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  1. Demo problem.

    I downloaded and installed the game. There is no icon to play the game? Now what?
  2. MP abandoned Residential

    Keep the crack houses coming! My pimps have to make a living.
  3. MP Project Apts02

    looks like a good place for my sims to buy crack. Can you build us more lots like this. Crack houses rule!
  4. SMP Modern Industry

    Good, but would love to see it with jobs............
  5. Outdoor World

    This is the best. Whip out your charge card and lets go into debt.
  6. Wicked Timber

    Can you ride it backwards? You rock dude.
  7. Cracker Barrel

    Thank you for making this.
  8. Century Movie Theater

    You are the man.
  9. Holiday Inn Express

    Thank you. SC4 has been needing a Holiday Inn for some time.
  10. lucky 7 casino

    Cool man, waste some hard earned money.
  11. Sonic Drive In

    You are the man.
  12. Dairy Queen Brazier

    Thank you. You do very good work. Have you seen how SimGoober adds the pop up menu's, some of those even have music.
  13. RLS Mobile Homes

    Trailer parks Rule. I can't wait to send a tornado through them.
  14. Chilis

    Thank you.