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  1. Downtown Athletic Club

    I miss the walls too, any idea which dependecies i need, cleanitol says i'm ok with all. 
  2. New SorGun Halloween Special

    Excellent !
  3. Super Recycle Can

    [quote name='dcerv5633' timestamp='1300243591'] OMG! SO REALISTIC! 5/5 Oops i pressed 1 star [/quote] hilarious !
  4. ThermoFisher Scientific DarkNite

    looks beautiful :-)
  5. Belfry of Ghent, Belgium

    Oh my ! Wonderful :-) You became a profesional
  6. Booktower Ghent (Library) V2

    Nice entrance :)
  7. Booktower Ghent

    @alex_bervoets Hell no ! :)
  8. Booktower Ghent

    what do i see here ? downloading it immediatly !!
  9. gotta love the light on the rooftop ! :) nice effect !
  10. Belgian BAT-thread

    when can we download it mister alex ? can't wait
  11. Victoria Hall

    you're my new favourite buildigs builder here on simtropolis :) Super !
  12. Victoria Apartments

    Astonishing !
  13. Baseball Field Pack

    very good alternative to the simple baseball model. Good job :-)
  14. NAM: Requests

    What about a one way street ! there's a lot of these in Europe, but none in the game. Question : do you guys know wich files i need to delete when i try to update the NAM file ? all the the directional arrows on the road and avenue have disappeard :'-( how can i get these back ?
  15. Stratton Apartments Multi-Building Lots

    i love these kind of lots ! Really realistics :)