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  1. Myself, I'm waiting for upgrades to the NRD-4, especially in regards to the transitions to other widths, like TLA-3 and AVEs. We have many streets like this here in Clearwater Florida, and I can make use of this street type in a lot of places where I don't want to reclaim easements for an Avenue, but the traffic is getting too thick for a single lane road even with a turn lane. Frankly, I don't know why this isn't wished for more; I'd be using it everywhere I could before I HAD to make room for Avenues. I see your planning on elevated versions for the next release (or maybe the one after). Will you also have transitions?
  2. KOSC SP Modular Parking - Extension Set

    I'd prefer to use these for my parking lots, but I'm having trouble understanding your icons. Why not just put an overhead view of the lot tile for each, instead of those hard-to-understand icons in the menu. I would also prefer the icons put in the Transportation Bus menu, as the Parks menu is already bloated. I'm just gonna have to go back with iReader and fix the lots anyway... Consider also some diagonal overhangs, to help commercial buildings placed on diagonal roads that have the triangle of grass in front of them. I love the spacing as it's more realistic, and I hope you continue building on this project.
  3. Anderson Hall

    I went to the U of M in 1990, so I know this building. Altho most of my time was spent on the West Bank (I was a music major), you could find me at a few of the spots on the main campus. Using Google Maps to "revisit," it's amazing how much has changed in 25 years! Beautiful BAT, and would make a great addition to my big cities....
  4. List of Occupant Group IDs

    Excellent!! That IS what I was looking for. But I can't seem to find anything in the Omnibus about using them effectively. The main question I have is, is it this type of property that dictates when a school is either elementary or high school? Or a church or hospital? Is it also true that I can combine different services?
  5. Has anyone created/discovered the list of Occupant Group IDs for modding with iLive Reader? I use iLive Reader for much of my editing Building Exemplars but have to use SC4Tool for touchups. With SC4Tool, you can choose from a list of Occupant Groups, but I've seen the list is incomplete. But in Reader, the Exemplar will show the Occupant Group Name, IF you know the hex ID. Can someone provide a link? Or upload your list to the Omnibus if it's complete?
  6. SuperSHK Parking Textures Vol. 1

    DUDE! I was absolutely working on this very thing, except that I was creating my own textures! It seems you've addressed many of my own concerns too... Great minds DO think alike! If you'd like, i'll provide some of my project notes here, in case you'd really like to develop this to be THE all-inclusive parking lot package. Good work! I can't wait to try it out!
  7. That absolutely helps! You're a good neighbor!
  8. Turbine Interchange II

    Is this from a real-life interchange?! Aesthetically this is beautiful and very functional. The connectors need some work, but I wouldn't be surprised if a variation of this shows up in a real place.
  9. There are a lot of lots that don't allow for our custom names to stick. For example, you can rename the Maxis high school to "My City School" in-game and it will be saved with the city. Some custom lots will not save this name so that when you re-load the city, the lot reverts to its default name. What must be present in a Lot for the name to stick to that plopped building? An LTEXT, a certain exemplar type or property?
  10. I too like to create regions with prebuilt networks. The fun is building from the highways or railways already present, and working with what you got. I prefer to create fictional regions, build realistically designed highways and rails (that conform to topography or economic considerations, like in real life), then start with any one of the regions and begin play. I used to map out with pencil and paper all the regions and possible cities, all the topography named ("Black Lake" or "Tropico Mtn"), and begin to get a feel for what cities in the region would handle what responsibilities. (Small cities would be garbage collectors and hilly cities would be farmland, for example.) Then I'd translate them into SC4. But I can tell you it takes a while; even if you don't have fulltime job, it can take at least a week, more if you're going off a preset map. If someone is willing to provide the space I'm happy to contribute these kinds of starter regions with NAM 32 roads. I know they're seriously large files and I can understand why the STEX never hosted anything except raw maps. Just give us a link and instructions on uploading!
  11. About Creating lots

