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  2. Matasa's BAT thread

    Hi Harishna, Thanks for your comments, I think I got already the textures right. About the 3ds max, I tried already to get one copy coz I wanted to apply Simfox's Day-nd-Nite to the model but when I tried to install it I get an error with Mental ray. Currently I am trying to solve so I can start with 3ds max. Regarding your question of the floor height, I consider 3m per floor + 4.5 m for the groundlevel I've thinking other ways to get the things around for future models in order not to have so many polygons in the models and I think I already got a way through. Nonetheless, thanks you for you suggestion! I am totally positive that future attemps will be far more easier than the first one when modeling! Best regards, Matasa P.S. I'll try soon to get some new night pics/posts, in-game, and new projects as well
  3. Hi everyone, I want to start giving my congratulations to all the helpful people who make Simtropolis experience possible. I am new at BATing so any recommendation/suggestion would be very helpful. I have started with some small projects like this apartment building in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain (this is actually my first model)(49º19'45.13''N, 3º52''30.14''W) It’s a ten stories block with a portal on the ground floor and I want to present two version of it, first as a single block and second as a semi-gated community BAT (the neighborhood is a 10 block gated community) . I am still working of the roof, need to finish the lighting rod (red lines on the top), add some aerials and general junk. The façades are already modeled (I may add some closed balconies to the final version) and I am tinkering right now with the textures and the night lighting. Regarding the textures, I tried Gascooker’s advice about burn-and-dodge the texture to create a shading from black to white on the façades. That was troublesome, first tried to create a whole wall texture, duplicating the original texture and then apply the layer with the color shading but when I applied to the model the texture was deformed somehow, even though using Planar/box UVW (I’ll try to get some pics to show what I mean). So I could find any other way to the shading but using Gmax lights on specific surfaces of the façades. In addition, the façade texture is supposed to be a yellowish brick wall but you have to have a bit of imagination to see the bricks on the wall. I tried to make them bigger reducing the number of tiles in the UVW map but still it is difficult to see them. Is there any other solution than reducing the number of tiles/increasing the size of the texture? Up to date the building has 30kk polygons, is that normal? I am having some troubles when rendering, probably due to the high number of polygons. To finish this off, just to thanks everyone in advance for the comments and the help.
  4. Hostal Felipe V