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  1. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Haven't visited this topic in awhile. High detailing, Double-decker, speghetti, creative... good stuff everybody.
  2. Still the same from me from day 1 - Larger growables and realistic merging / splitting highway lanes that doesn't require mods, ton's of patience and time to lay out. Kind of digging the scenario aspect of it these days too, so any expanding on that would be good. More variation of bridges that had a color picker option. But I was just thinking that, I don't know about other countries but in the U.S. the majority of traffic lights you can turn right on red with a yield and I think the lack of that in the game is a real traffic bottle neck. Would do wonders with that simple addition. Would also be nice to be able to choose in the traffic light setup to have dedicated signals for left turns too, watching the cars drive through each other bugs me.
  3. How about some bark mulch for a decal. Would be great for landscaping. idk, maybe that would be an idea for the guys that do the trees/bushes/flowers, etc. Could do like a real small one to keep it within the boundaries of whatever trying to fill, along with some larger ones.
  4. Finally beat that damn Island Hopping / tsunami scenario.
  5. Show us your Detail Shots

    That's definitely some detail shots! Very nice work.
  6. Show us your Detail Shots

    A little more from my small town USA I'm working on. Unfinished shopping area and an apartment complex. More landscaping to do at the apartments and in the parking lots.
  7. Would be nice if at side street intersections the crosswalks are removed and the lane stripes continue through then you would at least have the perception of a non-intersection although the functionality the same. Would be nice for the highway too. Looks terrible that way. Just little things that give a better appearance.
  8. For visual purposes mainly, I wish they would implement side streets without intersections as an option. This is what I am talking about...
  9. Show us your Detail Shots

    Thanks. Yeah, Breeze, yourself and a little from Ston3D, TOD and TPB in my collection. Wonderful work, blows away the original stuff. Thanks. That's a great idea with the trees. Where any instance of a particular default tree is replaced everywhere in the game with a custom tree of your choice. Nice. At this point I would settle for just a complete tree remover... remove them all and with tree and prop anarchy, prop line tool and all those just have complete control and do it all yourself. The walls are called "Large Sound Barrier" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=691757931&searchtext=large+sound+barrier That would be nice. You can't even delete them manually to my knowledge.
  10. Show us your Detail Shots

    Just started playing again since way back in the begiining. Some unbelievable mods and assets available now. Made a little town just getting my feet wet again... the flora by creators like Mr. Maison and others is a game changer, I can't even look at another default Skylines tree.
  11. Emotion

    Pretty cool, looks like 1940's era NYC.