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  1. I want the textures for assets, but i'm sure other peeps might want to replace their road textures and other stuff. So a simple guide on how to would be good. Many thanks.
  2. Hey Ronyx69, Could you explain the how to get to the location of the default road textures, starting from the mod tools main menu pls?
  3. So now we have this great mod. Can someone make some graffiti and mural assets please?
  4. Catenary Replacer

    Can you post the script to get rid of all the 'more train tracks' mod segments please?
  5. While making this mini roundabout http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756149157&searchtext=roundabout I noticed some of the smaller roads have a higher level than the rest so it wouldn't be visible when you place on the road. The speed bump asset would need its pivot fine tuned so it doesn't float. And it would need to conform to terrain. I will eventually attempt a speed bump myself, although it's not a priority, so maybe sometime next year. It will also be a UK themed bump so it may not fit the theme in your build. There are many different speed bump designs around the world and thinking about texturing the bump so in looks real would be difficult, without it looking like a glitch. If we had move it mod in the asset editor. You may be able to sink a node underground so the speed bump would actually work! Unlikely to happen though. I think adding speed bumps to this mod is unnecessary as you wouldn't have much control of there position unlike a prop speed bump.
  6. Can we get a mod that lets you place props on top of buildings in-game? Hold down a hotkey to place props on buildings, maybe even other props? I think this will save a lot of ram usage as I wont have to double up on assets that have just different props. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=787611845&searchtext= Thanks to the legend 'Bloody penguin'
  7. Mc D's preview

    Looks like sandstone to me. I'll see if I can fix it.
  8. Mc D's preview

    Do you think it still looks green?
  9. Mc D's preview

    Ok, thanks for you input.
  10. Mc D's preview

    What do you mean by texture place maybe?
  11. Mc D's preview

    Thanks for the feedback King, I live in the UK so most of our Mcdonalds are converted old pubs and the modern ones are a bit like this http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ukhome/Aboutus/Development/case_study.html I wont be changing anything other than the stone texture you said was too green. As for the drive thru, players will have to apply the arrow decals that come with the road mods. They are not props, so I cant include them in the necessary props list (which will be huge anyway) I'd like your opinion on this update and Iv'e my fingers crossed for some great new assets from yourself.
  12. Mc D's preview

    This will be a monument or RICO building. It is based on modern NA style. I have layed out the parking lot as simple as I can so players can build there own parking. In reality these drive thru's take up a lot of space and I've hit the prop limit with what you see. Would you prefer the zone marking to be white? Which colors do you not like?
  13. Preview of my upcoming McDonalds NA, Tell me what you guys think.
  14. Help with asset editor

    I used that mod before and didn't like it. I cant remember why though. I cant see a use in disabling all props with loading screen mod. I will have to trial and error I guess. Thanks