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  1. CAM R$ Maxis Building Replacements (Full PIM-X)

    This was a great addition thanks, but now mid size low wealth apartments are growing on "low Destiny", and high rise low buildings are now growing on medium density, and it seems pretty weird to me, especially if I wanted to make a low wealth suburb,, but it's not your fault as the PIM-X makes it like that for some reason, but you can control it in the New Proprieties XML file. . IMO you should probably change it so it will be balanced, but otherwise great job :). (4/5 or 8/10)
  2. Kashichikimidotomo Arikuna

    Another horrible map, terrible variation, very bland, generic, also looks insanely boring as heck, and also looks lt was done in like a couple of minutes. 1/10.
  3. Shikuaririkishikarin Kachiku Rinku

    Wow, this looks horrible, very generic, no variation really, no water, and the map is extremely flat, this looks like it was made in just a couple of minutes. 1/10
  4. Triangle Nation

    I'm sorry, but this is just terrible :(, as it's just a bunch of triangles clumped together, that have very little space to build one, and the map is very bland and extremely unnatural.). My rating 2/10.
  5. The Cross

    While I'm not religious, and have nothing against anyone downloading or liking this,. IMO as a map, it's not that good, the terrain is just so flat, boring, and generic, and there is so little land to actually build on, what would make it better is if it had more land, and variation to the terrain, valleys hills, slops, etc. All I'm saying is that if the map had more variation it would be alot better, My rating 3.5/10 (Weak.)
  6. Colossus Addon Mod

    Thanks for reviving this awesome mod .
  7. Hoenn Region