20150511164827_zpswi2vtspb.png

    1. Dazzyls


      Oh my... That looks amazing!

    2. C4The_Architect
  15. One of my favorite buildings. Tour Granite in La defense,Paris It is occupied by the french bank Societe Generale.