    I can understand his frustration...I would also like to begin creating lots from BATS, but I have no idea where to find a reference on the different files. For example, what's an 'exemplar?' When do we need it? I see some lots have DIR files in the .SC4LOT. What's that? How do we add an LTEXT and create custom text? Is it possible to just start from scratch with nothing but BAT models? Where can we get a detailed list of the properties (lot attributes), what they do, and how different values alter gameplay (I see the list in iLive Reader, but it's not very detailed)?
  12. One of the constructions i've always missed in all the SimCity iterations is the sprawling apartment complexes that are prevalent in suburban America. These are large properties, often disjointed and covering many terrain features, that contain similar-looking, medium sized buildings with a several apartment residences. They are all connected usually by a series of internal private roads and adjoining parking lots for the residents, and usually share a single entry point into the property. American architects often break up the monotony of these complexes by laying out the building at odd angles, but they all share a common facade. As has been noted in many posts, it's impossible for the Simcity engine to spawn these kinds of residential complexes without a lot of zoning and bulldozing. And you can't plop the buildings because ploppables don't keep residents. But, using technology that others have found, i may have come up with a brainstorm on how to possibly create the long-sought-after apartment complexes. It involves letting the engine spawn an odd lot which would be the "building entry" for an apartment building, then providing ploppable apartment building models the mayor can set depending on the layout. IDEA: Create conditions to have SC4 engine spawn a "seed" lot for a residential point, then allow the user to plop an "empty" landmark that holds the apartment building model. IMPLEMENTATION: First the user zones a residential lot of an unusual size/shape along a road/street. If the conditions are right (maybe these can be specified in the exemplar), hopefully the engine will spawn what is the "seed" lot for the apartment building. This lot won't have the actual model of the apartment building, but does hold all the info for the residences at that location and is used for querying purposes. Once the seed lot is spawned, the user then (he'll have to a keep a close eye on it) can plop a model of the apartment buiding near the seed lot. (He should also make the seed lot Historical so something else doesnt get spawned on it.) The model itself and the lot it may occupy is meaningless and doesn't hold any stats. If a lot is used (instead of a Mayor Mode ploppable), the lot should be like a park that can be placed anywhere and turned in any direction. The model is actually offset from the lot (maybe even completely off the lot); many diagonal lots use that technology. A BATter could create the same model at different angles and offsets from the plop lot (not only orthogonal, but also diagonal and fractionally-angeled, for abutments on FAR tiles). Bulldozing the seed lot would not cost the user, but bulldozing the model lot would carry the cost. PROBLEMS: Getting the engine to spawn our seed lot is the hardest part and may require trial-and-error. An unusual shape or size can be used; i once downloaded a Lot that spawned rural residences based on a zone size that was 5 tiles deep, which was an excellent idea. Perhaps our seed lot could be a 5x1 lot (5 merged tiles along a road) that shows only a parking-lot texture or flowery easement, where the user could then adjacently plop his apartment building. The user would of course have to leave room if the seed lot is spawned for him to plop the apartment building behind or on top of it. The model lot may only need to take up to a 4x5-tile area, but the user has to plan out how to set the model lot once the seed lot is created. Because the model itself will be offset from the plopped lot (which only needs to be 1x1), the model can cover other texture-only lots, like our seed lot. This idea could use a go-over and needs to be critiqued (constructively) to see if this implementation has any legs. Then of course it will hopefully inspire some BATters to undertake the challenge.
  13. SimCoug's Diagonal W2W Tenements

    Oh we definitely need more of these!! I sure could use some low wealth homes for my back-river swamps.
  14. DAMN-NAM

    In your changelog it would be helpful if you would include what you haven't done yet ( but intend to). This would help us keep up with the status of the project, and also help some users determine if what you have is enough that they'd be willing to try it for you...   But good idea. I can't wait till it's FULLY functional for its purpose.
  15. XyloCorp World Headquaters

    This one is actually too beautiful! It is such a progressive architecture that it should be a reward, perhaps for growing the city to a huge size with minimal pollution and an excellent traffic system. Keep up the good work!