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  1. Suburbs and city-sprawl

    Yeah, I find it hard to make a game controllable without density zoning. It exists in real life as well, only in a different manner.
  2. Suburbs and city-sprawl

    The trailer is not the actual game. We have yet to see any cities or real gameplay beyond the glassbox demonstration that have so far only shown the basics on the simulation. What do you mean that the new game won't have zoning? Did they say this somewhere? This sounds very interesting, though. However, it does kinda stray from the urban planning known in real life today.
  3. Suburbs and city-sprawl

    I have a different question, one about graphics that are tied with the city-layout. I notice how in trailers, videos and pics from Cities XL and now SC5 that especially tall buildings seem to stand in a way that whe you look at the immediate ground around it, it looks so unnatural. You'll hardly ever see a building of that size out in such a green area. Or yet again with my first question, it looks like there's a small, small city-core and almost nothing around it but roads leading out.
  4. I wonder if you'll be able to make big suburbs, as I find that more realistic. In Cities XL and other games, it seems like making expansive suburbs isn't feasible, at least not from videos and pictures. I hope that with the city-core and the bigger buildings, you can see many smaller houses and more thinly spread residential areas around the city-center with some farms included as well, because why not. It exists in the real world, so why should it be hard to do? Seems like most cities are in that fashion anyway.
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hello I'm in need of finding the HPTower 1. Nothing else, just that one residential building. I can't seem to find it here or on SC4devotion. Thanks!
  6. That's like... Lumion graphics! Only city-wide. OH MY GOD!
  7. No-build feature

    I think this would come with time, maybe in a patch or some modd. I think the dev team would pehaps be inspired by some modds.
  8. There's one thing I've always wanted for simcity, and that is an option to stall all new buildings to come out of the already-zoned, already-built out parts of your city. It'd be even cooler if they could implement this so you could choose a part of your city, say the old part of town, and force a no-build zone there. This is also quite big in many cities as far as I'm aware, where they want to preserve old structures. Wasn't there a "make historical" option in simcity 4? Did that make the building infinite as in it couldn't be made into another structure? If you want an entire part of town to be like that, then "zoning" historical buildings (or buildings you want to be historical) is more efficient.
  9. Early Look at GlassBox Engine's Water System

    If the game proves to be too dumbed-down, maybe the outcry will force the development team to re-add graphs? I don't think it's too hard, as the graphs can just be an analytical representation of all the simulations going on in the game.
  10. Quick-start

    I was thinking it be more of a single-player feature. Unless that is affected by the actual global community online, which in that case would suck mighty balls!
  11. I just got the idea of making a quick-start option! What if you could choose to start a city in quick-start mode? I mean, nothing much, just starting off with a village. Like I said, nothing special, just something to get you started more quickly. I can also imagine this being cool if you want to make an old-part-of-town thing. Just throwing that idea out. I don't know, any thoughts on this?
  12. Green Valley

    I'm wondering how you managed to get the water up so high. In the last picture, you can clearly see the water being higher up in the landscape south-west.
  13. Ontario Students Learn Social Studies through SimCity

    That is just full of win and so boss!
  14. Earth Hour

    Devin Townsend's Earth Day should cheer anyone up!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDcpF4C5cas
  15. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I just hope city-tiles have "sharp-edges" so to speak. I mean, having a small area where you can't build, and you want to build out completely can be a real drag!!