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  1. SimCoug's Little Well

    Well done!
  2. Rail textures

    I have this fixed now thanks to Simmer2, rivit and CT14 and some other old posts. Thx everybody!
  3. ROmeoBOT

    Pics of my missing props and dependecies
  4. Gone FSHin'

    We really appriciate the hard work you guys are putting into this. Are these going to be part of NAM 36? Tell me if I can help testing anything!
  5. Calling all rail heads, need your help!!

    Thanks, I really thought I had all dependencies, but the tracker told me I missed one, like you said. I have not found the missing texture in NBVC's Large filling station though? Does anyone know if it exists?
  6. Calling all rail heads, need your help!!

    Didn't find these in the bripizza list.. http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/2911tt/2911tt.html http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/1106ferry/1106ferry.html And I'm missing some STR RRW textures in Simmer2's Spurs and Sidings... I guess you can give me a hint?
  7. NAM General Support Topic

    Hello everyone! There is still one diagonal T-junction piece which has not converted to the RR textures. Everyone has forgotten this one? or am I missing some textures?
  8. Guess everyone is gone on holiday. Maybe you can try another mod to change the sea level. put it in a Z_ folder so it will load after.
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I would like to have some diagonals for the Paris set by porkissimo and xannepan. The only one I found is too deep to put near corners.
  10. How do I make a Reward?

    OK ROmeoBOT, I will try to answer your questions. Yes you will have to define this, look in BSC essentials.dat for instance. Try this link and you might learn to make a reward: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1010.0 --#-package:0xxxxxxxx# -- package signature Again, replace the 0xxxxxxx with a unique 8-digit number of your choosing (an easy rule for this is to take the instance id and change the first digit to a zero). Remember, the first digit HAS to be a Zero! That's what is says, right? Tage has a file in this link: Query IDs.zip http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=532.0 About math: there are many math.functions that can be used in LText files and LUA files. Check in excel and try. This works for me: math.sqtr() math.abs() positive from negative math.min() lowest value math.max() highest value math.floor() rounds down math.ceil() rounds up many of the games variables are rounded to int when they are presented in a LText file. Many of these variables can be used in a custom query: http://www.simtropolis.com/library/Omnibus/LUA_Constants.txt This thread should be closed now.
  11. question about money cheats/mods

    Or you can modify an ordinance to give you money each month. but you can only use one of these at one time.
  12. SuperSim Jackpot Lottery Ordinance

    I'm sorry, my boss blocked the connection to simtropolis in the firewall. "too much traffic from that IP",   Well Lykan, try to download once again, sometimes the download gets corrupted.
  13. SuperSim Jackpot Lottery Ordinance

    First, have you unzipped the file?    "you unzip the files and simply put the Jackpot_Lottery_2_0.dat file in your Plugins folder."   second, do you have any ohter mod like "Lottery Program RELOADED" or "plugin 080_Parking fines" that are not compatible?   It should be right there with the gambling ordinance.
  14. SuperSim Jackpot Lottery Ordinance

    No, the jackpot is totally random, 8% chance of happening every month. It might happen three times the same year.   The ordinance and the jackpot are also affecting mayor rating, when you pay out the jackpot, the rating goes up. It's not noticed immediately thou, but after a couple of jackpot payments you should have a slightly better mayor rating.   Got to test this a little more, I haven't got this quite figured out yet.
  15. SuperSim Jackpot Lottery Ordinance

    Sorry about that Superbacon, you can download a better one tomorrow. I'm glad at least one person got this "very funny joke"