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    Gaming - PC Specs - ASUS G75VW
    17.3 Inch
    USB 3.0 - 4 ports
    2GB Graphic Memory
    1.5 TB HDD (750+750)
    i7 3630QM
    12 GB RAM
    Dual Cooling CPU + GPU
    Windows 8

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  1. BAT Request Thread

  2. BLaM Radisson SAS Hotel Oslo Plaza

    I got a question.. Where can I download the road and street overlay pack by NOB. Anything similiar?
  3. Quigley’s dismay at SimCity’s 'blundered launch' and why he quit EA

    lets hope that EA doesn't swallow this company up...
  4. CISPA Blackout

    22/04/2013 CISPA BLACKOUT...
  5. Should I buy this SC?

    Avoid it! Simcity 2013, online DRM means that this game will be unplayable when they shut the servers off... ea shut down a bunch of recent games.
  6. 10GB Game is download only even when you buy the disc from the store with the activation key... slow download max 2 GB Hour
  7. it's going to be sold out in futureshop and bestbuy. online is sold out already. going to hassle to get in london ontario tomorrow!!
  8. Laptop for Simcity

    ASUS G75VW ... 2GB of Video Memory.. core i7 3630QM.. quadcore 2 threads per core 2.4ghz speed.. 3.4 max on turbo.. 12 GB RAM.. max 16GB.. HDD = 750GB + 750GB = 1.5TB.. U Can always upgrade 1 to a ssd.. but you will lose storage 17.3 Inch Screen Bluray/DVD-RW USB 3.0 (4 ports) HDMI VGA Output SD Card Reader That what I have Recommended
  9. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    SImcity 2013 Needs Freeways Inside The City... SC4 Had Them.. Don't Forget About The Real Players. Want A Simcity Not A SimTown... More Transportation Options
  10. Let's Design Our Own Simcity Game Single Player and If Multiplayer have the Servers at Simtropolis. EA Doesn't Know How To Make Games For Simcity Fans
  11. We need some collector to express and express to collector transfer pieces
  12. WTC or Petronas Towers

    WTC...... Expect they were a target of a terrorist attack by the united states government, who trained the terrorists. The cia created bin laden and used him as a boogi man. The towers were brought down by nanothermite, since jet fuel can't melt steel. Steel melting temperature is 2795 degrees fahrenheit, jet fuel burns at 1472 degrees Fahrenheit (actual temperature when the fuel was burning in the world trade center ). Building 7 fell and it wasn't by a plane. They used explosives on building 7. The attack was an inside job to bring in a world wide new world order. blame the elites for the attack. there's a lot of knowledge on the web about the truth. that's why they want to shut the internet down...