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  1. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    @Judazzz I had to do a double take on those pictures to make sure they weren't real life! Amazing.
  2. Denver's Skyline can actually be seen 30 miles East out on the plains near the airport on a clear day. Of course many mountains within a 30-60 mile distance also have good views of the skyline.
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges

    I've been wanting to play so bad but my ram is broken so I can barely load a city. These interchanges are really great, really nice with no unrealistic intersections and smooth curves.
  4. A new city emerges...

    Nice, the theme of the city combined with the landscape reminds me of Cape Town, South Africa a bit. Is it possible that you got inspiration from there?
  5. This is great, looks a lot like an old mining town. This coming from a current resident of Colorado. If there are any aspen tree assets, you should definitely try and use those to make the landscape a little more realistic.
  6. Show us your night shots

    Five Points used to be a sort of ghetto in Denver in the 50s-90s. Did you steal the name from that?
  7. Show us your Area view

    Wow zdza! Looks amazing. Keeping your blocks larger in areas was a good choice makes it look much greener and more residential.
  8. Wow all the parks look amazing and the port/industrial area looks very realistic!
  9. Freeway?

    Thats what its supposed to look like. If you look closely the middle is slightly different.
  10. WCIF Tax income/starting funds increase

    Yep! Thanks so much.
  11. WCIF Tax income/starting funds increase

    Ok, since I previously stated I recently cleaned out my plugins there is barely anything in it. I can quickly scan through and see everything because there is just about nothing in it. I just accidentally deleted it even though I meant not to. I'm just asking if you know where on simtropolis or any other website I can find it.
  12. I recently cleaned out my plugins folder for a fresh start and I thought I hadn't deleted this mod but I guess I did. It had staritng funds on easy at about 1,000,000 and tax income was increased. I would love it if anybody knows where this mod is or what its called. I know its the one Haljackey used in his lets play but he doesn't know what its called either. Thanks!
  13. The Road to Alpha, Week 31 - New Place, For Real!

    Its either China, Morocco, UAE, Turkey, or maybe Mauritania? \
  14. At first, when I got the game soon after offline was unleashed I didn't use any mods. I now use Skyepack 3.1 but I wish the Orion mod was easier to use. It is still impossible to make a nice sprawling metropolis unless you want it to be fully high density which doesn't usually look good. ):
  15. HBS Target Supercenter

    This is perfect for my suburban areas!